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  1. Please, don't be. You will cheer up the show as usual. We need you. Actually I cannot stop humming "flyyying the fag" all the time, so it's catchy. Sorry, the FLAG. Yoy might win on that line.
  2. I still don't think the fact a song sucks is enough reason to boo. No matter if they go out and make a fart show, the audience can survive anything for 3 minutes. Standard applause and then bye-bye. Booing is immature, something drunk football supporters do. The lyrics were supposed to be ironical, I guess it was a wink at "We Are the Champions". Oh, Sweden sings about social phobia and Finland shouts "Leave me alone, I wanna go home, I feel like dying!" Maybe that will do better?
  3. Switzerland? No, sorry, I have listened to it again and I just don't get it. I found nothing new and refreshing with it. Well, I personally keep on believing in France. On the other hand, I guess the block voting will be so strong this time that the "right song" will hardly win. It is a development I don't like. Maybe it will improve. One thing I thought was really sad and disgracing last year, in Athens, was the behaviour of the audience. I have never seen anything like this, how Lithuania and Iceland were treated while performing with large groups of the audience booing ...! What is th
  4. That many Bulgarians found this site? *lol* Actually, I have seen a few charts and they point in just about ANY direction! For this one, I am not saying Bulgaria does not have the chance to win, but I find it strange that Russia almost end on bottom line. Russia have a rather good ESC history, I think, and this song is not that bad this year either. At least not much worse than the rest of the cr... Poor Portugal! I found that song rather cute and catchy in a way, but I wish they could stop choosing singer after looks and start finding someone who can actually sing and perform. It remai
  5. Oh, how SWEET of you to write a welcome note to me! Netiquette has degraded during the past years, so I've noticed. Anyway, thank you! Speculating in the winner seems to be harder than ever. I just watched Switzerland, which was said to be good, almost a favourite. I got disappointed. Probably a good artist but ... vampires??? I am a fantasy nerd and writer myself, and I loved Lordi's funny monster show but ... it is like I would sit down right now and write a book of some youths attending a boarding school for magicians. Bad timing if I want to look innovative, so to speak. Monster one
  6. In that video Turkey looks like a winner. And Poland are not that bad - but the video from their live show was a disaster, a REAL turkey. (No puns ...) Horrible lyrics. But I have heard the whole Turkish song and I found it a bit monotonous after a while. Not the class of "Everything that I can" which is one of my all-time favourites, but ... well, OK. I'm not just in that kind of music, I guess. At least is was a "bit" better than "Süperstar"!
  7. Haha, that was a new one! "The worrying kind" has been compared to a dozen songs by now. Conclusion? All these songs are quite similar. A very typical 70's sound. Actually the most mentioned song is "Love grows (where my Rosemary goes)" and it is quite obvious that Ark borrowed the first two bars there. But that has been sorted out, it is no plagiarism. After all, Lordi borrowed from the same song, but nobody seems to have noticed, except me. (I have found out that the song that is the mother of all rock songs whatsoever is "Alexander's ragtime band", btw.) No, I don't think Sweden will win
  8. UK is more critizised (sp?) than the others just because we know you can do so much better ... I cannot say that your song this year is worse than anything else but it was a big disappointment, especially as we had high expectations on you this year. Oh well, my comfort is that Sweden has such a good song this year ... *whistle* But I see no point in winning without decent resistance. (Actually I don't think we'll win at all, but that is just because of the strange taste out there ... ) As for neighbour voting, we sigh just as much in Sweden over it. I just wonder if other countries are s
  9. Hey, as being a Swede, these endless "you always vote for Norway" accusations really breaks my heart. You just have to study the statistics to see that it is absolutely wrong. Not that we have never given Norway high scores in the past, but actually there often have been low points or no points at all. (I suppose the Norwegians generally have been kinder to us) But otherwise, it is of course a question about musical preferences. The Finnish rock song gained 12 points from all the Scandinavian countries last year and believe me, it was not about the monster masks. It was rather the heavy rock s
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