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  1. any links or torrents for sochi ceremonies? msg me pls.

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    2. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      You have two options here for the CC, the russian one has better quality and announcers are quite silent... http://thepiratebay.se/search/sochi 2014 closing/0/99/0

    3. Palette86


      I'm looking for it's DVD.Someone knows when it will be released?

    4. emre


      tnx for torrents. icant be sure before downloading.. :)

  2. Россия –Славься, Отечество свободное

    1. emre


      be glorious motherland russia

  3. I'm fire, i'm death...Smaug time ....

  4. ıhhhhh... need to buy underwears for newyear eve .... :/

    1. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      haha! didn't knew Turkey too had this superstition. Do you guys also jump 7 little waves by the ocean?

    2. emre


      lol we dont have ocean here :) but we throw a pommogrante to floor and break it. :)

  5. Turkey wakes up to celebrate its Republic Day ... Ne mutlu Türküm diyene

  6. Istanbul is back to normal... #occupyturkey.... keep riots alive till this police government crumbles..

  7. Miyazaki for 2020 Tokyo ceremonies...

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    2. gotosy
    3. Ikarus360


      Sadly Miyazaki announced his retirement some days ago, but Studio Ghibli could still do it anyway.

    4. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      He didn't say he's not working any more, just no full-time studio work. I think there could be a chance the Govt could lure him in to be involved with a national project like the games.

  8. cong. Tokyo, it would be nice to have flag handover to Istanbul from there

  9. crossfingers for Istanbul....

  10. we want the games not to recover our economy or rise our nations emotions but for our 35m. young population and our future..

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    2. emre


      damn i must be in the bidding team :)

    3. thatsnotmypuppy


      What about the 40% of the Japanese population that is under 30 - 51 million of them...

    4. emre


      as wiki is not wrong % 14 is under 15 were turkey has % 27

  11. irresISTANBUL 2020

  12. expecting st WOW from Istanbul team within these days to turn the tables...

    1. yoshi


      Expecting st WOW from Tokyo to settle it once and for all

    2. deawebo


      Yaaa, I hope Istanbul gains the momentum on these days.

  13. scotland, iceland, russia, egypt or india... cant decide for a holiday

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    2. emre


      lol cheapest one:D

    3. DannyelBrazil


      Argentina, why not?

    4. emre


      hmmm... beef,hot guys & iguazu... let me check it too:D

  14. have a talent to sun burn idiotically.. looking like a zebra...lovely..

  15. not a thailand but mykonos and santorini is not bad too.. yay holiday...somehow

  16. yes. tnx to my beloved company i cancel my thai cambodia trip... no holiday for me this year lovely..

    1. deawebo


      Sorry dude... I wont have holidays either.

    2. emre


      lol. come with me to indochina ? :)

  17. welcome to XVII Mediterranean Games Mersin Turkey Mr. Rogge..

  18. its serious in here, and we needforeign media to show the violence of police in Turkey...

  19. #occupyturkey

  20. This is just the beginning of the resistance to facsist islamism. .Istanbul -Taksim is the new Cairo- Tahrir.. there is a new uprising in Euroasia... follow twitter #direngeziparki ...

    1. Rob.


      Stay safe Emre.

    2. emre


      its a shame that im still working this day:( all my friends are in taksim. tnx by the way;)

  21. i need a loooooong loooong holiday...

  22. sinusit....:( dying:(

  23. city combining the arenas, good job İstanbul 2020 team. new renders released

  24. snowy munich :/ best season to go lol

  25. wow. what a surprise for Efes basketball team :)

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