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  1. Okay, while I love the looks of the games, the colors and and everything, they did a really poor job of hanging the wraps (if thats what you call them??) that are inside arenas. Examples are the Indoor Volleyball Arena and North Greenwhich Arena for gymnastics. Not the lower ones but the upper ones that say only London 2012. They look like they're almost falling off and doesn't look very good on TV. Has any one else noticed this or is it just me???
  2. I have a question that has probably already been answered, but where someone from the U.S. watch it live? If I remember right, youtube was going to be broadcasting some stuff live? Is the OC part of that?
  3. Also, I dont know if its been posted, but there is a great channel on youtube with a lot of good Salt Lake vids. http://www.youtube.com/user/rememberingSL2002
  4. Does anyone what the song is called that begins at 1:05? I didn't know where else to ask. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TblRZj-1SVk
  5. I really enjoyed the olympics in Vancouver. The best I have seen since Salt Lake. Salt Lake was the first games that I watched and so it "set the bar" for me. Vancouver felt like, from what I could tell by the terrific broadcasting from NBC , it had a great atmosphere. The athletes performed very well also. It was a great games for both Canada and USA. The ceremonies were okay, I felt the OC relied to heavily on projections and the CC should of focused less on Canada and more on the athlete. IMO, I rate Vanvcouver second best to Salt Lake.
  6. To me, NBC has done an okay job. I really HATED how they didn't air the OC live here on the west coast. The beginning really got me excited with their intro segments.. The Canada/US relation segment was really good. Then there was almost a two hour time break till the OC Began on tape delay.. Really Pissed me off!!! During the OC, there was limited commercials which was good and I wish they would have eased on the commentary. NBC has done a good job presenting the games which I also like. Outside the Olympics, in my opinion, NBC is terrible. So with my poor taste of NBC, I have to give them some credit, they have done pretty well so far. So there is my opinion!
  7. I know!!! I am sooo freaking excited!!! Its crazy!
  8. Terrible news.... I wish the family comfort and the athletes safety.
  9. What I like about it is that its different. I didn't like it at first but now I do. And I do agree about the flowers. They need some color or something. Salt Lake's flowers were really cool...
  10. Hey do you have anything on Salt Lake 2002, 1998, or 1972? I have been looking and haven't been very lucky....
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