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  1. as u can see from my sig. thats definetly the colours of sunset ,n Istanbul
  2. lol LMAO i laugh loudly when i heard the music.. http://vimeo.com/44315826 Angry Birds in Istanbul
  3. Angry Birds, Siege of Istanbul LMAO http://vimeo.com/44315826

  4. lol coffee croissant tulip what europeans like the most we introduce dem except chocolate , we all thankfull fro aztecs anad mayans for this godly food:)
  5. To London for Istanbul 2020 Turkish PM Erdogan, minister of sports and youth, Istanbul Municipality President Kadir Topbaş ,NOC president and other officials, TOKI ( housing development adm. of Turkey) head , Istanbul Transportation Headquarters, and Hido heading to London for Istanbul 2020. PM will personally talk with Rouge and show the governments ambition& support to the games. nearly all committee of Istanbul 2020 will be there from head to toe. so we start to fight at last.. good http://www.sabah.com.tr/SabahSpor/TumSporlar/2012/07/23/2020-icin-4-koldan
  6. In the Ottoman Empire, tulips played such an important role that the reign of Sultan Ahmed III (1703-1730) has been labeled the "Tulip Era". Three hundred years before Dutch and British horticulture societies got together to propose the first classified list of tulip names, Turkish florist-in-chief in Sultan's court was heading a council to judge new cultivars of tulips and was giving them fanciful and poetic names; some examples are: "Those that burn the heart", "Matchless Pearl", "Rose of colored Glass", "Increaser of Joy", "Big Scarlet", "Star of Felicity", "Diamond Envy", or "Light of the Mind". Only the most flawless cultivars were entered into the official tulip list. The Turkish florist standards preferred only tall thin tulips, narrowly contoured and made up of dagger-shaped petals. The petals had to be smooth, stiff, of one color, the exact size and length, petals of narrow pointed tips, and with no gaps. which named as ottoman tulip now extinct now may be reminding netherlands but Tulip is originally a turkish flower comes from central asia to anatolia and passes to europe from istanbul palace gardens
  7. hmmm how it will be used on tv corners? nothing will be seen detailed just a tulip? but i guess its nice to see the silhouette of istanbul turns into the logo at the end of videos... its simple just istanbul...
  8. 5 doors, a funeral flower bouquet and a single tulip.... 2020 race is not so creative about logos
  9. and Istanbul 2020 logo announced...http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/_np/4270/17314270.jpg

  10. dont remember who asked it whirling dervises in an opening ceremony but i found st for izmir 2005 universiade openings...

  11. public chosen Istanbul 2020 logo will announce next week and changed a bit after voting final

  12. 3 golds in a day for Turkey at euro athletic championship in helsinki...YAY:D

  13. First sultans of the net, now fairies of basketball... 2 women teams will play for gold in London2012 ...cong. girls.. proud of u

  14. flash news.... the sports and youth minister announced that Ataturk Olympic stadium will start to renovate starting this summer. to fullfill an olympic stadia needs in this era. http://tvarsivi.com/spor-bakanligi-istanbul-da-bulunan-olimpiyat-stadi-ni-2020-olimpiyatlari-icin-bakima-alacak-22-06-2012-izle-i_2012060692537.html 20 million TL ( 15 mUSD) will immideatly finance for the project
  15. great Honour for ıstanbul and Turkey... the city named as the fifth major UN office in the world after NYC, Vienna , Nairobi and Geneva. suiting with the spirit of the city , the office will named and serve as the peace making and mediatorship head quarters of UN. its announced at D20 meeting in Mexico and will voted at september . http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/gundem/20806707.asp
  16. well i have to say, i love the athletes village, love the tartan, like the opening cereomony day ( my birthday ) ... always a fan of scotland and scottish people culture.. good job bravehearts what about the mascots?
  17. i support, i voted ... istanbul 2020

    1. afiqnadzir


      Yeah..istanbul get my vote!

  18. and Spain accept they need help, 4th country in EU with ireland greece portugal... a rescue package of Euro 100 billion! :S much more than expected and will it be enough nobody knows for now. hope the country wont suffer too long
  19. madonna night in Istanbul.... wow

  20. in 3 years period, 55 billion USD investment will make for transportation in Istanbul. including 150 million capacity 3rd airport, 3 rd bridge connectin asia and europe, channel İstanbul, high speed train and highways,, marmaray ( metro system under Bosphorus ) and another motorway tunnel in same direction. could be a big big plus for 2020 application cause under water tunnels passing from the asian olympic village and 3rd airport is so close to the main olympic park. http://gazday.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2112:stanbul-to-receive-55b-investment&catid=1:latestnews&Itemid=111
  21. not sure if its official but, here is the first advert of Istanbul 2020 applicant city.... legendary city legendary games... and 0,19 is my university also one of the oldest ones Istanbul University been 10 years not to see that gate...
  22. National Youth and sports day of Turkey, and the birthday of our beloved founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk...

  23. hard to find a good perfume these days...:/

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    2. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      No, just hate perfume scents!

    3. Lee


      I am the same as Rols. Most fragrances make me sneeze too. If I wear anything it is Arabian Oud. Jo Malone does a really nice one, Oud and Bergamot. It does not offend the nose unlike most other mainstream brands of fragrances these days.

    4. emre


      not oud but searching for a coffee fragrance one :)

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