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  1. Errr...you're both right, kind of @baron-pierreIV@Sir Rols The rebuilt Maracana is a rectangle with ovular ends. It's not the big oval it was before the 2014 world cup. For the purposes of this thread and comparison, I'd count it as a Summer Ceremony in a rectangular stadium, regardless of what shape the stage was that they fitted inside it. It's certainly closer to that end of the spectrum than to a traditional ceremony in an athletics stadium anyway. And of course we'll have LA28 at SoFi which will be narrow compared with anything previously.
  2. Atletico planning for a mini sports-city around their stadium, including an athletics facility. Even for the new norm era, it's probably a tad on the small side though... https://www.elconfidencial.com/deportes/futbol/2024-02-14/ciudad-deporte-atletico-bra_3828825/ I seem to remember this area being the aquatics centre and gymnastics venue for their previous bids.
  3. If I were FIFA/the IOC I'd be asking to have a real close look at what America is planning with regard to medal ceremonies, outdoor non-ticketed public events like the marathon etc.
  4. You yanks and your Fahrenheit! Sounds like Brisbane 2032 will be more or less in line with London 2012's temperatures, which were fine, and actually pretty decent for most athletes. We certainly didn't have anyone collapsing with heat stroke. It was the rain in the first few days that was the real bummer.
  5. Ceremonies and 3 latter stage football matches which I guess will be evening kick offs...probably not going to see much of the overhead sun there luckily.
  6. Stadium pre-reconstruction Stadium as proposed for 2012 and 2016 bids Stadium as it is now
  7. iirc The 2012 and 2016 bids involved creating a new, permanent athletics facility out of the then decrepit Metropolitano Stadium, with the football club Atletico Madrid moving in afterwards and sharing with athletics. Their 2020 bid was a bit different as I think it proposed athletics as a temporary solution added halfway through construction of a football stadium i.e. pull out out the track after the Games and finish the build without it. Something a bit more akin to Sydney 2000 and Stadium Australia. However, the Metropolitano stadium is now a football only stadium owned by Atletico Madrid. The rebuild has happened without athletics. So the question of track and field in Madrid is even more difficult than it was before. If you see my post on page 1 of this thread where I posted a link to an interview with the architect, you can see it's possible to do some kind of Glasgow 2014 temporary raised platform solution with this stadium. But who knows how feasible that is in reality. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metropolitano_Stadium
  8. I thought they reminded me of something, but it's taken a while for my mind to get there. https://farthingwood.fandom.com/wiki/Weasel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Animals_of_Farthing_Wood_(TV_series)
  9. On top of that, Russia should've been kicked out before its invasion - for far less important, but far more relevant reasons. i.e. its consistent shitting on the Olympics from a great height for more than a decade. But Bach has been happy to sit a few feet below the defecating Russian Bear's anus with his mouth wide open. That's gone about as well as could be expected.
  10. The Israel/Palestine situation is a shitshow where both sides are victims and perpetrators. If we ban Israelis from the Olympics, we must also ban Palestinians. The Russia/Ukraine situation is the large scale invasion of a sovereign, democratic state by a fascist colonialist state with zero reasoning at all. We can argue all day about what triggered Hamas or Israel to do xyz (and, sadly, there's no shortage of answers whether justified or not), but nobody sane can come up with a single decent reason why Russia should've invaded Ukraine - who weren't any kind of threat. One is a mess where you can (and should) have sympathies and anger with both sides, the other is about as black and white as it comes. If anyone declares an opinion on Israel/Palestine, but at the same time has trouble deciding whether or not we should be helping Ukraine, as far as I'm concerned their 'opinion' on the Israel/Palestine issue can be quickly discounted. And completely ignores Bucha and Mariopol. But the kind of people in the Palestinian Flag Brigade who say things like this consistently show they only care about one conflict to the point of fetishisation. I have a lot of sympathy for the Palestinian cause, but a vocal minority of those in the West who support it really do it no favours whatsoever.
