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  1. Does anyone else find this "1-Ceremony-ticket-per-customer" limit a bit ridiculous? Has this been done for past Games? Something tells me no, it hasn't.
  2. I said it seems like it. In the first pic, you can see they have some equipment laid out - looks like special lighting that's going to be placed on ground-level, just like Athens had, so I figured they'd do that after installing the surface. But yeah, they would probably covered any of the surface later and if they do, it doesn’t necessarily have to cover the entire surface either (like Athens’ lake). But what would it be? There isn't really any special Chinese connection to the seas. Gobi Desert? Rocks? Grassy knolls?...?
  3. Maybe, but I don't think there's anything to suggest that the "hinge" won't slide with the cauldron. If anything, other pictures show that this "hinge" isn't directly anchored onto the roof, but attached somehow to a (moveable?) platform.
  4. And some new interior shots: No "special" surface for the Opening Ceremony, it seems.
  5. I completely agree with the "hinge theory." - A hinge (perhaps/probably this) will lift the whole cauldron upwards, with this part of the cauldron hanging over the roof's rim. *Btw, there are two sets of floodlights on that corner of the roof, so if the cauldron reaches down that far, it might block some of them*. Now, if they don't want the finished contraption to just hang there for most of the Opening Ceremony, block some potential fireworks set-ups, and be seen by everyone from the outside before the OC (especially the media from that broadcasting tower, haha), then I can see why they would want to design a whole on the roof - The cauldron would safely be hidden there until the lighting, where it would then be lifted up and slid to the roof’s rim and tilted upwards, surprising everyone. But whether or not it will happen, I don’t know, I can‘t make out anything for sure from these pictures, but I would love to see them do it.
  6. ^Maybe, but why would they need to know? By the way, just for reference, you can see in those photographs that the stadium's floodlights have been covered for whatever reason.
  7. Thanks for the tip, TorchbearerAA. The rest of them can be found here: http://www.gettyimages.com/Search/Search.a...amp;src=quick#1 I wonder if GettyImages assumed it that it was the "Beijing Olympic Torch Tower" when they were writing the photo descriptions or did they get some sort of official confirmation...?
  8. Those uniforms for Team USA will only be worn at the Olympic Village and at the Closing Ceremony. The Opening Ceremony uniforms, however, won't be revealed until August 8th. More info here: http://www.fashionweekdaily.com/news/fulls...?inewsid=547827 I personally like the look that Ralph Lauren brings. They’re less casual (as the USOC wanted them), but not too formal either.
  9. A semi-realistic (I think at least) prediction, barring any other clues pop up: The final torch bearer approaches the whole/stage in the middle. A phoenix rises from the whole in the middle. The torch bearer lights the phoenix’s back. The phoenix then ascends into air, very similar to the , but faster. The phoenix lands in the cauldron on the roof, completely erupting into flames and thus completely lighting the cauldron. Then at the Closing Ceremony, the phoenix emerges from the cauldron, again with it's back carrying the flame. It flys away, leaving the cauldron flameless.
  10. Yep, that thread or this one on SC's "General Development" forum. My thoughts exactly. And I'm not entirely convinced that Beijing's cauldron will be a bird of any kind. The lighting may have a phoenix theme, but I can't imagine them being able to pull of off a bird-shaped cauldron without it looking tacky, if not very predictable.
  11. Unfortunately, no, that special lighting for the ceremonies has always been there. However, it appears that they are standing on some kind of white surface: http://img164.imageshack.us/img164/2924/img214418144hx1.jpg Maybe that big, rectangular stage that we've seen before? And you can actually see the structure on the roof in one picture, in the upper right-hand corner: http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/9678/img214418145ri7.jpg It could definitely be the glare in the photo, but the rolled-up, funnel thing doesn’t look like it's there.
  12. I think NBC's "Today " could broadcast from up there. If the pollution isn't cleaned up enough by Games time, the producers may feel that it won't be safe for Matt and Meredith and Al to be outside for hours. Plus, morning states-side will be evening Beijing time, so the location will provide even better visuals for the show.
  13. Although I posted this in another thread, it actually belongs here... Broadcasters will have a chance to showcase the Olympic Green and its venues from above, in studios inside the Ling-Long Pagoda, a 128m high tower build for the Games. More info here: http://www.bob2008.com/news_updates.html#rwaov
  14. I don't know for sure, but each level looks like it only has enough floor space to accomodate one studio (maybe two at the most). More info can be found here, towards the bottom of the page: http://www.bob2008.com/news_updates.html#rwaov
  15. Yeah that's true, and come to think of it, the media will have a very nice, live shot of the stadium and the flame as a background if their broadcasting from the recently finished Ling-Long Pagoda. I know the BBC will have a studio up there, not sure about NBC or anyone else.
  16. Of course. It's obvious that not everyone was going to be able to see it or the fireworks. Everyone was saying that when the cauldron's position was being speculated on. But, what I was getting at was that it may actually be a majority of the stadium, not just the area right under it. The press at the broadcasting section of the bottom tier, IOC and Chinese officials, world leaders, etc., however, will obviously have a great view of the thing.
  17. I was looking through some photos of the stadium, and realized that probably a majority of the ticket-paying public (the northern and eastern side of the stadium, and a good amount of the 3rd tier) won't be able to see the cauldron lit on the night of the OC because of how big the roof is. Here’s some actual perspective from the inside: http://img382.imageshack.us/img382/139/cauldrongm4.png Also, I noticed that they already had some sort of base or support on the roof by the time of the test events: http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/8403/20...96177ww3rk5.jpg
  18. Yeah, I suppose you two are probably right. This is my first time fallowing a lead up to a Games, so I'm not really the most insightful into all this.
  19. It's not shielded completely, nor do we know that there's anything in there. It could just be for auxiliary. I don't know, like tnmp said, it seems like they are being a bit too open about this - I mean, yes, they can't place the thing a day or two before the OC, but do they absolutely have to 50 days out? Gas lines could have been installed during construction, and the bulk of it could have been assembled inside then hoisted up in the dead of night, say a week to 4 days before the night of Aug. 8th.
  20. Something tells me the Chinese wouldn't be allowing something like this if that thing was actually the cauldron: More pictures here: http://en.chinafotopress.com/index/onegroup?gid=2265650
  21. I can also very much imagine the lighting using the Phoenix theme, but I dunno, I can't see the actual cauldron being a huge fire-breathing phoenix. Seems kind of out there. Btw Baron, Phoenixes are suppose to be born from the ashes of another Phoenix and its cinnamon-twig nest, so an egg wouldn’t play a part.
  22. I don't know, the inflatable thing looks temporary, not to mention an eye sore. Maybe it's just a covered auxiliary area for workers putting up the more permanent looking lattice structure?
  23. Very, very odd, to say the least. I'm not sure what to say about the inflatable structure, but I think the lattice structure could hold up a cauldron right beyond the rim of the roof, making it possible for a cauldron to be seen by everyone, both inside and out of the stadium.
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