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  1. NBC is such a tease... they showed images of the lighting of 92, 96, and 2008 at the cut to a quick commerical... "Who will it be...? How will they do it...?"
  2. The Canadian flag got tangled earlier in the ceremony. So I think they might have lowered the amount of "breeze" for the Olympic flag so it would match the Canadian one.
  3. Didn't work for me - First Nations dancing to cheese fest of music song by furtado in chic, slik dress. Did not mesh well.
  4. Whoa - The NY Times's Live Blog is reporting that the Canadian flag raised earlier tonight "has become entangled in a rope." http://vancouver2010.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/12/coming-soon-live-updates-from-opening-ceremony/?hp
  5. On the music: I liked Sydney's music - atheltes walked in to music from their country (France to "A La Volante" for example). Beijing tried to have music from around the world, but limited to only four pieces. Athens was fun and upbeat. Torino's thumping disco was on the cusp of being so bad it was good... but not really. Can't remember SLC's. I like Vancouver's music too. Optimistic and inspiring.
  6. Wonderful ceremony so far! BC Place looks great. Loving it. Hahah, yeah there is more buzz on the streets here about NY Fashionweek than about the Vancouver Games. Oh well.
  7. And the traditional opening intro introducing the host region and athlete stories was just as well-done... less than an hour to go now. I think I'll be back during the Parade.
  8. Ahhhhhhhh... for the all the critiscm NBC gets, they're outstanding at producing those kinds of segments. This one about Canada-US relations was very compelling and touching.
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