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  1. the Eu parliement is happy with that, make a media speech "democrcy settled stronger than ever in turkey before". some how for me aand the others, its the last castle for tayyip erdoan turn into another putin and it falls too. from now turkey can be more democrat but become like a presidential democracy rather than parliamentary one. on the other hand Military is a very strong unit always top of all others ( laws, government and parliement) before now it collapse and they force to do what they have to do. just be soldiers dont enter the politics. thats a good thing. even akp has an islamic root no one even they want to use islamic rules, if they try, it will start a civil war and they cannot succed. people love erdoğan here ( not me) cause people see him as a strong leader wcharismatic and his voice louder than previous ones, but we all respect Mustafa Kemal more, and can act fiercly if someone try to change the basics of Turkish republic which is " secular democratic social state governed by the rule of law" and this thing is not related with IOC or Istanbuls bid. about 2020 EUFA champ. the time schedules are one after one. after the olympic decision at 2013, the UEFA candidature begins and decide at 2014. so if Istanbul wont get the games, the authorities can apply for 2020 UEFA ( which is absolutly will take place İn turkey if we apply) also there is another race for 2020 people waiting for its decision, Expo 2020, and Izmir is candidate.
  2. same as ı told to robh... if u need help dont hesitate to ask
  3. aha give me a call if u need help... also u can add me from facebook or else. none problema. it will be a pleasure to help u. also a turkish coffee if we can have a time to meet... i offer
  4. i think they wait for presidents and prime ministers Istanbul visit. not sure.. the newspapers said " within these days" always.. not certain but absolutly Istanbul is candidate ( as our ministers said)
  5. just remember the olympic stadiums rebuilt version for uefa 2016 champs.. its capacity reach 90.000 and become totally closed roof with its new style... not bad.. can be made st like this for 2020 candidature.... before after pics here...
  6. could u please help me .. where can i download 2004/2008 opening and closing ceremonies? pms are welcome;)

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    2. Scotguy


      You can buy them on EBAY if you look hard enough

    3. emre


      looking for a torrent. i found them on utube but not so good, and i dont trust ebay after my last order :/

    4. intoronto


      I am looking for the entire 2006 WInter Olympics one, with the Parade of Nations any ideas?

  7. im getting fucking older :/ and better :) lol.. happy birthday to me :) ( also that much egocentric :P)

    1. intoronto


      Sorry! Happy belated hope you had a great day!

    2. emre


      thnx :D not bad... even with amy winehouse news:S

  8. the letter is about the support of the government to 2020 Istanbul candidature as i understand.
  9. if Erdoğan will personally interest and work for 2020 im sure Istanbul see the final this time and wont suprise we get 2020 too
  10. mourning for 13 soldiers killed by terrorists today.. stand strong my country..

  11. damn im getting older :/

  12. Doha cant see the final 5...all sport media is against them after 2022 curious victory madrid rome ... well germany will finance these games , and so they serve berlin which is a stronger bid rather them. madrid can be at the final again but 2020 is not for them to get
  13. ah, i was expecting this one wont turn it to a politics speech but one sentence . if they give it to china so anyone can get it and http://www.insidethegames.biz/olympics/summer-olympics/2020/11576-greece-prime-minister-promises-support-for-istanbul- and another news for u... the two countries expecting a vot,ng and then a unification in cyprus next year. cause if not, the island will be divided into 2 countries ( not i said but UN)
  14. izmir is turkeys one of the rivieras . sea sports diving and yachting is common. also one of the best place on earth for windsurf is alaçatı football..is everywhre in turkey. hmm well we have an advantage of the sea. it can be hot but always windy from black sea or marmara sea so not as burning as madrid and rome
  15. all depends on the government and if recep tayyip erdoğan wants the games here or not...
  16. well its just a rumour. but it will be more than great with a plan next to old Byzantium walls with a view of minarets of ottoman mosques and back wards golden horn .... 3000 years old history around whole olympic village god it should be great if we get it :/ (+ with a plan like this)
  17. nothing..:S just i know the new government will make new law about olympic candidature and make the municiplty responsible for all about the candidature. but there is an investment boom here in istanbul these days. a channel between blacksea and marmara as a second bosphorus is planning, 3rd bridge on bosphorus, 3rd airport near Silivri area with 60m. capacity planning, with marmaray the 2 continents will be connected and all metro system will too. new seaports, rehabilitation of the city with zaha hadid and a korean arch. projects... about 70/ 100b usd total cost :/ and + the ministry of sports once told a possible new olympic park inside the city with a new stadium and facilities within as an option. that means st huge cause there is no area that much big and empty inside the city so they will take out all industrial buildings out of the city, open a land for the village and build a new one. ( which we all istanbullers support this plan with thousands of claps ) thats what we know just now. as i said many times, if u ever come to istanbul u dont wanna go back again
  18. well the sentence is somehow a bit ignorant but i dont think IOC has a criteria ; USA friendly country to be choosen . whatever you wanna hear the truth? ok. we dont like USA. even a very large of the folk hates USA. not your folk or citizens, but your government. started with taking our soldiers in IRAq as a hostage and tie them ( the biggest humiliation ever my country faced till now) turks never forget this, we dont trust u anymore ... etc... with Bush all our" best friend ever" motto broken and so hard to build it again. but for usa citizens we have nothing against them, with open arms and legendary turkish hospitality u can be our guests. well we are a very proud nation but when it comes to our guests and visitors we can die for them to make them happy and feel comfortable... a bit maniac we are and when it comes to security, we are may be more experienced than any other country in west, and had many champ.ships, conferences and int. activities held but nothing happened. inşallah there wont be such thing in the future too.
  19. it will be a head to head race between ıstanbul and rome
  20. a gnochhi recipe disaster im facing :/ ıyk:/

  21. a dance with dragons...

  22. how can we wait for a year to watch the dragons of game of thrones?? :/

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