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  1. its st cultural i think. here 2013 gay pride in taksim. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hc4FrEQcBE
  2. expecting st WOW from Istanbul team within these days to turn the tables...

    1. yoshi


      Expecting st WOW from Tokyo to settle it once and for all

    2. deawebo


      Yaaa, I hope Istanbul gains the momentum on these days.

  3. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be in Buenos Aires for the final 2020 Istanbul bid presentation and vote. Erdogan is set to attend the G20 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia then will travel to Argentina for the final vote push.
  4. lol what i said becomes true. Egemen bağış blame protesters if İstanbul cnat get the games from now lol http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/spor/digersporlar/24543244.asp
  5. lol he never gonna do that first he gonna blame outside forces tht dont want to see turkey developing then israel and rate lobby den protesters den other parties......
  6. better the team take besiktas football team funclub ÇARŞI whom one of the symbol of unrest in Istanbul saying we want games, politics is st different:D
  7. but if u ask me i like to have a mini cooper roadster or aston martin vanquish tough i dont know how to drive but have a lisence
  8. i use taxi:) never had a car or my family. its needless.... we have a yacht
  9. red alert for Istanbul Istanbul 2020 team talking with officials and presidents behind closed doors and lobbying Istanbuls bid. President Gul personnaly telephone to Putin and Chinas president for support.. on the other hand team heads leding to berlin rio ba and gulf countries to secure and get votes.. http://www2.sporx.com/digersporlar/olimp/istanbul-2020-icin-kirmizi-alarmSXHBQ341075SXQ still believe Istanbul can make a suprise.. even kick out at the first round or win it...
  10. scotland, iceland, russia, egypt or india... cant decide for a holiday

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    2. emre


      lol cheapest one:D

    3. DannyelBrazil


      Argentina, why not?

    4. emre


      hmmm... beef,hot guys & iguazu... let me check it too:D

  11. i think all convince tht istanbul is a gay friendly city
  12. if u try once, u ll never come back
  13. it would be AWESOME.... cant imagne flag handover ceremonies in rio and in istanbul:D
  14. lol. u can see the hottest gays in world here inc. me
  15. lets ask a fortune teller to make it clear whom gonna win:D
  16. feel the same.. but if istanbul wins it wont be a suprise to me too
  17. have a talent to sun burn idiotically.. looking like a zebra...lovely..

  18. full 2020 istanbul clip also as i remember athens world athletics champ was empty, government bring students from schools to full the stadia before 2004 voting...not football but athletics the heart of the games....
  19. Political turbulence may test Madrid as 2020 campaign enters final stages..fter a few weeks when everything in the race to stage the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games appeared to be going its way, it looks like Madrid 2020 may be forced to fight the final weeks of the campaign against a backdrop of domestic political turbulence. http://www.insidethegames.biz/olympics/summer-olympics/2020/1015113-political-turbulence-may-test-madrid-as-2020-campaign-enters-final-stages ?
  20. not a thailand but mykonos and santorini is not bad too.. yay holiday...somehow

  21. yes. tnx to my beloved company i cancel my thai cambodia trip... no holiday for me this year lovely..

    1. deawebo


      Sorry dude... I wont have holidays either.

    2. emre


      lol. come with me to indochina ? :)

  22. http://www.frequency.com/video/istanbul-2020-olimpiyat-tantm-filmi/106073690/-/YouTube new clip for istanbul 2020
  23. yay... tokyo can be favorite but İstanbul has a better video with rihanna:)
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