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  1. at last .. diablo 3 opening scene and release date :D

  2. security ok, government stabilty nope..governments come and go, but the laws and rules of the parliaments are permanent. and 2020 biggind is a national thing. everybody in Turkey backs this. about security its the main question for all candidates to be asked.
  3. they can choose anyone to host 2020 but if really they want to come here but have some needless questions like u have in your mind only they can do trust us. (altough the NOC will make a bidbook to clear every cloud u have ) and i dont think so IOC members questioning istanbul and turkey about coups. while everyone see the country as a rising star in the region and in all muslim world. non of the candidates announced their bids with their president with an int. speech to media and non of the these candidates has a full guarantee from their parliaments with full backup from all parties. just tokyo is much more stabil in many terms rather than others but istanbul is presenting st unique. if we can make them believe us 2020 games will be here
  4. the hardest thing is to change someones mind, whom stuck into it and reject to change. What ever i say or my people do to convince about this political issues, people will back with another rejection. the best way to convince u all to host the games and show who really we are. like Korea did 1988,China did 2008 and Brazil will do 2016...
  5. neah.. as i said before, i got your point but seeing a country far from her and have some opinions is not the same as u r living inside. there is not a direct coup to the governments of turkey for 30 years. just once military advice the government to step back and change the radical islamic background and behaves 20 years ago for the sake of democracy and secularism. the coups or the militarys too much intend into politics here for protecting the democracy and secularism in last decades. what is good for turks and turkey ( also western countries ) can seen st else from there. for 2020, AKP most probably will win the next parliement election at 2016 and secure its place till 2020. but dont think so it will be above % 50s. probably between 40/48 area. recep tayyip erdogan will be the president after that as he had his speeches. lol we are thankfull for his desicion cause half of its party has just for his leadership after he resign a more balanced parliament will be. that means no coups no scary islamic turkey nigthmares but much more voices and many ideas in the parliement. ah as another point of view by 2020 the EU and Turkey negotiations will be end as predicted. what u see as a gamble, i see a more modern and democratic turkey giving chances for all her citizens to live in peace. if EU and USA see turkey and turkish democracy is threatened by military, it s so silly to show other islamic countries as a model where mostly army and generals rule...
  6. i understand your point. its the same problem turkey and turks always faced. the foreigners that not been to turkey or live here before doenst know the real situation about here. i really dont like the government we have, never vote for them. but for 10 years we have a stabil politics and government here and seems doesnt change for near future too. they always rising their votes in every elections, starting from % 28 to now % 50, and one of the best things they did in this period they cut every military arm in the politics and make turkey more democratic about this point and changed the laws back the military from judging for their coups before with a referandum asked for us and voted yes about % 60. My link My link having a stabil government doesnt just mean about coups or riots but also the crises the country facing, no one can quarantee italy and spain will not face a public riot like in greece due to economical crises and if they can afford or not, no one can quarantee qatar wont be the next bahrain syria or egypt. can u??
  7. lol.. dude what military???? all generals in the army are in jail accusing for planning coupdetat, if there will be a war in next to our borders we dont have any general to control and lead the whole army ... there is nothing about military involving the politics anymore... somehow good some how bad... bt its the realty about the venue transport plan.. the prime ministers announcment about 2020 bidding had a key inside for these questions and problems. "for 4 times we used the same logo same plan same venues and same theme, if we cant get for 4 times there must be a problem in that parts. now we gonna change it and make a new bidding proccess. 28b USD will spend for olympics not including projected infrastuctural investments in the city and around the olympic village." thats st very important... if IOC was that much into politics and how a host country ruled, they wont choose China firstly at least Turkey is a secular and democratic republic, deriving its sovereignty from the people.
  8. Istanbul, Capital of Culture was then the capital of the sport in the now! EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF SPORTS ISTANBUL 2012 ...

  9. Istanbul 2012 European Capital of Sport selected, the banner of the European Parliament in a ceremony in 2011 took over the capital city of Valencia. Speaking at the ceremony Topbas, Istanbul, European Capital of Sport in 2012, the projects would be a serious preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games said it was done by expressing the actual targets.. Istanbul, Capital of Culture was then the capital of the sport in the now!
  10. İzmir 2020,Istanbul 2020, Uefa 2020.. hat trick for Turkey :)

