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  1. I suppose they didn't want to be all over the place with the color. Most past Games had lots of color, but when it came to important shots inside venues, the color was kept to cooler blues for telegenic practicality (blue looks best on camera). True for Sydney, Athens, and Beijing. Salt Lake and Torino used more warm tones, but it obviously suited them (Utah desert, Italian passion) Also, keeping it cool has allowed Vancouver to be able to put some much literal detail into that core graphic. All kinds of things are in there. Fish nets, wood grain, condo glass, concrete, clouds, rain, foliage... all very Vancouver to me. In this sense, Vancouver's Look is very straightforward in representation, as opposed to most past Games that have been very abstract
  2. It's very busy, but the colors restrain it all. It's very, very nice. Really fits Vancouver.
  3. I think all ceremonies sound rather gaudy beforehand. Vancouver's isn't really any diffrent.
  4. Now that I remember, earlier this year it was moved back to its flat position on top of the roof, the way it sat when it was being put together last year (as seen in the satellite pic). Maybe it's still just laying there like that... it's hard to tell if it's there in the pic with the fake snow or in this one from the recent car race held there:
  5. Confrimed by that pic - cauldron is gone. Who knows where.
  6. I'm for one glad that not much has been revelead, whether officially or by speculation, about Vancouver's cauldron(s). A number of us figured out Beijing's weeks before that Opening Ceremony. It would be quite suspensful to see what they do LIVE for a change.
  7. I really like the solid colored ones. Very nice. I look forward to seeing how the venues will be decorated. The Look of the Games program always enhances the festive and unique atmosphere of each Games. This is urban-sleek-yet-grit meets natural-rustic-charm. Very Vancouver / Pacific West Coast.
  8. I know exactly what you mean and completely agree with you Olympic USA. This is not the perfect example (it's in the intro to an Opening Ceremony, not a cut to commercial), but the images and music is still the same - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9JMyjTQxsg...PL&index=28 From around 6:17 all the way through 7:05.
  9. They would probably move it. Atlanta, Sydney, and Salt Lake all moved their cauldrons to a different location. Some cities just scrap them. Not all cauldrons make good public sculptures.
  10. like that idea. But it's all in the execution I suppose. And I like it that we still have relatively no idea what the set-up will be. As nice as it is to discuss and figure out the cauldron in the lead-up to the Games, as was the case with Beijing (and indeed, most of us had a good idea a month, if not more, before the ceremony regarding where exactly that cauldron was going to be and how it would move into its final position), there will be some real suspense created for all us if no good pictures and insight is put together between now and Vancouver's Opening Ceremony.
  11. I like them. For the most part, they have the swagger of American sportswear and the classic easiness of American prep. And 10 stars to Ralph Lauren for casting Terron Wood to model shirts on the website <3
  12. I thought the head of Athens was responsible for turning that cities preperations around for the better? Something like if it wasn't for her, the 2004 Games really wouldn't have been ready on time.
  13. Hmmm, I'm not sure if it's that certain. From DarJole's report - "there is still no specific plans for the location or design of the torch/cauldron/flame." Also, from an interview with Ian Crockford from the ODA this past summer - "He still doesn't know whether the Olympic flame will be in or out - but he has already built in enough structural load to take a 150m-high tower along with gas pipes in case LOCOG, the company that will actually run the Games, decides that is what it wants." I'm assuming they don't want to plan anything definite yet as the Ceremonies still to have be planned and organized. In the meantime, they want to make sure all their options (like a tower outside) will be feasible, hence those planning docs..
  14. When I first saw the torch design, I hoped that its the curvature would make the odd placement of the flame seem like a mere extension of the torch as the torchbearer ran. But no, it just looks like the torch is on fire. The sooty bits don't help at all.
  15. Well why would Vanoc give all those seats sections and make a diagram and then post it on their website if those seats weren't meant for ticket-paying spectaors?
  16. So are those from Whistler going to commute back up right after the ceremony or are they going stay for a night in Vancouver's village?
  17. Maybe it's because I'm using IE right now, but the top-right corner looks choopy, graphically. Everything else is great.
  18. If that's the case, wouldn't they block the view of the seats behind them?
  19. Since 2000: Cauldron matched theme of torch: Salt Lake, Athens, Beijing Cauldron didn't match torch: Sydney, Torino I'm expecting Vancouver's cauldron(s) to fall under the former. Very curvy and white.
  20. Torino's bright colors in its palette was meant to reflect the passion of Italy. They also used blue and green.
  21. And even then, those fireworks actually happened and were seen by thousands of people... It was only the shot seen on tv that followed them across the city that was computer generated. They wanted to get that shot but didn't want a helicopter or plane flying too low.
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