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  1. how on earth i cant find an organizer for 2012 ???...

    1. Rob.
    2. emre


      lol.... i can accuse mayas for delaying my meetings ..lol:)

  2. Euro 2020 European football championship was claimed to be given to Turkey...

  3. The River Flowing Westward ... one of the best documentary ever saw.. good job trt

  4. need a new organizer :/ with 4 pages for a single day :S

  5. how can i change my nickname here? :S

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    2. intoronto


      LOL Emre I am handicapped with tech too.

    3. emre


      citius, there is nothing like change your display name :/ damn ... why dont they make it such sites easier for people like me and intoronto :)

    4. DannyelBrazil


      Only Premium can change names

  6. uuh 2012 :/ getting better not older :P

  7. oh **** we have just 355 days left :/ :D happy new year to all

    1. deawebo


      happy new year too

    2. emre


      you too mister... hope u will have wonderfull year and all our wishes come true

  8. and wats the price of a 2+1 flat in copacabana im serious
  9. are there any sharks in the ocean... sure there must be but dangerous ones i mean???
  10. ufff im bitchy tonight :/

  11. the Hobbit, unexpected journey ... yupiiii:)

  12. at last .. diablo 3 opening scene and release date :D

  13. Istanbul, Capital of Culture was then the capital of the sport in the now! EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF SPORTS ISTANBUL 2012 ...

  14. İzmir 2020,Istanbul 2020, Uefa 2020.. hat trick for Turkey :)

  15. lovely, without any reason i break my right foot.. or st else...:/ :(

  16. BSN N.O.-XPLODE&SYNTHA 6.. anyone used before or any suggestions for gym supplements?

  17. 1881-193∞.... 10th of November the day Turkey Remembers Mustafa Kemal Atatürk..

  18. ok.. i want that job... ye i want it... doing secret or what the hell people name it.. i want to work in BP :/ :( anybody has a common in BP turkey ? :D

  19. 88th Anniversary of Turkish Republic Day... NE MUTLU TÜRKÜM DİYENE....

  20. Arigatou gozaimasu :)) Japanese people leave unnamed money envelopes in Turkish embassy's mail box for earthquake victims in Turkey.. cant describe how turks feel after this kind gentle and nobel act...

    1. baron-pierreIV


      Israel just sent you some supplies, too.

    2. emre


      supplies and aid is st else and also appreciate everycountry aid us ... this is unussual.. check it from here what i mean. http://www.sundayszaman.com/sunday/newsDetail_getNewsById.action?newsId=261027

  21. 26 mothers died today.. 26 soldiers killed by terrorists today ...:( stay strong Turkiye

  22. lmao... funniest commercial ever watch snickers turkish version. better thn original ones. cong. the agency :D

  23. SochiC 2014 :D amazing job beloved northern neighbors

  24. even tough Doha has no relation with 1001 nights ( just been arab). written in bagdad and caliphate era well i wonder if london will use druids and stonhenge ?
  25. my iphone gives error for jolly songs today. rip steve jobs. ipray for u

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