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  1. Why has Sydney's cauldron lighting on Youtube disappeared? Copyright infringements?
  2. I suggest your partner pay the local clinic a visit.
  3. What type of penises are you involved with? Nice cauldron, Sochi.
  4. So this isn't going to be a "glossy bid phase rendering, more practical stadium built later" situation ala London? This design would actually get built in Tokyo?
  5. The arc of the core Skywalker story is done, though. It's hard to imagine any future release fitting comfortably within that arc and feeling like a proper "Episode" and not like another throwaway venture-- like the hosts of official animated series, books, etc. that have been released for years now.
  6. I really like Sydney's cauldron. Its shape was very elegant and the flame burned beautifully and gracefully atop it (something that can't be said for most cauldrons nowadays, unfortunately). The following at 20:50 is still one of the most beautiful images from any Ceremony. The cauldron slowing rising atop the stand, the stadium in full view, cameras flashing and reflecting off the cauldron, and the great voices of the evening's announcers. Very "Olympic." Stunning.
  7. Beijing's was huge (and necessarily so I'd argue ), but Olympic cauldrons have really come in rather small, reasonable, and justifiable sizes when taken into the context of their respective stadiums. I really don't know what Heatherwick was talking about when he pretty much said there was cauldron arms race going on with every subsequent host.
  8. That's a good idea, I think. It would work towards making the logo a memorable and distinctive icon that is truly synonymous with these Games in people's heads in the lead up to 2016, rather than something that will merely be put in the corner of publications.
  9. It was used and applied well before the Games to really build the 2012 brand before the actual event. It didn't have much "work to do" once the Games arrived. It was pushed hard enough that it became synonymous with the 2012 Games in the host populace's head more so than any other past Olympic logo.
  10. It's cool that it can be three-dimensional, but for the far majority of the time, the logo will be used on two dimensional surfaces. That's where it really has to work and become the visual mental placemark for the Games in people's heads. And because it follows the same old compositional scheme of past Olympic logos, it won't be as flexible in usage and application as London's.
  11. Yeah, it's just standing there. You can't see the outline of the Olympic Stadium before it was remodeled into Turner Field (they moved the cauldron farther back).
  12. Is Havelange being renovated for the Games? If it is, do we have finalized plans and renders available? We can start to guess where a possible second cauldron there could be placed...
  13. I don't want to go to London2012.com to avoid spoilers right now ( ), but at what time does the Ceremony start tomorrow night?
  14. So what's the point? Are we all suppose to look at AustralianFan differently now because you spent time digging up old posts and called him out on his sh!t? As they say, it ain't that serious.
  15. I am guilty of being wrong about the ticket design not representing the cauldron. Spectacularly wrong. Dead wrong. How did I not know any better? (... In case anyone wants to starts raising their axe over my head next...)
  16. I like to think AustralianFan is too outraged about the cauldron to bother logging on anymore. The guy really betted on the Orbit till the final few days. In all seriousness, I suppose some people might like to enjoy the Games outside the forum.
  17. I've always known London's Park was huge, but finally seeing those concourses packed with people makes the scale a lot more apparent. Impressive.
  18. It reminds me of Athens' Look in that it's an abstract representation of a pattern found in the host's environment. Athens' was vase patterns, Rio' is street mosaics. That's always a good starting point; designers going out into the street and bring back into the studio what they see. .
  19. Let's not act like people's dislike for the cauldron and its location is indicative of their general dislike for these Games. I don't think the cauldron design is nice, its location is really unfortunate, but I would still love to be in London right now and continue to be generally impressed from afar by the way these Games have been prepared and now delivered.
  20. Too bad that from a distance it looks like just that. A black bowl sitting on 204 sticks.
  21. That could just be one pattern and one color combination out of many more to come. Seems like another take on the mosaic street pattern from which the font was inspired by. Though it's still early. Athens and Vancouver had design elements seemingly thought out years before but they changed and evolved into the final Look later. Usually a separate design agency is given the job.
  22. The stadium really isn't cauldron-friendly. A cauldron on the roof probably wouldn't have worked for numerous reasons, one down below next to the stands clearly dosen't work, and one outside towering above the floodlights would be way too high for the in-stadium cameras. Stadiums with at least one open end from now on, please.
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