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  1. 89th anniversary of the founding of Turkey... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TURKIYEM...

  2. 7 nights in Bangkok.. yay:D

    1. Scotguy


      Awesome :) enjoy dude

    2. emre


      i will... u want st ?

  3. kafalar 1500 :) power of my beloved friends and Rakı :)

  4. uyf baron:) its most probably the first time ever in 2500 year Istanbul history:) and why is written in the article.. we need to renovate te first bridge asap too. tts why government pushing on for the 3 rd bridge and marmaray ...
  5. this year summer time.... see the photos and get what i mean http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/istanbul-mayor-on-vacation-as-traffic-chaos-continues.aspx?pageID=238&nid=25324 the worst in istanbuls istory.. and badly u 2 guys witness this situation.
  6. transportation isnt a big deal here. believe me. just they can arrange a special road like they do for metrobus. and it leads from euro edge passing the olympic village to the asia close to asian olympic park. also the marmaray starts from salacak ( 10 min. by walk from the village) to euro , connecting all metro lines and leads the airport and olympic park. why u guys make it a big deal? i stuck in paris much more than istanbul several times. especially st dennis stadium road?
  7. i think the time when they arrive here most probably the renovation time of bridges at bosphorus and golden horn. it was a nightmare and yes there was a hellish traffic that time. 3 lined bridges closed to 1 line in each way and dream about the traffic .... peah
  8. never saw a 3 our traffic in istanbul. mostly 1 / 1,30 hours. cant say anything else but its my past in istanbul roads. may be an accident on the road or st extraordinary may take more thn 1,30.
  9. probably it will needed a small village in asian side too. easy to solve the prob.
  10. wrong... a new statistical study have interesting points. the tolerance between conservative and seculars ( or western ) is the highest point ever and just a small amount of citizens want an islamic republic ( %5) altough more tan % 60 insist on secular system, drinking alcohol, homosexualty tolerance also rising too. but the public is began more conservative. akp ( which i never vote or will vote) is as the same as christian democrats in west nothing else but in muslim way. ah also we have a special road in high ways just for buses between asia to edge of europe and planning much more roads like this. they an use it for olympics which means no traffic for athletes also a goo ferry transportation. the key point is we want to rebuild istanbul and best way for this is olympics. forget harmony eartquakes or rebuilding an economy but changing a nations future and saving an 2500 years old city st wow as legacy. another barcelona experience for 20million people in the region.
  11. lol when u stuck in the traffic it takes hours... worst hours in istanbul are 8/10 morning and 5/8 in the evening other hours are acceptable.
  12. could be... i live in asian side and can go to ataturk airport with 30 min. out o nonpeak hours. but prefer sea buses if there is traffic and it makes 45 min. to reach there but as an istanbuller the main prob. of the city is traffic like all other metropols
  13. according to s&p spains credit rating to near junk... http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-10-11/business/sns-rt-us-spain-standardandpoors-downgradebre8991mm-20121010_1_junk-status-downgrade-spain-s-economy-ministry pity... i have many friends living in spain and complaning about the economy these days
  14. 90 million USD for youth and sports investments and raising athletes on 2013 Turkish Republic Budget http://ekonomi.haberturk.com/makro-ekonomi/haber/783970-butcede-olimpik-hareket sports institute in Hacettepe university, raising athletes with scientific methods from their childhoods... http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/spor/digersporlar/21462570.asp good news for sport investments in Turkey and how government wants to be a top country in sports. good for 2020 campaign too
  15. free vectoral grapchic sites? i need spain france UK vectorals and my lovely company doesn't want to pay for vectors...:/

  16. Sons and Daughters of future Turkish generations! All the mighty strength that you will need exists in the noble blood a-flowing in your veins! Happy Victory Day...

  17. a double at 1500 m women race... what a great night for Turkey and Turkish women. :)

  18. a double at 1500 m women race... what a great night for Turkey and Turkish women. :)

  19. worst olympic performance in Turkish history... Zero medals till now

  20. drilling the stadium and fire up an gas station ? what do they have to show more???lol
  21. björn barrefors.... :/ from now on i support sweden deep from my heart... lol

  22. its anotherproject but the main olympiv park staying where its located now. no project pics i found yet:(
  23. ataturk olympic stadium will start to reovate in months. the whole stadium will have a shell covering and will be totally closed roof.
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