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  1. And? If i'm right, no one from that 2012 bid is currently on charge of the 2024 bid and from recent actions, the french have lernt the mistake and showed a different behaviour. It's ridiculous and even stupid to hate a city just for a past action. As if people couldn't change at time...

    well... as i experienced from my country ( consider we have tayyip for nearly 15 years at different positions) nothing changes even people changed, may be its our curse as a turk i dont know :D

    just like i said years ago, this centennial **** is st really b.****. If Paris wont do the same mistakes at 2012 and like athens did at 2004 race then welldone.. tough many of u knows im in love with Paris..... :)

  2. The European swimming and athletics federations have already decided to synch their continental champs from 2018 onwards, so the EOC was probably ignored in that decision. I doubt the EOC even has much power or leverage there...


    love europeans "not to synch anything" behavior :D if it goes like this euro games wont be above then continental youth champ.

  3. brothers doing a great job... but unf. they raised the future games expectations like beijing and sochi. non shall be so volunteered to host future games it seems :D

    despite lack of professional athletics swimming and basketball+football stil a good competition before rio. İf EOC decide to inc. all euro champs ( at least swimming athletics wrestling and volleyball) into this games it will be st like olympics even better than asian games..

    the main problem....WHO WILL GET THE FLAG for 2019???? :D

  4. dont compare madrid and istanbul

    istanbul is HUGE 15 m. people and need those investments for us not for the games, and they are a must.

    what i mean without any traffic investments left and no concerns about it Istanbul can solve one of its handicaps

    may be we take the issue from different views. im as a marketing executive, see what can Istanbul sells but in an optional ground and bosphorus is the golden package of the city bid:) if the product inside of the pack is worth to buy this golden pack. why not. we need to perfect the product first.

    just we need a good team ( 2020 team did a good job) a compact bid plan and a charismatic leader and time till 2016

    ankara? common :/ its putting manchester instead of london.

    still not sure what will happen till 2016


  5. time will show... if the 3 rd bridge, 3rd airport, marmaray ( will open this year) and other expensive investments finish at time or in progress the budget of 2020 will drop to 5/7bUSD at 24.

    without any problems about logistics and finished urban development Istanbul can get 24. if it gets 36 votes with all disadvantages at 20 race why not in 24 then?

    and at 2015 there will be elections, with gezi parkı and syria problems the parliement can be more balanced like % 40 akp % 28 chp and %15 mhp with % 5 kurdish party, erdoğans "1 man show" cant be continue...

    uefa 2020 finals will stage here most probably and no chance to take it at 24 again. better focus on olympics or pass it ( which i dont give a chance the government will pass)

    + with all disadv. , located far from village ..etc the ceremony stadium at bosphorus will be the best ever in olympic history, just we saw a glipse of moments at 20 videos and seems WOW...bet no one has an argue about it:)

  6. I imagine that having so many 'guiris' around here, help to pickpockerting. Japan and Turkey can't even dream with having 56 million+ tourists per year, it's one of its consequencies.

    In Tokio 'they would give you your wallet back if you forget it', but that wallet would probably be empty after having stayed in an hotel there.

    Here you have another list, the most expensive cities in the world.

    1.Luanda; 2.Moscow; 3.Tokio; 4.Yamena; 5.Singapour


    1.Luanda; 2.Moscow; 3.Tokio; 4.Yamena; 5.Singapour


    excuse me.... turkey has 35m tourists in a year and Istanbul has 11m. double madrid....

  7. There is some people that are only missing a sign with the words "I'm robbable, please do steal"; I mean, I see everyday people in Brussels (which is not one of the safest cities in Europe to put it this way) walking around the streets taking less care for their belongings than they would usually do in their hometown; people that go in a cafeteria, leave their expensive camera sitting alone in the table while going to the bathroom, etc, and things like that. The attacks of this trolls against Istanbul should not be taken as the majority of Spanish people playing very hard and dirty on Istanbul...

    i dont like spanish trolls..:)

    also tapas too....:)

  8. I spent my holidays in Istanbul one year ago. Dirty city and thiefs everywhere. Taxis and waiters try to thief me five times in a week. I don't want that the Olympic family feel the same that me.

    5 times a week... dude u have a prob. withyourself... :)

    thts why i dont want madrid to win. spanish getting dirty....:/

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