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  1. if i had a chance to pick 1 city from every continent my list can be Europe Istanbul Asia Mumbai Africa Cairo Oceania - australia lack of cities so Sydney again N.America NYC S.America Buenos Aires
  2. ı just like the second advertisement... needd a new more actioned commercial for Istanbul
  3. by the way teşekkür ederim sağol sen nasılsın?
  4. they tried wind panels at first but its not so usefull.. so now they are planting big trees to make them stop wind from north
  5. firstly there is laq to protect the silhouette of bosphorus so u cannot add anything huge and big at bopshorus. secondly everything in Istanbul is historic like rome we cannot finish the metro pass to the sultanahmet region for years cause of the old roman ruins found like marmaray hits to the byzantine imperial dock also the bosphorus side of the city is the most expensive residential area of the city may be the world. just 70m2 flat which is old and need to redecoration can be sell for 1m dollars. there is not a such big area to make a village near bosphorus. also inonu stadium is a historic place so u can not change it . golden horn is a good choice but its also no big empty area there too.... as u said it will be beautifull to make the olympics in Inonu but as i said u can not have a area to make it again. cause the seaside of the stadium is Dolmabahçe Palace , the east is Istanbul Technical universty the west the gardens od the palaca and swiss hotel and back of it the tunnel starts connects to kasımpaşa to besiktas
  6. lol 3.rd bridge from harem to sultanahmet... replace inonu stadium witha new one:) dude the mainproblem in istanbul is beeing 5000 years old:D everything in the city is ancient and u h-ave no right to destroy or built st over them:D the oympic village is a well placed location cause istanbul is getting bigger that way. 3. int. airport metro system is heading there.also also there 2 big projects in istanbul one in asian the other is european. The mayor give 2 regions to int. architects ro rebuild. zaha hadid will rebuild asian Kartal district and Ken Yeang will built kucuk-buyukçekmece ( close to Olympic park.) .. here are the projects.. most surely u dont know this one here starting with Ken Yeang International architecture, planning and design consultancy Llewelyn Davies Yeang has won a competition organised by the Greater Istanbul Municipality to masterplan a major transportation route which links the east and west waterfronts of Istanbul to the rest of Turkey. Ken Yeang will lead the team designing the masterplan. It is the first major international design competition win for Llewelyn Davies Yeang since Ken Yeang joined the practice last year. The masterplan involves the creation of a 2 kilometre continuous ecological corridor (with eco bridges) which also serves as a new urban park for the city. The creation of the corridor will make the area’s biodiversity whole again by linking the mountain and upland ecology to the north with the coastal ecology to the south. This will greatly enhance the biodiversity of the area. The site, which is located between the Kucukcekmece Lake to the north and the Sea of Marmara to the south, had previously been dominated by unplanned development and transport infrastructure. A range of formal and informal activities are planned, including a dolphinarium, national cultural centre, world ecology biomes, a 1,000 berth marina, new canals, 2 hotels, residential and leisure areas as well as a wide range of new public spaces and beaches. hadid s project is The Kartal-Pendik masterplan is a winning competition proposal for a new city centre on the east bank of Istanbul. It is the redevelopment of an abandoned industrial site into a new sub-centre of Istanbul, complete with a central business district, high-end residential development, cultural facilities such as concert halls, museums, and theatres, and leisure programs including a marina and tourist hotels. The site lies at the confluence of several important infrastructural links, including the major highway connecting Istanbul to Europe and Asia, the coastal highway, sea bus terminals, and heavy and light rail links to the greater metropolitan area. The project begins by tying together the basic infrastructural and urban context of the surrounding site. Lateral lines stitch together the major road connections emerging from Kartal in the west and Pendik in the east. The integration of these lateral connections with the main longitudinal axis creates a soft grid that forms the underlying framework for the project. Locally, this net can be bundled to form areas of higher programmatic intensity as well as a vertical buildup of the city fabric. In certain areas the net rises up to form a network of towers in an open landscape, while in other areas it is inverted to become a denser fabric cut through by streets, and at other times may completely fade away to generate parks and open spaces. Some areas extend out into the water, creating a matrix of floating marinas, shops, and restaurants. The fabric is further articulated by an urban script that generates different typologies of buildings that respond to the different demands of each district. This calligraphic script creates open conditions that can transform from detached buildings to perimeter blocks, and ultimately into hybrid systems that can create a porous, interconnected network of open spaces that meanders throughout the city. Through subtle transformations and gradations from one part of the site to the other, the scripted fabric can create a smooth transition from the surrounding context to the new, higher density development on the site. The soft grid also incorporates possibilities of growth, as in the case where a network of high-rise towers might emerge from an area that was previously allocated to low-rise fabric buildings or faded into open park space. The masterplan is thus a dynamic system that generates an adaptable framework for urban form, balancing the need for a recognizable image and a new environment with a sensitive integration of the new city with the existing surrounds
  7. i like the stadium very much by the way.. but the wind s a problem.... also i prefer all the stadium white... milk white... even the athletics pist
  8. well its better to wait and see what the plans for 2020 then... they gonna rehablite the are of the olympic park will be... and start with from its north side. the transportation is some how better after the conection of the metro and the railway.
