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  1. Athens is not a fan of Istanbul bid from the start
  2. welcome any tips u need contact me
  3. or lets change the euro 2021 not 20 and following 25 29 33... etc. the single dates always empty
  4. russia ? or scandinavia or even albania is welcome cross fingers till 15th of may :/
  5. what football federation didint expect is being the only candidate for euro 2020. if there is another bid in the race, safely government back olympics and then 2 possiblities 1- istanbul wins uefa choose another country 2- istanbul looses uefa award the champ to turkey. everybody gets happy we need another candidate asap :S
  6. i have no idea what they r talking about behind doors. but what im sure is recep tayyip Erdogan wont be very happy if both organizations flip away from our hands . i dont like him, im sure they r thinking st not to upset IOC and UEFA ... may be a proper plan, just the final match in ─▒stanbul for euro 2020 they gonna make. but we will see. im as much as excited as u guys about how this catastophic situation gonna solved
  7. YAY!! Turkish women volleyball team to london 2012 :)

    1. Shrek201


      Congrats, emre! So there will be 2 islamic women's teams in London!!

    2. emre


      to be honest i dont care others.. beating russia poland germany crotia and italy.. we deserve the games and a medal :)

  8. well if i was the football federation of Turkey, i will withdraw the candidature of 2020 uefa. and take revenge from Platini of 2016 ( let him think about who gonna organize it ) . and give a signal to IOC that whole country backing istanbul even we can definetly host uefa but back for safe of the games in istanbul.
  9. No Russia at 2012 london women volleyball matches. Viva Turkey :)

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    2. Shrek201


      No. Italy qualified w/ US & China at the World Champs in Japan last November. FIVB might give wildcards again for Olympics.

    3. emre


      Italy has given wild card after euro champ. im not sure if FIVB will give again or not.

    4. Shrek201


      we;;, the Dom Rep edged Cuba out for the NORCECA spot, but Cuba could still qualify in Japan. So loser of Poland-Turkey can still get in at tournament in Japan. Most likely winners in that: Russia, Japan, Poland or Serbia! See the FIVB website.

  10. what a matc turkey russia women volleyball euro qualification for 2012...

    1. emre


      1.set russia 28 turkey 26.. 2. set russia 24 turkey 26...:/

  11. diablo 3 at last:D

  12. its out of topic but very important for istanbullers.. finally its spring and millions of tulips blossomed all around the city. this flower is so important n our culture even has a period name in Ottoman history. here some pics for flower lovers. enjoy
  13. millions of tulips blossomed in Istanbul, spring has arrived at last

  14. the cold winds are rising.... at last game of thrones

  15. at last... winter has come... mondays has a meaning now :) game of thrones

  16. indeed im a modern slave in many terms :/ hate working

  17. just wanna stay in bed :/ dont wanna work today

  18. wondering about torch relay of 2020 candidates.

    1. intoronto


      all the countries make sense minus one.

    2. emre
  19. well some rumors about the olympic venues of 2020 bidding dossier... half in Asia half in Europe and some next to Ancient Istanbul Walls, in the old Peninsula and over the bosphorus. what i had expected good
  20. ok.. who can help me to draw a logo for me for istanbul 2020 comp.? :D i have the idea but not the design ability and compture knowledge :)

  21. here is the istanbul 2020 web site http://www.istanbul2020.com.tr./index.html turquoise... different from previous red and seljuk patterns...
  22. wow that will be an awesome start if we can take the games here... thus the NOC's plan for the olympic games in istanbul opening ceremony... the bosphorus will turn into a light heaven. from marmara to black sea the2 edges of the start will decorated for the games. . the opening ceremony will be in both asia and europe at the same time for the first and ever in olympic history. there for all city will enjoy the games and it won't be just in stadium and at least 1m citizens will witness the logo will released in Canada by the way.
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