  11. Since I made this joke last year this has happened... https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/olympics/enhanced-games-peter-thiel-olympics-b2488157.html?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1706716386
  12. For a large, permanent stadium with all the bells and whistles and modern facilities, you're looking at £1bn as a base figure I would think (I can't think in Australian dollars). That's the kind of stadium Optus is, that's what a complete rebuild of the Gabba would be. I don't know what Brisbanites want, but - assuming the Gabba project is dead - I want organisers to prioritise capacity now. Stick up something temporary like London (I know it hasn't turned out that way here) and get 80k in each day. Doesn't matter if it's not the flashiest venue in the world, just please don't end up with something that looks Commonwealth Games sized. Temporary: Yes Tinpot:No
  13. The Perth Stadium cost A$800m and opened 6 years ago. We know inflation and cost of materials have soared since then. A quote from Daniel Levy this month about our stadium... “Timing is everything. We simply wouldn’t be able to do what we did if we were doing it today.” (https://www.ft.com/content/faeff9d5-d803-4cf8-9cd9-961ff1557540) I can't see a new Optus Stadium being cheaper than a Gabba rebuild. The cheaper options are all going to be far less impressive than either of those projects.
  14. I thought Vegas withdrew itself from consideration pretty early on - the mayor or the stadium owner deciding it wasn't worth the cost? Unless I'm misremembering.
  15. Wow, I love this. Such a smart idea, and presumably not too costly or complicated to do. Nice designs as well. (I do wonder if there's a bloke in Paris who's just got a big wad of Euros for spinning a yarn...reminds of the time we went to Berlin and a couple of my mates bought 'pieces of the Berlin Wall'. I'm absolutely convinced there's just a guy with a cement mixer behind the souvenir shop....surely they're not still selling it 20 years on?! )
  16. Sure, but as far as I can work out this was taken more seriously than a "nice to have if it happens". The capacity for Villa Park is listed as 52k+ in all the bid documents for Euro 2028. You'd think there would've been some reasonably firm commitments from Villa to the FA, and from the FA to UEFA for them to list it at that capacity. Much like Villa fans themselves, I'm not sure the FA and UEFA will be too thrilled about this decision.
  17. Oh good, Kate Hoey sticking her oar in again. At least she's back talking about N.I. now. She was an incredibly bad fit as a London MP, especially since the Brexit vote. Also, anyone else remember this? https://gamesbids.com/eng/other-news/london-doesnt-deserve-2012-games-says-former-sports-minister/ Anyway, Casement Park is obviously the biggest potential headache for Euro 2028 organisers, but I also note that Aston Villa have scrapped (they say 'paused' but it doesn't read that way) their major stadium expansion. So I guess their chances of hosting anything beyond the group stages is now dead. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/chris-heck-delivers-major-villa-28315873
  18. Weird bump AF, but we've heard nothing more in the year since Khan (London Mayor, not PM) said we're looking at 2040. It seems more and more like it's just a vague idea thrown out there rather than anything remotely serious. Since people were asking, this is the original source for the weird "2036 is a done deal" quote. I can't find it anywhere else. But the video doesn't show him saying it and I'm unsure how reliable MyLondon is. So I'm not reading anything into it. Indeed, if he did say it there's a chance he misspoke. We haven't heard anything along those lines since... https://www.mylondon.news/news/zone-1-news/sadiq-khan-hints-london-could-26110669
  19. As I said in the other thread, I actually couldn't believe it when I read @Scotguy / @Scotguy II hadn't won this competition before. It feels like a historic wrong...actually, not wrong - because every winner has been deserved...a historic anomaly has been well and truly righted. You join the pantheon, at the top of Mount GamesBids (I may be mixing metaphors here), and can now look down on the mere mortals who will never know the joy of having their logo shining above all the others in the great drone show in the sky. Enjoy your win. Like Rols, I am not a fan of the stodgy Irish black stuff that's apparently marketed as a beer. But I may well pour an Irish whiskey to toast your win. Cheers! And to @Glacib, yet another excellent concept - maybe your best. But you can't win them all. Here's to you too!
  20. Looks good. Are you trying to bribe people with mugs of Barry's? It might work. Worth a try.
  21. The font is really well done, definitely. I think you mean a clef, not a key signature, just to put my pedantic musical hat on.
  22. I just saw from reading the previous thread that - somehow - Scotguy hasn't won a logo competition. Speaking as the winner of the Inaugural Gamesbids Logo Competition, that's actually unbefuckinglievable. Still...I'm going for B for all the reasons krow said, and seeing the additional material, banners etc makes me like it even more. Which is weird, because in general I've had a thing against the overdone athlete logos since Sydney 2000. But this one is such a neat, minimalist synthesis of the Olympics and Ireland.
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