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  1. WOW... already details of 2020 Istanbul opening ceremony details from NOC. first and only in olympic history ever...

  2. WOW factor of Istanbul 2020 bidding is the opening ceremony... flash news from NOC

  3. Let the Race begins...

    1. DannyelBrazil


      IMO, Istanbul is the REAL front runner now!

    2. emre


      wondering the " new project" part in the dossier.? what can be new???

  4. Its not right but its ok whitney... RIP

  5. will play a lottery give me 6 numbers 1 to 49 guys :)

  6. snowing for 4 weeks. why not a winter games here in istanbul :/

  7. ok. i admit it, implantation is the only way to have a bubble butt :/ hate squads....

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    2. emre


      lol.. i made it wrong for a whole year. and my knee is not handle it anymore :/ there must be an easy way to stay muscled :)

    3. Scotguy


      Pm me if u want some good tips man. Ur bod looks gd btw

    4. emre


      lol. mu upper is anoter one lower is anothr. looks like a lego. :) flat lcd im carrying on my back, but have a huge chest on top :) any tips u may give its welcome :)

  8. just they were an example, but in developing countries the cities leading the country. not like germany or sweden like all country has the same powerty. about the government , they will hang on expo and olympics as much as they can do. cause the following year there is general voting in turkey, and recep tayyip erdoğan wont be in the parliament anymore ( his 3rd tme) and people voting for him. they need to achieve st huge to get votes
  9. so amazons of brazil, west china, or siberia in russia? whats the point there. Istanbul is producing quarter of the gdp of Turkey, half of imports on the other hand
  10. tts why , m saying this. u just have oil money, we ave a huge population and developed industry to suppport these events. bric is a special group, before turkey and sa there s indonesia and mexico fittting more
  11. lol if Qatar trying to do that , turkey can do it non the less
  12. snow lessons: always wear underwear incase of falling and your pants torn apart :/ fck..

  13. seems like... istanbul 2020+ expo 2020 then euro 2024 ... the problem turkey can handle 3 of dem at the same time, but it will be a burden for the citizens of Istanbul for all summer time...
  14. lol... we r not greedy, just our government and the years are important it will be the 100 th year of turkish republic and thats why people hanging on all events at the same time but I'm sure expo 2020 izmir + istanbul 2020 or euro 2020 ( depends on if IOC honor us or not) will be enough ... than 2024 euro or olympics we have in schedule ... and thn world cup Ministry of sports is just focus on olympics for now , nothng certain for euro yet...
  15. they r sure Istanbul will in the finals, but dnt know why thy r ding st like that
  16. Traffic is slowly dying, While I sit here I keep crying Cause it just won't end, I know. I hate snow, I hate snow, I hate snow

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    2. emre


      we r nt a snowing country, and with every flake falls i hate it much mre.:/ its look like siberia outside now :(

    3. Soaring


      Nearly one year ago today, it snowed 2 feet here, but today it is supposed to be 60 degrees F!

    4. emre


      metre and celscius please :) well 20 cm snow on the floor now and -5 degrees :/ i hate snow.. and bosses makes us stay still..:)

  17. turkish officials a bit cunning this time, waiting for everybody show their cards and then they release information about Istanbul. also PM and sports minister thinking about an Olympic Ministery about bidding procedure which shows how it is important for the government and the nation... ( i also read it from an article)
  18. as i read from conversation , Istanbul will announce its logo after IOC confirmed the city officially candidate...
  19. Turkish ministry of Olympics ... That will boom the Istanbuls bidding..

  20. hmmm good news from Ankara, rumuors about a special ministery for just OLYMPICS.. and the name of the minister could be mevlut cavusoglu, is the current president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe...if it will happens, thats how turkey and turkish government see the olympics as not a regional but a as a national issue and taking serious... http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/yazarlar/19790506.asp
  21. İts officialy the main arena of fenerbahce ulker basketball team and playing finals at turkish airlines euro basket league
  22. another sports arena opened yesterday in Istanbul after Ataköy Athletics Arena The arena with an audience capacity of 13,800-seats, hosts beside national and international sports events such as basketball, volleyball, wrestling and weightlifting, concerts and congresses even has two olympic pools for Fenerbahçe SK swimming branch, five star otel, shopping centers, fast-food cafeterias, restaurants and cinemas.The arena covers an area of approximately 55,000 m2 (590,000 sq ft) and is one of major arenas of the city.
  23. damn.. working for a chocolate comp. but having a definition programme at the gym.. god is testing me :/

  24. and its done... i will add pics as i found. just those 2 for now from inside.
  25. http://www.sondakika.com/haber-atakoy-atletizm-salonu-nun-insaatinda-son-3262235/ as i told u ... the athletics field is set for now. i found a video about the ataköy athletics aena build for 2012 world indor champ recorded at the beginning of january. must be over these days and next week turkish indoor athletics champ will be hold.
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