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  1. A case of you can only beat what's in front of you. France are through and played very well, even if Morocco made it quite easy for them. That's all they'll care about. I've seen very little of Australia in this tournament for various reasons, but it sounds like they were impressive against Denmark. Should be a tasty match v France.
  2. France already 3-0 up. Put a fork in Morocco, they're done. France look decent, but Morocco haven't really turned up today. Maybe a step too far for them at this tournament.
  3. Sounds like I didn't miss much in this morning's game. Goal was well taken though...
  4. A very even, nervy game and on balance the better team team lost. Got away with one there. It is nice that both the men's and women's teams can win penalty shoot outs now, something that was foreign to me pre-2018. Expect James' tournament to be finished now. Would be surprised (and disappointed) if they don't extend her 1 game ban.
  5. Fair to say England have finally arrived at this tournament
  6. Pathetic Russian crybaby https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/fencing/66322668
  7. Chop off the top half and extend the watery bit so it's a longer and you're onto a winner. As it is, love the finish but the shape is a bit odd.
  8. Rules have been that way for years now, definite retake. Their keeper should've been more disciplined. Overall though, if it were a draw that wouldn't have been an unfair result.
  9. Scraped past Haiti. A win is a win in your first game in a tournament but defence looked vulnerable to counter attacks, erratic up front (and so many unthreatening crosses), and losing the one on ones in midfield. Need to up our game a bit.
  10. I think we should stop talking about this in case Elon gets wind of it.
  11. Wow.... https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1138195/bach-ukraine-russia-athletes
  12. The Gabba got a mention on the radio this morning (30 mins) https://player.fm/series/fighting-talk-1301417/eleanor-oldroyd-guvna-b-thom-gibbs-tez-ilyas?t=1800
  13. Sofi can and has hosted soccer. It's hosting the CONCACAF Gold Cup final this year, for example. The issue is, if you build a small platform for the pitch it ends up being a bit of a squash, and if you build a big platform to give it more space you obviously lose capacity. For a world cup final neither of those compromises are acceptable. It may be that the stadium is fine for soccer all the way up to the World Cup semi-final stage. Which isn't too bad going for a stadium for which it's barely even a secondary sport.
  14. Today's Formula E race (starts in two hours) is a nice opportunity for the city to show off its credentials. Looking sexy...
  15. Sun direction and how it affects both athletes (sun in their eyes) and broadcasters (shadows on the field). Same with football stadiums. The pitch itself in cricket is also n-s to avoid problems with setting sun for the bowlers/batters.
  16. One point I'd overlooked about this is that the track will run east-west, which is different from the IAAF recommended north-south. Of course, it's the perfect orientation for its main sport of cricket. But all these little things which are now compromised on in the name of sustainability, reuse etc are interesting. (On the flipside, London Stadium being built as a narrow-ovalled athletics stadium means it can't host cricket as the outfield isn't large enough E-W)
  17. I don't have a horse in this race, but it does seem like there are a couple of things going on here... 1. Even with these new expenditures, Brisbane is low cost compared with almost everything that has gone before. LA28 was always going to remain exceptional in this regard (which is why its supporters were always wrong in saying their Games would be transformative for host cities going forward...quite simply only they can pull off what they're pulling off, and why their most ardent supporters never saw this as a compliment I'll never know). So I think Brisbane overpromised in this regard, perhaps aware of the host city immediately before them, and also aware they are the first "New Norm" Games. But even so, Brisbane is still a cheaper, more sustainable, less-risky (some would say more bland) model than almost everything that went before it. I don't think that should be lost in all this. 2. The less transparent process implemented by the IOC, the new-norm, was always going to lead to situations like this. Not that they were uncommon before the new-norm, but the new process seems almost designed to create such situations. Horse-trading between a chosen city and the IOC, a city being given the Games with no competition, then work out the details later.
  18. Sure, but I'm not sure you'll get much of a main stadium for a quarter of a billion pounds in 2023.
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