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  1. ahahaha we wont feel like outside of the country it seems belgium austria germany azerbaijan and kazakhstn homeland like:D lucky turks
  2. if spains economy collapse they are waiting another disaster from Italy too France and Turkey are closer to the final i guess
  3. sweden is just make the procedure and wait... they dont fight or work hard on their candidature like 2016 eufa cup... it seems from outside like " hey we can be candidates but if u dont choose us its your shame not ours" no passion ... munich works very hard for 2018 and certain if they loose they are the strongest city for 2022
  4. 2020 race ,for me, will be between Cape Town,Tokyo and Istanbul 2024 also depends on the winner of 2020 same cities including a USA one and an EU one.. but Istanbul and Cape town ( if they handle FİFA CUP without any problems) will get these... 2018 .... S.korea works very hard for their previous bids... they can get it 2022 MUNICH without hesitate...
  5. yeap i tought the same and download it to utube too:) well thank you for the video by the way:) guess its the best Istanbul Istanbul video ever... so Istanbul:)
  6. http://www.istanbul2010.org/IST-VIDEO/index.htm?video=GP_621005 i dont know it works or not but
  7. how can i publish a video here ???? can i???? i wanna share a video with u about istanbul...hmmmm
  8. more a tulip rather then a map.... look upside down ... the ball must be the bottom of the tulip we have italian logo?
  9. aha here is the euro 2016 Turkey logo not bad
  10. here is the turkish logo its designed from an old turkish art named Ebru, paper marbling, 8 different ribbons means 8 host cities, 8 reasons why Turkey wants the organisation. also the ribbons and the ball desinged together like Tulip wjhen u look upside the logo The national flower of the country.. and it represents the energy of the soccer game and the GOAL The national flower of the country. its not bad i enjoy it
  11. Turkish logo will be presented today
  12. ıf IOC gonna choose the cities chronological no need to bid for the games anymore:)
  13. Four bids came before the deadline at 9 March 2009, these were France, Italy, Turkey as single bids and Norway and Sweden as a joint bid. Norway and Sweden eventually withdrew their bid in December 2009 just we have France Italy and Turkey now.... what u think about it?
  14. i mean the games baron not the international organisations eheheheh will u come here? decided? and who already booked 2024?
  15. to be honest i like to see 2020 in ıstanbul but i prefer 2024 cause its 100th year of turkish republic whts more beautiful to celebrate it with the biggest organisation in the world
  16. well if the government still insist on the plan and do not give the candidature application to a proffesional arch. and environmental scientist to make it im not sure its gonna be a different from the past applications. but sure they learned their lessons from the past bids... at least the infrastructure of the city is rapidly improving. 3rd continental bridge , the railway and metro system with highway under bosphorus, 3rd and the biggest airport in turkey and the region , remaking the city with new city designers ( like zaha hadid project) cultural booming also.... but im not sure if they just add the some ancient and important places as venues to the plan it can be more attractive? beach volley in Sultanahmet , under the shadows of haiga sophia and the blue mosques minarets? triathlon crossing continents and marathon too. gymnasium or swimmng arena over the golden horn ????*
  17. well i really like this video.... u may see it in many tv channels also on billboards ( i saw in paris barcelona and rome ) a very bright advertisement very nice pics and clip... here is the link of the clip.... http://www.istanbul2010.org/IST-VIDEO/inde...video=gp_592909 and here are the pics. of i take from paris and rome:) if they make an advertisement company for 2020 too.... i m sure Istanbul gonna make a very big surprise..
  18. 2024 is more meaningfull then 2020. cause 2024 is Turkish Republics 101 th year but i will be so old i wanna see this organisation held here before i die:D
  19. the problem is because they find a ancient byzantium port and some ancient ruins at the main european side station.. they are waiting for the archeologist to finish their jobs. but the rails and tunnels already built and set their places. Like Romans, Athenians and other residents of the world's great historic cities, the residents of Istanbul can hardly put a shovel in the ground without digging up something important. So far, archaeologists have found what they think might be a church, an old gate to the city and eight sunken ships, which archaeologist Cemal Pulak says he believes were all wiped out by a giant storm more than 1,000 years ago.
  20. marmaray marmara is the name of the sea and ray means rail:D
  21. Marmaray is an undersea rail tunnel being constructed to link the European and Asian sections of Istanbul, running under the Bosphorus strait. When completed, it will be the world's deepest undersea immersed tube tunnel. The name Marmaray (Marmarail) comes from combining the name of the Sea of Marmara, which lies just south of the project site, The total cost of the project is expected to be approximately 2.5 billion dollars. will be over at 2012 and another tunnel for automobiles is planning to make under the sea again. costing 2 billion dollars
  22. i mean in that continent we dont have many country choices just australia well new zealnd may be :S
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