  11. the presentation of Izmir 2020 Expo in Paris enjoy
  12. and also a new arena in asian side will be open next month.. Ülker Sports Arena, is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in the Ataşehir district of Istanbul and planning to open in October 2011. It is owned and will be operated by Fenerbahçe S.K. The arena with an audience capacity of 15,000-seats, hosts beside national and international sports events such as basketball, volleyball, wrestling and weightlifting, concerts and congresses even has two olympic pools for Fenerbahçe SK swimming branch, five star otel, shopping centers, fast-food cafeterias, restaurants and cinemas. The arena covers an area of approximately 55,000 m2 (550,000 sq ft) and is one of major arenas of the city. The Fenerbahçe SK's basketball teams (Fenerbahçe Ülker and Fenerbahçe Women's Basketball), volleyball teams (Fenerbahçe Men's Volleyball and Fenerbahçe Women's Volleyball) will play their league matches and Fenerbahçe SK's ameteur branches such as Fenerbahçe Table Tennis, Fenerbahçe Boxing, Fenerbahçe Athletics, Fenerbahçe Swimming also will use the venue. here are the pics.
  13. the rumuors about the bidding inc. new logo new plan new village.. öst prob. another tulip shaped logo can be presented lol:D another article about 2020 bidding cities Posted by Nicolas Serres on November 29, 2011...not a turk My link headlines... STRONG AS THE TURKS! Turkey’s star is rising fast in the race for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. The country isn’t just benefiting from the current economic crisis, but also embodies the future. The signals could not be clearer. At the end of November 2011 the international editions of Time magazine made Recep Tayyip Erdogan their lead story. A full page picture of the Turkish prime minister, arms crossed and direct of gaze, accompanied the title: “Erdogan’s way”. The American newsmagazine paints a new picture: Turkey no longer inspires anxiety and scepticism. It might even inspire envy, for its modernism, economic success and appetite for democracy. Its star is certainly rising within the Olympic movement, to the point where Istanbul is now in pole position among the cities bidding for the 2020 summer games..... It may be a step too far to guess what condition the Turkish economy will be in by 2020, but choosing Istanbul to host the Summer Olympics certainly does not look like the riskiest option for an IOC that has little enthusiasm for long term gambles. Even better: by choosing the Turkish mega-city, with its current population of 13 million, the Olympic body will satisfy its urge to lay down Historic markers. Built on both banks of the Bosphorus, the former city of Constantinople presents itself as a bridge between Europe and Asia. The idea of seeing it transformed into an Olympic city is currently a considerably more exciting prospect than seeing Rome or Madrid add the five Olympic rings to their names...etc
  14. lovely, without any reason i break my right foot.. or st else...:/ :(

  15. its not st realistic for many of u. but i find an interesting article about istanbul and its horoscope.. My link a short brief... Istanbul: Queen of the Cities; "Muneccims (Astrologers) and prophets who made important predicitions on Istanbul, all said that Istanbul would become more important and famous city in the future. Based on the horoscope of Istanbul, looking more closely at astrological indicators show that this predicition would come true in the nearest future: Key period starts in 2013!" "According to the Solar Return chart of Istanbul, between the dates of May 2012- May 2013, Sun-Jupiter conjuction is located very close to MC indicates that Istanbul would get more popularity and importance and would be on the agenda of the world more than before. Period of accomplishment, prestige and popularity will last a long time. In the second half of the 2013, transiting Jupiter will be passing through the Venus/Jupiter conjuction in Cancer which is the luckiest location of the horoscope of Istanbul. This is called Jupiter Return in astrology. From this period of time, Istanbul will be about to embark on a rising period and will be at the peak at the end of the summer in 2013. In mundane astrology, Istanbul is one of the cities that is being ruled by sign of Cancer. Eclipses that took place in Cancer in 2009, 2010, 2011 have affected the popularity of Istanbul in a positive way and increased the importance of Istanbul and speeded up this process. In the second half of the year of 2013, transiting Jupiter will be moving into Cancer and will give momentum to this process. By this transit, Istanbul will be on the agenda of both Turkey and the world. I think that, in the near future, Istanbul will become a very important center in global interactions in terms of political, strategical, economical social, cultural and especially spiritual." yay.. excellent timing for İstanbul and the 2020 olympic decision
  16. Antalya will be the host of A1 Horticultural Exposition 2016 recognised by the International Association of Horticultural Producers after Expo 2012..
  17. The first presentation on the of Izmir for the EXPO 2020 took place in French capital of Paris today. if i can find any videos i will post here later
  18. The President of Turkey, Abdullah Gul, arrives in London today as he prepares for a three-day state visit to Britain. The Turkish head of state has a hectic schedule of ceremonial events, public engagements and political talks over the coming days as Britain forges closer links with the country. Highlights of the state visit will see the President and his wife visit the London 2012 Olympic Park in Stratford, east London on Wednesday with Foreign Secretary William Hague and Lord Coe, London 2012 chairman... could be th start of Istanbul 2020 int. lobby ...
  19. BSN N.O.-XPLODE&SYNTHA 6.. anyone used before or any suggestions for gym supplements?

  20. istanbul 2020 izmir 2020 turkey 2020 .. hattrick ah.. the main reason why u support istanbul is this? ahaha st like this could be hotter than rio 2016 opening
  21. 1881-193∞.... 10th of November the day Turkey Remembers Mustafa Kemal Atatürk..

  22. ok.. i want that job... ye i want it... doing secret or what the hell people name it.. i want to work in BP :/ :( anybody has a common in BP turkey ? :D

  23. 88th Anniversary of Turkish Republic Day... NE MUTLU TÜRKÜM DİYENE....

  24. Arigatou gozaimasu :)) Japanese people leave unnamed money envelopes in Turkish embassy's mail box for earthquake victims in Turkey.. cant describe how turks feel after this kind gentle and nobel act...

    1. baron-pierreIV


      Israel just sent you some supplies, too.

    2. emre


      supplies and aid is st else and also appreciate everycountry aid us ... this is unussual.. check it from here what i mean. http://www.sundayszaman.com/sunday/newsDetail_getNewsById.action?newsId=261027

  25. 26 mothers died today.. 26 soldiers killed by terrorists today ...:( stay strong Turkiye

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