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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2023/aug/29/david-squires-on-luis-rubiales-and-the-gaslighting-scandal-in-spanish-football
  2. France should take the Eurovision approach to this i.e. you've done really badly, but you're happy enough because Germany's below you on zero.
  3. Also, in a new twist in government interference in national sporting associations, we have this...
  4. His Mum has locked herself in her church and is on hunger strike... Luis Rubiales' mother is on hunger strike in Motril (Granada) in support of her son in front of Jenni Hermoso The mother of Luis Rubiales began on Monday morning an indefinite hunger strike in the parish of the Divine Pastora, in the center of Motril, on the coast of Granada, in support of her son, suspended as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation this weekend by FIFA after securing the motor that he would not resign and justify his kiss with Jennifer Hermoso ensuring that he was consented to. https://www.europapress.es/andalucia/noticia-madre-luis-rubiales-encierra-huelga-hambre-motril-granada-apoyo-hijo-frente-jenni-hermoso-20230828112831.html?utm_campaign=smartclip_social&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter
  5. I found it useful as an isolated post showing what's being 'planned'. Some of us aren't as in the loop as you guys down there. Sounds like there's a hell of a row brewing over who finances this though. I don't know whether to put this down to the shortcomings of the "new norm" process or whether this is just a variation of things we've seen before with previous Games. I certainly think there's an element of the former - these kind of meetings normally take place before a bid is won. Surely there isn't really talk of leaving it as it is though? The clip I posted above (now dead unfortunately) was an answer from a sports comedy podcast to the question "most disappointing sporting venue you've ever visited". i
  6. Seriously, he's not on your ignore list? This one and his accounts on SSC are on mine. Jeez.
  7. So I'd say you have just about the right amount of coverage of English football. #coys
  8. I actually dreamt about him last night. Asking me to write down what I thought was the best team and my opinion on Udogie Vs Davies on the left. Somehow I was a senior player and I got increasingly anxious throughout the dream that Ange would realise I'm not actually a footballer and wouldn't last five minutes in his midfield, but for some reason he trusted my opinion.
  9. Right, enough football, let's see if KJT can rescue the day.
  10. England never out of it but the better team won that. Congrats to Spain.
  11. England really getting pushed back now, barely out of our own half since the goal.
  12. I don't know why but that made me laugh. A much underused word.
  13. Really good open game so far, not going our way but both sides look dangerous. I'm (fairly) confident we'll score. Not confident we won't concede again.
  14. Watching that, I think it's fair to say three of the teams in the semis were a cut above the other.
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