  9. well the infrastucture of the city is rapidly developing but i dont know the plans of the olympic village . well if i can find some source about the issues u talk about. may be we can make a before and after comparison. at least i can say the second airport becomes one of the biggest in the area with 5million passangers per year. also the rail and metro system reached to the village and with the connection of marmaray under the bosphorus all systems connect each other... but as i said i need a source about istanbul in 2000 and 2009
  10. and this one also.. the republic day celebrations in Istanbul http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWyQht4hnvw well dont forget that only the bosphorus bridge is 1.5 km long its not a so narrow strait
  11. thats what i mean if turkey and and Istanbul gets all the support from the region with a powerfull PR... definettly its one of the strongest candidate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay68dhhbKRE...feature=related well watch it may be some of u really dont know how is ıstanbul... its made by just pictures. and 4 seasons in ıstanbul can be seen:) wonderfull work
  12. though didnt madrid insist on saying the venues already built of % 70 from now ? and athens already did it too? am i right ?
  13. in any circumstances Turkey will be a member of EU even sarkozy and merkel against. without Turkey Eu only can be political power but not economical and as military. by the way if Istanbul gets the olympics it will be a good chance to see real Turkey for who is opposed. some still believe we use flying carpets and camels and use genies instead of mobile phonos and no we are not araps:D as a tip Istanbul is the most popules city in Europe and the financel center of Eureasia region with producing the whole countries GDP of % 40. with the guarantee that given by the parliament there is financial problem also. the citys budget is nearly 5 billion USD for today yet. dont need to mention about its unique location history and architectural past. continental swimming and marathon racing, beach volley near the shadow of Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque minarets ....etc. no other city can give this chance to world meaning unity and harmony and connection. though telecommunication infrastructure is one of the best in the world with transportation to other cities and with no time differences its also good for sponsors and media coverage. but the only thing make me very excited is the closing ceremony of rio if we have 2020. from china to england then to brazil. and turkey will get the flag.. thats means harmony and human civilization.... so different places so different countries but for the same passion under the same purpose...the main meaning of olympism..
  14. Turkish President Abdullah Gul said that Istanbul is getting ready to become a candidate for 2020 Olympic Games, the semi-official Anatolia news agency reported. Gul announced this decision at the 37th general assembly meeting of the European Olympic Committees (EOC) which has begun in the Turkish largest city of Istanbul on the centenary of the founding of Turkey's National Olympic Committee (TMOK). Gul said, "We will mobilize all our capabilities to host the Olympic Games. " "The games is one of the oldest and most important driving forces of friendly and peaceful relations among countries and their nations," he said. Its officially confirmed from the highest peak of the republic that Istanbul will be a candidate for 2020. whats your opinions about this candidature? and the city of Istanbul.? ?????
  15. well at last i can proudly say .... Thanks Beijing..... u do the best one ever done
  16. eastern culture is so different from western.... the ceremonies can be so emotional for a eastern while a western finds its funny.... like color white means death in china while we named is the purity innocence... i think Chinese did a great job but yes song parts kills me too ... by the way i dont like the London's show in closing ceremony...
  17. i see so few cities can reach the quality of this cultural opening and closing ceremonies of Beijing.... hopeless for London 2012 and ( most probably) Chicago 2016...
  18. i want to see some dragons ... its meaninglesss china without dragons... even i image the calderon will fired with a dragon... yes give us some dragons chine :S
  19. Turkey can get about 10-15 medals and 4 or 5 of them shall be gold ... (boxing weight lifting wrestling and athletics boxing taekwondo judo)
  20. moscow is more capable for an organisation such this...
  21. when u imagine s.t. about china 2 things firstly come to your mind. dragons and china wall.. and drgaon means all the good things happiness power noblety energy... if they will not use dragons ı dont know.. but ı will be really upset istanbul rio and india can show many different things as beijing will show on the o.c. ı nothing else about my comparemnt with these cities and lands with each other..
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