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  1. delete 15 of these votes coming from north and kenya common dude fifa cup is st u can already make in your garden just 20 teams and back of dem. dont u do that baron.. qatar will host fifa and the size of a country double of cyprus island and a population less then a million ... fifa champ is not a proof of good hosting of olympics. panam asian games even universiade is ok but fifa cup meeh
  2. africa card is st very valuable but after multi billionaire super power russians unprepared sochi and and future power brazils delaying i dont see SA will be awarded in one shot.. but still good chance for finals and will change the winner probably. and 24 race will be the toughest ever ( inc. 12 race) 2 new frontiers well prepared and good cards they have..centennial spirit of paris, 20's back drawn rome and america, ultra mega enormous rich fifa winner qatar ... all can handle nice ones but lets wait till rio.. it will be the key point of 24 race
  3. they got enough money to spend where they want... may be bribe or a gift to Caucasians for silence the riots at games helding?? using this money somewhere beneficial but cant show it in papers or st about shadow government using this money for russia.. and its nothing comparing 130B pounds qatar will spend for 2022 fifa... in turkish " zenginin parası züğürdün çenesini yorar" rich ones money, make poor ones talk too much about. why do we care an enormous natural resource rich countries money spending. they will get it triple much more selling gas to turkey and eu in a month
  4. he got a nice communication skill and aura.... may be the only warm blooded IOC president
  5. Россия –Славься, Отечество свободное

    1. emre


      be glorious motherland russia

  6. 1 of the best ceremonies ever... simple elegant and full of culture.. love the swan lake part except the olympic rings failure, the show was amazing.. looks like a summer games rather thn winter ones. GJ MOTHER RUSSIA PS: i was expecting Putin will light the cauldron
  7. in case of working people who wanna watch the games... http://www.trt.net.tr/anasayfa/canli.aspx?y=tv&k=trtspor trtrspor live but turkish BUT broadcast internationally
  8. I'm fire, i'm death...Smaug time ....

  9. ıhhhhh... need to buy underwears for newyear eve .... :/

    1. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      haha! didn't knew Turkey too had this superstition. Do you guys also jump 7 little waves by the ocean?

    2. emre


      lol we dont have ocean here :) but we throw a pommogrante to floor and break it. :)

  10. same... even kenya or morroco deserves more thn SA due to athletics records IMO... but poor economics and unstably democraticts make it nearly impossible. If ıoc accepts a games less expensive and emotional Nairobi can be the hotspot
  11. bangkok lima.. optimist guy he is.. dont push him hard:)
  12. agree ... the thing i cant get about Durban and Capetown is, its like İzmir and Istanbul or Manchester and London thing... never been there and just saying what i heard and know from web. thts why CT is in my mind... well dont bother it.. anyway african games will be iconic for olympics even Ct or Durban or nairobi lets back to toronto thing. again.
  13. still cape town is better IMO ask a 100 people around u about durban and cape town and let me know which one is a brand mark. + more tourists means hotel rooms.. even athens cant handle this issue while its a high tourism spot, dont think durban can make it...
  14. dont get me wrong but.... durban is neither a sydney nor rio... not a toursitic city like dem.. and the infrastructure and hotels..etc will take too much... its not a barcelona too. cause lack of a giant tourism pool named Mediterranean... just with an olympic stadium is not working.. we saw it at 2020 race ( %80 already built madrid) so Sa must be clever and choose a site to boom for future.
  15. ok. i get your point about Africa.. question is if Durban gets tech. points enough ? another problem is durban is not a highly connected airport like capetown... it will be problem too. still thinking cape town is a better option + where dey gonna find 55000+ hotel rooms in the city?
  16. Turkey wakes up to celebrate its Republic Day ... Ne mutlu Türküm diyene

  17. dont compare madrid and istanbul istanbul is HUGE 15 m. people and need those investments for us not for the games, and they are a must. what i mean without any traffic investments left and no concerns about it Istanbul can solve one of its handicaps may be we take the issue from different views. im as a marketing executive, see what can Istanbul sells but in an optional ground and bosphorus is the golden package of the city bid:) if the product inside of the pack is worth to buy this golden pack. why not. we need to perfect the product first. just we need a good team ( 2020 team did a good job) a compact bid plan and a charismatic leader and time till 2016 ankara? common :/ its putting manchester instead of london. still not sure what will happen till 2016 .
  18. time will show... if the 3 rd bridge, 3rd airport, marmaray ( will open this year) and other expensive investments finish at time or in progress the budget of 2020 will drop to 5/7bUSD at 24. without any problems about logistics and finished urban development Istanbul can get 24. if it gets 36 votes with all disadvantages at 20 race why not in 24 then? and at 2015 there will be elections, with gezi parkı and syria problems the parliement can be more balanced like % 40 akp % 28 chp and %15 mhp with % 5 kurdish party, erdoğans "1 man show" cant be continue... uefa 2020 finals will stage here most probably and no chance to take it at 24 again. better focus on olympics or pass it ( which i dont give a chance the government will pass) + with all disadv. , located far from village ..etc the ceremony stadium at bosphorus will be the best ever in olympic history, just we saw a glipse of moments at 20 videos and seems WOW...bet no one has an argue about it:)
  19. finals will be in Istanbul no need to rush baku
  20. rome 2004 good job istanbul previous logo, i really like it. clever and clean. officials; rio 2016 tokyo 64 and moscow 80 athens 04 are far the best for me winter calgary 88
  21. Istanbul is back to normal... #occupyturkey.... keep riots alive till this police government crumbles..

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