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  1. been a while guys:) how u all doing ++ why im so bored with this opening:( its just a huge comp. of all previous openings but in korean :S.. sad
  2. deeply desire a miyazaki touch at tokyo ceremonies ...
  3. its kinda family heirloom... was my fathers he gave it to me but prefer my grandpas pocket watch.. cant use it cause its golden :S
  4. consider Bach as a clear +10 votes too:D Hamburg may can ruin Paris and Romes dreams come true...
  5. just thinking... Paris / Rome / Germany ( Berlin or Hamburg) all Eu , all got strong relations n world and IOC...all european... will they shoot their feets and Boston can make a suprise... This race will be a bloody eu diplomacy war ...
  6. well... as i experienced from my country ( consider we have tayyip for nearly 15 years at different positions) nothing changes even people changed, may be its our curse as a turk i dont know just like i said years ago, this centennial **** is st really b.****. If Paris wont do the same mistakes at 2012 and like athens did at 2004 race then welldone.. tough many of u knows im in love with Paris.....
  7. aand let the lynch begins.... dont like french arrgonace at 2012 race like recep tayyips at 2020 race for istanbul... both same for me
  8. love europeans "not to synch anything" behavior if it goes like this euro games wont be above then continental youth champ.
  9. not a racist but never loved or liked qatar and dubai and other arabian peninsula countries... so vulgar and parvenu... lack of everything but money... and think money can buy anything..and it worked till now
  10. brothers doing a great job... but unf. they raised the future games expectations like beijing and sochi. non shall be so volunteered to host future games it seems despite lack of professional athletics swimming and basketball+football stil a good competition before rio. İf EOC decide to inc. all euro champs ( at least swimming athletics wrestling and volleyball) into this games it will be st like olympics even better than asian games.. the main problem....WHO WILL GET THE FLAG for 2019????
  11. swiss was cute really cute one but, rome, vienna or stockholm 2015 i guess
  12. any links or torrents for sochi ceremonies? msg me pls.

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    2. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      You have two options here for the CC, the russian one has better quality and announcers are quite silent... http://thepiratebay.se/search/sochi 2014 closing/0/99/0

    3. Palette86


      I'm looking for it's DVD.Someone knows when it will be released?

    4. emre


      tnx for torrents. icant be sure before downloading.. :)

  13. mimosa flowers and Tchaikovsky .... let me die now... pls i wanna go with this hypnotized happy face to the other side....
  14. misha cries bear cries i cry tnx mother russia.... dasvidaniya sochi.... best ceremonies ever witness...
  15. anyone tried to jump and turnaround 3 times like these guys at home ? experience... dont try
  16. i see a new oksana / yevgeny couple heading to pc 18 .... the only couple i watched hypnotised at 2014 was these russians
  17. well ... for me the black swan is much more higher then usa and canada. but lower points from yesterday and a small bad luck while twisting leads only to bronze...so we have usa got the gold and canada silver...
  18. def. missing oksana grishuk and evgeny platov / gwendal peizerat marina anissina ice dance performs.... :/
  19. and a new star born at men figure skatings... arigatou Yuzuru Hanyu....
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