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  1. When that happen,chinese armies will entry in the stadium with shot-guns..........
  2. This is the country that will receive the 2008 SOG!!!Poor IOC........THEY PROBABLY DON´T HAVE EYES TO SEE THIS......
  3. Scared because I hate their interface,their controls and they are nothing realist,SCARED because I will never buy a olympic official videogame.........
  4. I have Sydney OG game for PC and Athens 2004 for PS2 and I was scared (in a bad way) with the games........
  5. I know that new7wonders have nothing about Beijing 2008,but I was looking around about information about ceremonies and I thought that people who are talking about Beijing 2008 opening ceremony could know something about that....But don´t worry I will put this subject in another topic.....
  6. In this year will be the new 7 wonders official declaration...Anyone have information about the ceremony?
  7. Beijing 2008 opening ceremony will star with a demonstration of the way that chinese authorities treat their prisioneers AND foreign journalists.LOOOOOOOOOOOL
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