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  1. thts tottally true.... im proud of istanbul team they did the best even syria, erdoğan and government lol
  2. Miyazaki for 2020 Tokyo ceremonies...

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    2. gotosy
    3. Ikarus360


      Sadly Miyazaki announced his retirement some days ago, but Studio Ghibli could still do it anyway.

    4. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      He didn't say he's not working any more, just no full-time studio work. I think there could be a chance the Govt could lure him in to be involved with a national project like the games.

  3. cong. Tokyo, it would be nice to have flag handover to Istanbul from there

  4. crossfingers for Istanbul....

  5. squash? neaah if u add st new let it be a sexy one:)
  6. fukushima didnt explode just cause dey throw potatos to it?. altough still thousands missing due to earthquake. and its 250km away from tokyo
  7. u never had faced an earthquake?.... hope u wont.... people in Turkey still freezes in a little shake after 99 marmara... tens of billion usd gone in 45 seconds. cant imagine how japan feels... u r really really an ignorant person. thnx god i have spanish friends that vice versa your character..
  8. its middle east s fate... the people has a 1 man rule all time. and for centuries ruled by turks or persians. never independent since 1500. dey dont have a democratic culture. u may be suprise but turkish democracy is one of de oldest starts from 1800s. and was the largest delegation of cultures in tht time. turkey and iran u cant compare with arabs cause of det. we use to rule never ruled... i love spain but early after barcelona .. sadly i prefer tokyo .. and sure tokyo will get it. but we make the 2020 unforgettable race
  9. erdoğan will die someday, fukusima will burn to ground but el mundo??? THY has the largest flights in the world to africa direct ones.. and there are hundres of turkish colleges and schools
  10. i dont know whats happening behind doors. but we r lack of lobby i think its in our genetics. we do what we can do as best and serve it.. u get or not its your choice. like we have the 3 rd largest cuisine in the world after french and chinese u know? most probably u dont ... BUT president and government and private sector pulling hard this time, from the beginning Istanbul doesnt make so much PR or an aggresive campagin but always the favorite. some things can be spoken or done behind doors. and the situation in ıslamic world makes Turkey more important in world arena.. arab spring becomes a harsh winter and in any condition Turkey still in a good road about democracy and economy.. first quarter GDP growth is %4. not good but considering Turkey is a energy consumer giant and lack of oil and gold its important. we r growing in any case in any situation
  11. ill illuminate your future:) 3rd largest economy, 1st biggest economical city ( size of spain) ulta modern tech., 60 years after the last games, major eartquake hits the country and people need st to hold on its st emotional. Asia, money, a different culture after rio london and beijing, ANİME
  12. ??? lol its the most absurd reason ever heard:) just spanish people do sports and no others? just spanish cities need to recycle but no others? how arrogant.... pity.... den Istanbul need games like barcelona did at 92. u give up?
  13. u spanish guys cant understand why people dont want madrid for 2020. even worlds super power usa doesnt get games in this short period and why spain??? the only eu capital without games doesnt sell... its your excuse den better u get madrid 92 not barcelona
  14. in case a madrid istanbul final.... i guess most european votes back to Istanbul to clear 2024.. a nonEU member with another cultural background wont oppose paris24 or rome24.
  15. first Bob Bowman and team as trainer for turkish swimming now sergei bubka for turkish athletics .... 2 great news for future medalists
  16. i really start to dislike this 20020 bid.will be happy if tokyo or ıstanbul wins but more if madrid elliminates first...
  17. excuse me.... turkey has 35m tourists in a year and Istanbul has 11m. double madrid....
  18. i dont like spanish trolls.. also tapas too....
  19. we want the games not to recover our economy or rise our nations emotions but for our 35m. young population and our future..

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    2. emre


      damn i must be in the bidding team :)

    3. thatsnotmypuppy


      What about the 40% of the Japanese population that is under 30 - 51 million of them...

    4. emre


      as wiki is not wrong % 14 is under 15 were turkey has % 27

  20. 5 times a week... dude u have a prob. withyourself... thts why i dont want madrid to win. spanish getting dirty....:/
  21. do u remember Chechenia and Georgia war at the doors of Sochi? or North Korea just miles away seoul and pc? dont be ridiculous about security. Istanbul is safe place. and stabil as Russia china and brazil. even half of people hate the government the other half voted for in a clear voting system. yeah thts democracy
  22. well if she doesnt get how unique is Istanbuls location its her problem. non other city offers such diverse but also compact cultural geographical option, not just for 2020 but also in general. what will dey say for 24 Durban campaign den? only continent left, africa welcomes u blahblah...? accept it Madrid is not a special city like Rio, Istanbul, Venice. does ones blessed with mother nature and some touches with humans:) uh not to forget i love spain and people, but doesnt like their behaves in this race...trying to higher their bid cant progress with s..ting on others..
  23. says 3 rd attempt and only say we build %80 or facilities city? did dey carry madrid anywhere else and offering st new??? lol
  24. common..... WTA Istanbul cup is the largest ticket sale ever. indoor athletics champ people were waiting outside to enter te arena basketball world champ was the same. there wont be a prob about ticket sales or audience. may be at hockey or canoeing. but none other Istanbullitens never disappoint me about ticket sales. we love to have fun and matches and support our country.
  25. irresISTANBUL 2020

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