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  1. IOC meeting starts in İstanbul. President Gul is the leader of Istanbul 2020 team in the first meetings
  2. sorry but,do u have any information about int.relations? north korea says a week ago ceasefire is over. means can attack without warning to s.k georgia has noting to do with turkey İsrael apologize 3 days ago from turkey. greece sign a protocol , that backs İstanbul for 2020 games france italy and germany prefers istanbul or tokyo rather than madrid for 2024 race. and UK clearly says they are backing up Turkey in the race.
  3. affect or not, its a good day for us even with olympics or not:)
  4. days before IOC visit to Istanbul, Israel officially apologize from Turkey and agreed to complete the agreement on compensation. Also flourishing news with terrorist PKK about kurdish problems in the newrouz fest. terrorists calls for guns to be silent and accept no way to separate the nail from the flesh like turks with kurds in the country. and silence the guns . 2 HUGE events in Turkish history and for the region. im sure it will affect IOC too.
  5. lol , back İstanbul 2020 red logo, there sitting half of Turkeys economy and the biggest 7. thats st important
  6. the biggest companies backing Istanbul 2020 bid...
  7. turkish football team galatasaray supporting istanbul 2020. the team will wear an istanbul 2020 logo shirt on their UEFA champ. league matches. on the other hand 2013 Mediterranean games host city Mersin, selected at march 2011 after Greece economical crises and stripped out hosting rights, already over all infrastructural projects by % 80 till today. inc. 25.000 stadium, 7500 capacity arena and 1500 capacity aqua arena just in 1.5 year. it will be an good experiment for istanbul 2020. the med. games will between 20/30 june 2013
  8. snowy munich :/ best season to go lol

  9. neither 2020 bid nor football is the key issue in Turkish sports but an advert for efes basketball team here now. with 15 hidden cams anadolu group made a camera joke for the leading basketball team in turkey. all team members invited to a looong classical music concert and then the suprise happens, after some minutes orchestra starts to play teams unofficial song ( which is a rock song by duman group ) and 1 by 1 audience start to sing it .. here is the clip. we alll loved it. im sure u may enjoy it too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6WR2mkGZec also anadolu group is 1 of the major sponsors for 2020 bid
  10. wow. what a surprise for Efes basketball team :)

  11. well a good news for istanbullers after the 3 rd airport built, Atatürk airport will turn into a city park, the 3 rd largest in the world. istanbul goes greener
  12. Turkish officials expressed confidence on Friday that Istanbul can win the race to host the Olympic Games in 2020 in Davos. the ministers and bidding team made meetings 1 by 1 and face to face in Davos to show how Turkey and government hanging on the bidding. http://on.aol.com/video/istanbul-2020-olympic-bid-team-confident-at-davos-forum--ambient--517653576
  13. lol i was working one of the sponsor companies and working like a slave till 23 everyday thats why i couldnt meet u. BUT when i was there i always compalin to marketind department to be a sponsor for the bid. may be i achieve :?
  14. minister of sports had a dinner with top turkish companies tonight including Turkcell,Ulker,koç and sabancı. the companies announced to lobby and back 2020 bid with full power and sponsorships. the best news for 2020 bid till now. those companies means hundreds of billions USD pfprivate sector is backing 2020 Istanbul http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/spor/digersporlar/22373890.asp
  15. think about 2020 belly dancers on the stage ... lol definettly more entertaining then geishas
  16. sports illustrated predict Istanbul ill get the 2020 games.... yay http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/-olympics/news/20121227/olympic-predictions-2013/
  17. I wish you Peace, Love, Health, Sex, 6pacs, Orgasms & I hope you all will Win the Lottery! Happy New Year:D

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      if u r talking about te gymnastics ringpulls.. it will definetly help. damn i feel like i have no energy for running either..:/

    3. emre


      if u r talking about te gymnastics ringpulls.. it will definetly help. damn i feel like i have no energy for running either..:/

    4. emre


      if u r talking about te gymnastics ringpulls.. it will definetly help. damn i feel like i have no energy for running either..:/

  18. companies win, citizens win, Istanbul wins, Turkey wins....
  19. fresh flash and good news from IStanbul best known and strongest ww known companies in Turkey coming a part of Istanbul 2020 bid. koç (100 b USD assets) , sabancı ( 115b USD asset), anadolu ( 7b. usd turnover), eczacıbası ( 4b. usd tunrover), doğuş ( 80b. usd asset) and vestel (3b. usd revenue) are sponsors for bidding. already paying 20m usd for bidding budget ( 40 in total) and talking about main being main sposor for ıstanbul 2020 bidding. altough another news, bdding team of Istanbul 2020 ( total in 70 people) having meetings everyday in olympic building in Istanbul and companies of Rio 2016 bid team is a part of this. as a primary goal of prime minister, sports and youth ministery has an open check for what is needed to bring the games to ıstanbul. may be in silence but Istanbul team is doing well behind closed doors.
  20. 34th eurasian marathon in istanbul. hundred of thousands participating...

  21. Because of Atatürk, millions of Turks today have a flag — and reason to wave it.immortal hero, we miss u more than ever...

  22. 10th of november 1938... we never forget you...

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