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  1. Ah, it might be that only users with a UK IP address can get to it seeing as it's BBC.
  2. Interesting, I thought when I clicked on it, the topic would be about this: THE GREAT BRAWL OF CHINA A video of the "brawl"
  3. Was just about to post RE: bold, italic, URL buttons etc. but looks like I'm not the only one.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it looks like a car park! I think, however, it'll be fine with some landscaping around it and once it's all properly lit up it'll look magnificent.
  5. Terrible. This is exactly why any journalists attempting to degrade London's efforts by comparing what we're doing to the great job Beijing's doing should be ashamed. No democracy would get away with the Chinese way of doing things and I'd rather have a messy project that gets there through discussion and compromise - I don't mind that we've had to reduce the capacity of the aquatics centre if that's what's needed for example - than a project which bulldozes its way through everything in its path.
  6. Yes, so do I. They may be "illegal" but they're there for a reason.
  7. I'd rather religion was left out if I'm honest. For sure, have people of different religions/races involved, but trying to overplay the whole multicultural thing will look (1) like a huge PR stunt driven by overly politically-correct motives, and (2) as though the us Brits are ashamed/scared of having our traditional cultures dominate the ceremonies, which we shouldn't be.
  8. China has launched a fresh drive to clamp down on bad English in the run-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Previous attempts to wipe out Chinglish - the mistranslated phrases often seen on Chinese street signs and product labels - have met with little success. Emergency exits at Beijing airport read "No entry on peacetime" and the Ethnic Minorities Park is named "Racist Park". Beijing city authorities will issue new translation guides by the end of the year, Xinhua news agency said. The booklets would be handed out to hotels and shopping malls, on public transport and at tourist attractions. Chinglish has become a running joke among many foreigners in China, and several websites have been set up listing humorous examples of mistranslation. A road sign on Beijing's Avenue of Eternal Peace warns of a dangerous pavement with the words: "To Take Notice of Safe; The Slippery are Very Crafty". Menus frequently list items such as "Corrugated iron beef", "Government abuse chicken" and "Chop the strange fish". The mistranslations arise because many Chinese words express concepts obliquely and can be interpreted in multiple ways, making translation a minefield for non-English speakers. The municipal government in Beijing first tried to stamp out the problem just a month after being awarded the 2008 Olympics back in 2001. A year later the Beijing Tourism Bureau set up a hotline for visitors and residents to tip off examples of bad English, and said results would be reviewed by a panel of English professors and expatriates. Link More Chinglish
  9. If you go to Flickr.com, type Beijing 2008 venues and sort by most recent, there are lots of pictures of the Water Cube.
  10. Me too, in fact I reckon I'm even more fed up than you.
  11. The article on the decision to give Man City's stadium the UEFA Cup final also contained another a bit of info that might be of interest: At the same meeting, Uefa's executive committee decided to postpone the vote on which country, or countries, will host Euro 2012. A decision was due to be made in December 2006, but will now be delayed until April 2007. There are three bids to host Euro 2012, with Italy the only sole nation and the other contenders being joint bids from Poland and Ukraine, and Hungary and Croatia. Link
  12. Good point, and one I agree with. Euro 2004 was a great tournament and I enjoyed it much more than Germany 2006.
  13. Assuming a worst case scenario in which Beijing does have to cancel, how much notice would they have to give for a stand-in city to get ready on time. The venues may be ready in Sydney, for example, but getting the human resources in place again would take ages I would have thought.
  14. Maybe we should have brought in a Chinese construction company rather than an Australian one then. Has anyone any pictures of how it looks today (the nest, not Wembley)?
  15. btw, you may want to change your signature now GBmod
  16. Quick question: Why can a banned member can set up a new account? Surely there is a way of blocking all the IP addresses associated with that member. It seems kind of pointless banning someone when they just come back under a new guise. You know of whom I speak!
  17. 2014 doesn't really hold any interest for me. I prefer the SOGs and obviously 2012 is especially important to me becuase London are hosting. I'll still be posting in the non-2014 forums though.
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