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  1. And? If i'm right, no one from that 2012 bid is currently on charge of the 2024 bid and from recent actions, the french have lernt the mistake and showed a different behaviour. It's ridiculous and even stupid to hate a city just for a past action. As if people couldn't change at time...

    well... as i experienced from my country ( consider we have tayyip for nearly 15 years at different positions) nothing changes even people changed, may be its our curse as a turk i dont know :D

    just like i said years ago, this centennial **** is st really b.****. If Paris wont do the same mistakes at 2012 and like athens did at 2004 race then welldone.. tough many of u knows im in love with Paris..... :)

  2. The European swimming and athletics federations have already decided to synch their continental champs from 2018 onwards, so the EOC was probably ignored in that decision. I doubt the EOC even has much power or leverage there...


    love europeans "not to synch anything" behavior :D if it goes like this euro games wont be above then continental youth champ.

  3. brothers doing a great job... but unf. they raised the future games expectations like beijing and sochi. non shall be so volunteered to host future games it seems :D

    despite lack of professional athletics swimming and basketball+football stil a good competition before rio. İf EOC decide to inc. all euro champs ( at least swimming athletics wrestling and volleyball) into this games it will be st like olympics even better than asian games..

    the main problem....WHO WILL GET THE FLAG for 2019???? :D

  4. P, the IOC is very much an "image"-conscious int'l organization. They have 54 constituents on the African continent (that's 1/4th of their total membership) chomping at the bit. That large a percentage of your org cannot be denied for long. RSA has shown it can host these huge mega-events. 2010 was a successful outing for a country that had never done one on that scale. It proved they can tackle it; and they've also prudently waited 14 years before partying again. Those are fairly strong enough reasons.

    delete 15 of these votes coming from north and kenya

    common dude fifa cup is st u can already make in your garden just 20 teams and back of dem. dont u do that baron.. qatar will host fifa and the size of a country double of cyprus island and a population less then a million ... fifa champ is not a proof of good hosting of olympics. panam asian games even universiade is ok but fifa cup meeh :)

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