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  1. Hell yeah, you're right! Suddenly comes to life and the face is so much more defined. Amazing how much of a difference that makes. I really like it on a dark background!
  2. My not very interesting answer is not much will change for the Summer hosts. If Sydney bids again for 2008, I'd go as far as to say nothing would change at all, apart from swapping 2000 and 2008 around. So: Beijing 2000 Athens 2004 Sydney 2008 if they bid again, if not Toronto 2008 London/Paris 2012 Rio 2016 or Tokyo 2016 Tokyo 2020 or Rio 2020 2012: perhaps Paris might have a smaller edge as an Anglophone country/city hosted the Games the year before the 2009 Copenhagen IOC session 2016: in the Sydney 2008 timeline nothing changes, in the Toronto 2008 timeline there's less of a clamour for an American Games and more of a clamour for an Asian Games so Tokyo wins, but Rio has much momentum. 2020: as in our world, the loser in the 2016 race wins. The intriguing point in the "Toronto 2008/Tokyo 2016" timeline is the IOC would be awarding Rio the Games the year before the 2014 world cup. Would world headlines about stadium prep, civil disorder, protests etc put them off or would momentum carry the day? I'm going for the latter. The IOC is confident after a run of successes (after the previous blowouts of Beijing 2000 and Athens 2004). Sydney/Toronto and London/Paris have been big successes and preps for Tokyo are going well. So they take a punt on Brazil (and the landslide with which they won 2016 in our world suggests this is likely too).
  3. Well, I missed that as well it turns out. Haha! Not sure it makes much difference to my opinion which is still stylish and on point for Paris, but not quite properly executed. If anything, the fact it had to be pointed out only reinforces that.
  4. My first thought is an unapologetically feminine looking logo is very welcome. The way the lips appeared on the animation was a nice, unexpected surprise. And the whole thing is very French. Feels slightly flat as a design though. Not sure why, maybe it's the colours or lack of?
  5. Enormous improvement on the Jackson Pollock bid logo. Can see this working very nicely, well done Birmingham.
  6. Another new stadium which should be open mid-2020s...
  7. So, will the athletes be goose stepping into the stadium in 9 years' time?
  8. Whatever you say about the conversion of the Olympic stadium (costs, aesthetics, politics) it certainly isn't empty. See the London Legacy thread for how it looks today, with a baseball field ready for Yankess v Red Sox. styker, unless it was a very early plan that I missed, Queens was never the venue for tennis for 2012. Interesting thoughts on using Wimbledon's covered courts as Paris is using RG though. yoshi, I'll give you a like for that...I don't know if I still have MY MAP.
  9. Odd day yesterday: First thing: AC and Inter announce they'll be in a new stadium for 2022 and San Siro will be demolished Later on: the Mayor says no to any new stadium before 2026 Then: Milan wins the bid Sounds like there's going to be a bit of a battle of wills about what happens and when.
  10. Plans showcasing the emerging design for the redevelopment of Alexander Stadium have been published, as public consultation begins. The venue at Walsall Road, Perry Barr, will be the focal point of the 2022 Commonwealth Games, hosting the Opening and Closing Ceremonies as well as the athletics programme. New artist impressions of the stadium have been released revealing Birmingham City Council’s intentions to create a legacy asset the city and its residents can be truly proud of. The redeveloped stadium will increase its permanent seating capacity from 12,700 to 18,000 allowing up to 40,000 during the Games through additional temporary seating. Key features include: A new western stand replacing the Main, Knowles and Nelson stands New tiered seating to the north and south A new 400m 6-lane warm up track and re-laying of a new IAAF Category 1 track (400m 9-lane competition standard track) Improved public realm and parking provision, with additional landscaping and signage Installation of new stadium lighting and practice throwing field A new access road from A453 Aldridge Road (to be used for event/maintenance use only)
  11. https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showpost.php?p=160005086&postcount=18281
  12. ^^ Someone on Skyscrapercity found this last year... https://www.delta-esourcing.com/respond/34S65V7F9F?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialSignIn&utm_content=Birmingham 2022 I hope this includes the logo!
  13. More @ https://thecgf.com/news/cgf-coordination-commission-confident-birmingham-2022-preparations
  14. London Stadium being transformed for baseball (Yankess v Red Sox) Converting the stadium from soccer to baseball will not be easy. Planning has gone on for years, and the logistics are staggering. The work begins Thursday and will take 21 days. Workers will add 345 tons of dirt imported from the US, and artificial turf, imported from France, will be used for the first time in Yankees-Red Sox history. Natural grass had been grown in the north of England, but organizers decided that making the playing field reusable for the scheduled Cubs-Cardinals games in 2020 and weather concerns made artificial turf a better option. When officials realized that the iconic triangular floodlights of London Stadium were within easy reach of Yankee and Red Sox sluggers, they didn’t panic. They lowered one of the floodlights, and a pitching machine fired fastballs at a variety of different protective covers. “It turned out that old-fashioned chicken wire worked the best,” said Kelhem Salter, MLB’s director of growth and strategy. It won’t be cozy like Fenway — foul territory is more like Oakland Coliseum — but the sightlines are good and the seats are comfortable. The dimensions are 385 feet to center with a 16-foot wall, and 330 feet down the lines. Under the stands, new, larger clubhouses of equal size will be constructed for the teams on the indoor running tracks. https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/redsox/2019/06/05/here-what-awaits-red-sox-and-their-fans-when-they-play-ball-london/p0d9FXpo2yznxn0lugIFkO/story.html?event=event25
  15. ^^ A glass roof encircles the open part of the dome and here there are solar panels. The solar panels will be fixed in a way that the audience can see them when looking up from their seats. This is very deliberate. We were looking to make this environmental technology very visible as part of the design.
  16. We've no idea how far the internals have to go though.
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