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  1. 10 hours ago, paul said:

    ....so I see very little order in the use of colors in the venues, it seems there is a mix in almost all venues of all the Rio colors. There isn't really consistency by venue or anything very specific. It's more like a riot of whatever, just a full palette splash not monochromatic or ordered. a couple venues had a tier of cool tone trim on one level then a warm tone tier a level above. Some have cool tone panels then and orange border surrounding the field of play. I read there is a delay in delivery of some trim, and of course the city and venue signing seems to be an issue bubbling up too. 

    Maybe that's the point? Vibrancy created by lack of consistency in color. 


    There definitely seems to be less branding at Rio's venues. Is the border around the velodrome track just going to remain plain orange? 

  2. It's very dated looking, isn't it? The 64 logo looks much more contemporary than this one.

    It's interesting that Rio and Tokyo have played it so safe. It's almost as if they were really frightened by the way London ditched the old formula and the negative reaction to that.

    I still adore London's insistence to create a branded mark and contain all the elements within itself. These formulaic emblem-over-city-over-rings logos have all looked boring since.

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  3. Something like giant leaves would be too predictable and I'm glad they didn't go for something that literal. To me, all the shapes created by those curving lines already suggest the shape of foliage anyway. But they also suggest the undulating waves of Rio's surrounding waters, the rounded peaks of the city's mountains, and the enveloping warmness of its people.

    That sounds like it was taken straight from the press release, but I genuinely see it that way. They hit the mark with the design and I am now eager to see its many applications.

  4. Beautiful new renders! It's nice to find all the landmarks amongst the graphics.

    It would be nice to see somebody experiment with non-traditional applications. I loved LA's sonotubes, scaffolding monuments, giant floating stars, atypical tent shapes, etc. It's getting to the point where all the hosts are using basically the same canvas and just putting a different graphic on it. I don't mean to take anything away from Rio's look because I quite like it, but it would be nice to see somebody think a bit more out of the box.

    I agree, some experimentation would be nice to see. I suppose it is possible that the IOC has set up standards for Look applications that would prohibit LA-style, three-dimensional experimentation nowadays. They seem to control these things pretty strictly from what I gather.

    Some of the only memorable examples of a host trying something different with temporary, three-dimensional applications are Sydney's use of these lifeguard tower-like structures and the entrance gates to London's Olympic Park.




    Still, nothing as memorable or as impactful as LA's sonotubes, stars, and tents. Maybe Rio can get creative with its three-dimensional logo?

  5. They should have made many of the venues temporary. Surely there was some international company out there that could do temporary sports venues for cheap. Then you wouldn't have had the needless costs (even if they weren't maintained) post Olympics. Other venues should have been sold off to their post Olympic use immediately.

    From what I understand, the Greeks opposed the idea of building completely temporary venues out of principle. They figured the birthplace of the Games should not do that. Someone please correct me if this wasn't the case.

    Still, it boggles my mind that permanent venues for beach volleyball and softball were built.

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  6. The atmosphere seemed a bit stunted in comparison to other Games and you got the sense that a small country was doing something beyond their means...

    But Athens 2004 really was a beautifully executed Games.





    The ceremonies, venues, and Look were top-tier in Olympic history.





    The glowing Aegean sun… the curling Aegean waves and blue waters… the green of olive orchards… the bright fucsia of bougainvillea flowers… ancient Greek vase patterns… stunning.

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  7. Rio is borrowing as much from Vancouver (curvilinear shapes and lines with specific visual references to local imagery and landmarks) as it is from Torino (a very similar color palette and the idea of cropping out a large, central graphic in application). What's more, Rio is actually addressing the major 'criticisms' of Vancouver (limited color pallet) and Torino (the piazza graphic was totally lost when cropped out in applications).

    I can see them applying London's 'one- color-combination-per-venue' approach as well.

    It's great and should be expected that Rio's look is an evolution of established ideas, if you ask me. While host changes, the duties of a Look program don't. It's hard to imagine anything really straying from what's been done for the last 20+ years.

  8. It's very nice! It needs a little more texture maybe, but the colors are great and I have no doubt that it will look good on television.

    My favorite application is probably the cover of that book - fantastic!

    Also love how the visual references to landmarks become so noticeable when parts of the main graphic are cropped and enlarged. I imagine they will stand out in close-up shots very nicely.

    It harmonizes very well with everything they've already got going on (logo, font, pictograms).

    I don't care for the lurid green field hockey venue though. Blechhh!!!

    Ewww!!! The lurid green volleyball is even worse! Pic just showed up.

    They do look horrible but seem to me to just be bad color correction. Hopefully anyway.

  9. Some people in Japan dont like the design, i find this news originally in polish website

    "Architect calls new proposal for Tokyo 2020 stadium a "sin""


    As for Cauldron issues, note that its trasparetn roof stadium, it gives a lot more space for ideas then normal closed stadiums

    I feel like local people everywhere never like ****. Logos, stadiums, entire Olympics.

  10. Possibly. The official Olympic channel now has (since last August) a series of "Olympic History" videos giving highlights of Sydney. Here's the torch relay/OC one, complete with highlights of the caudron lighting.

    Oh yes, I've been watching that series. It's really great, though grossly centered on American stories.

    I hope a full broadcast cut of the 2000 lighting is upload again soon. And I can't find a good one of Athens' anymore either. Shame not to have those two easily accessible.

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