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  1. there was a cartoon named clementine when i was a child.. missed it:(

  2. Presidential cycling tour of Turkey /İstanbul live....eurosports

  3. how can i make profile pic?

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      Click on "My Settings" under your name drop down at the top, then click "profile" then you have the options to change your pic and avatar etc.

    2. emre


      i did... nothing chnaged :(

  4. is a member of unemployed army

  5. spring arrived in istanbul. and tulip season ahead.. yayyyy:D

  6. Goodbye violet eyes...

    1. baron-pierreIV
    2. emre


      also so sad.one of the women i lost myself in her eyes many times.

  7. angrybirds rio rulez :) but cant purchase its mp3 :(

  8. may the force be with Volkswagen LMAO... best commercial i ever see..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R55e-uHQna0

  9. trapped in a " dewil wears prada " movie...:S

  10. how sad and tragic ... Scores of penguins bowed in mourning after the deaths of their chicks... http://bit.ly/dY5MLO

  11. global warming.... i love you:) another sunny hot day in Istanbul:P

  12. yupii ya....:) at last it snows... a bit :S

  13. The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover....

  14. Falling in love isn't part of the plan.....:)

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      It never is - in my experience it never comes when you're searching, but hits you when you least expect!

    2. emre


      :) sure the best new year gift for me ... but never expecting that much i will care think about and miss at nights :)
  15. what will Qatar do as a show in olympics opening??? drill oil from the stadium live????? all arabic mythts and tales comes from Bagdath mostly..
  16. well in these circumstances i start to think İstanbul can win the games at 2020 ....:S but IOC ıs not FIFA also cities bid in the olympics not countries. definetly if IOC gonna choose a muslim populated country it will be Istanbul...
  17. I feel lucky to be in Istanbul under 23° C with shining sun while europe is freezing...

    1. arwebb


      You're cruel. Very, very cruel.

    2. fatixxx


      Belgium is close to -10 the winds are sharp this night .. :(

    3. emre


      dear scot guy ... u used google translate for tht passage? :D

  18. russia which i expecting qatar :S what can i say... money talks
  19. Go 12 Giant Men... FIBA 2010 Turkey

    1. fatixxx


      emre sana özel mesaj yolladim .. niye bakmiyosun ..

      emre su an 2022 kis olimpiyatlari için yarismaya katildim.

      Bursa 2022 için benim adaylik dosyasina oy verebilir misin?

      çok çok sagolasin .. sagol dostum.

  20. well all articles in europe mostly says Sarkozy turn this into a battle against turkey ... cause he still thinks turkey is not european and cant host a euro football c.ship....
  21. wow here s turkeys documents for bidding..... if they will close the ataturk olympic stadium like this... thats gonaa rock:D beautiful stadiums ... i really like their design... here is the link http://www.turkishbidforeuro2016.com/publishDocument.php?id=532
  22. sorry guys may be u react me sooo fiercely but..... i really dont like british countries opening ceremonies ( salt lake vancouver atlanta ..) ... except australia.... :S even london 2012 is hopeless for me after Beijing .... but rio could be awesome:) ah by the way why no one can think about this.... if they can use some chemicals even can the fires colour change into green purple and white ???? ahahahah the cauldron looks like kebab house oven hahahahahahahah
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