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  1. yay... tokyo can be favorite but İstanbul has a better video with rihanna:)
  2. welcome to XVII Mediterranean Games Mersin Turkey Mr. Rogge..

  3. its serious in here, and we needforeign media to show the violence of police in Turkey...

  4. #occupyturkey

  5. This is just the beginning of the resistance to facsist islamism. .Istanbul -Taksim is the new Cairo- Tahrir.. there is a new uprising in Euroasia... follow twitter #direngeziparki ...

    1. Rob.


      Stay safe Emre.

    2. emre


      its a shame that im still working this day:( all my friends are in taksim. tnx by the way;)

  6. tokyos 2nd attend, istanbuls 5th... tokyo can wait for another 3 times more
  7. i need a loooooong loooong holiday...

  8. LMAO... good example how to bridge together a scottish (irish?)band collecting money at IStiklal avenue,Istanbul with dancing and traditional music. then 2 old turkish handkerchief seller ladies jump in the show.. cried out while laughing also u have to see hıdırellez celebrations in Istanbul too, if i can found i will share
  9. next to atatürk airport, as i know visible from airport flights
  10. World's 'biggest' ground painting promotes Istanbul's 2020 Olympic host bid. Guinness Book of Records certified the 12K square-meter painting celebrations of national youth and sports day started:)
  11. Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey İstanbul stage.... europe to asia, thousands people cheering up in bagdat avenue... was wonderfull
  12. fukushima nuclear plant leaking contaminated water :Shope noone or nothing will affect ... http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/04/06/us-fukushima-leak-idUSBRE93501I20130406
  13. the third bridge on bosphorus will be named as Olympiad if Istanbul rewarded for 2020 games. the first 2 are named, Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet
  14. sinusit....:( dying:(

  15. fatih did.. here u can see from facebook link https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.517610784947871.1073741842.320486461326972&type=1 also from web sites venues http://www.istanbul2020.com.tr/
  16. check the other village renders;) u may find what u r complaining about. this is just the public area main road, not the athletes village
  17. im getting quite sure about IOC will really attract with the plans, and sure they love the city lets wait and see other cities card Istanbul says REST with this visit.
  18. the team save their breath for the last metres. running like a marathon rather than a sprint. and they make good show, opening the metro to olympic village with IOC, release the renders and slogan for the visit. im sure there will be another show tomorrow or tonight before IOC leave Istanbul
  19. city combining the arenas, good job İstanbul 2020 team. new renders released

  20. here are the projects. to be honest and objective just i can say WOW. not like atatürk olympic stadium but all others just beautiful bosphorus stadium old city walls and arenas atatürk lympic stadium olympic village 1 lympic park 2 aqua center inside veledrome archery rugby and weightlighting
  21. another render outside of bosphorus stadium
  22. yay.. first renders of bosphorus stadium released. and totally loved it. with a wide view of Istanbul, no other stadiums can be compared with this.
  23. not a fan of logo but, love the slogan... Bridge Together.... meaningfull with the city, location, history and future of the area.
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