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  1. wow here s turkeys documents for bidding..... if they will close the ataturk olympic stadium like this... thats gonaa rock:D beautiful stadiums ... i really like their design... here is the link http://www.turkishbidforeuro2016.com/publishDocument.php?id=532
  2. sorry guys may be u react me sooo fiercely but..... i really dont like british countries opening ceremonies ( salt lake vancouver atlanta ..) ... except australia.... :S even london 2012 is hopeless for me after Beijing .... but rio could be awesome:) ah by the way why no one can think about this.... if they can use some chemicals even can the fires colour change into green purple and white ???? ahahahah the cauldron looks like kebab house oven hahahahahahahah
  3. am i the only one doesnt like the opening ceremony????? :S
  4. ahhhh the woman sings olympic theme...:S all canada can live inside of her hair.... another dimension another world it is... how afro it is:S
  5. just love the cute volunteers in the opening.. nothing more....
  6. my favorite winter olympics opening is still Lillhammer ..
  7. of course they wont led it collapse but... iceland ireland greece and after these spain and prtugal.... and the same bells ringing for italy.. and it can be very hard to host such a big org. in a collapsed economy
  8. ahahaha we wont feel like outside of the country it seems belgium austria germany azerbaijan and kazakhstn homeland like:D lucky turks
  9. if spains economy collapse they are waiting another disaster from Italy too France and Turkey are closer to the final i guess
  10. sweden is just make the procedure and wait... they dont fight or work hard on their candidature like 2016 eufa cup... it seems from outside like " hey we can be candidates but if u dont choose us its your shame not ours" no passion ... munich works very hard for 2018 and certain if they loose they are the strongest city for 2022
  11. 2020 race ,for me, will be between Cape Town,Tokyo and Istanbul 2024 also depends on the winner of 2020 same cities including a USA one and an EU one.. but Istanbul and Cape town ( if they handle FİFA CUP without any problems) will get these... 2018 .... S.korea works very hard for their previous bids... they can get it 2022 MUNICH without hesitate...
  12. more a tulip rather then a map.... look upside down ... the ball must be the bottom of the tulip we have italian logo?
  13. here is the turkish logo its designed from an old turkish art named Ebru, paper marbling, 8 different ribbons means 8 host cities, 8 reasons why Turkey wants the organisation. also the ribbons and the ball desinged together like Tulip wjhen u look upside the logo The national flower of the country.. and it represents the energy of the soccer game and the GOAL The national flower of the country. its not bad i enjoy it
  14. Turkish logo will be presented today
  15. Four bids came before the deadline at 9 March 2009, these were France, Italy, Turkey as single bids and Norway and Sweden as a joint bid. Norway and Sweden eventually withdrew their bid in December 2009 just we have France Italy and Turkey now.... what u think about it?
  16. i mean in that continent we dont have many country choices just australia well new zealnd may be :S
  17. if i had a chance to pick 1 city from every continent my list can be Europe Istanbul Asia Mumbai Africa Cairo Oceania - australia lack of cities so Sydney again N.America NYC S.America Buenos Aires
  18. well at last i can proudly say .... Thanks Beijing..... u do the best one ever done
  19. eastern culture is so different from western.... the ceremonies can be so emotional for a eastern while a western finds its funny.... like color white means death in china while we named is the purity innocence... i think Chinese did a great job but yes song parts kills me too ... by the way i dont like the London's show in closing ceremony...
  20. i see so few cities can reach the quality of this cultural opening and closing ceremonies of Beijing.... hopeless for London 2012 and ( most probably) Chicago 2016...
  21. i want to see some dragons ... its meaninglesss china without dragons... even i image the calderon will fired with a dragon... yes give us some dragons chine :S
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