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  1. I really enjoyed the olympics in Vancouver. The best I have seen since Salt Lake. Salt Lake was the first games that I watched

    and so it "set the bar" for me. Vancouver felt like, from what I could tell by the terrific broadcasting from NBC :angry: , it had a great atmosphere. The athletes performed very well also. It was a great games for both Canada and USA. The ceremonies were okay, I felt the OC relied to heavily on projections and the CC should of focused less on Canada and more on the athlete. IMO, I rate Vanvcouver second best to Salt Lake.

  2. To me, NBC has done an okay job. I really HATED how they didn't air the OC live here on the west coast. The beginning really got me excited with their intro segments.. The Canada/US relation segment was really good. Then there was almost a two hour time break till the OC Began on tape delay.. Really Pissed me off!!! During the OC, there was limited commercials which was good and I wish they would have eased on the commentary. NBC has done a good job presenting the games which I also like. Outside the Olympics, in my opinion, NBC is terrible. So with my poor taste of NBC, I have to give them some credit, they have done pretty well so far. So there is my opinion!

  3. Am I the only one that doesn't like these? And the flowers? They are ugly. What's with all the green? No body has beaten SLC flowers, a beautiful cluster of yellow.

    What I like about it is that its different. I didn't like it at first but now I do. And I do agree about the flowers. They need some color or something. Salt Lake's flowers were really cool...

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