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  1. Whilst a lot of the above is true, my feeling is if FIFA wants us to host a world cup they should award us one in the normal way, not as last minute rush job to fix their mess. We don't know quite how Covid will play out yet and the calendar is geared towards a winter world cup which isn't going to work here. But if FIFA really is that desperate then we'll have both 2022 and 2030, the latter as thanks for valiantly stepping in to host the former.
  2. It's fine. I don't hate it, I don't love it. It's just....fine. Not much more to say about it really.
  3. What a weird story. I've always thought the 2036 centenary angle is overplayed; if Germany has a strong bid lined up they shouldn't get caught up in the significance or otherwise of the number of the year. They should just go for it. Yes, the link will be made but anyone with half a brain will see that Germany isn't "celebrating" this centenary. And I would absolutely trust Germany to handle it appropriately. From what I see of Germany, no other country has done more to reconcile itself with its past in such an impressive way (to an extent which sometimes looks overbearing and must someti
  4. He's a bit defensive and a wee bit condescending, but we've had far, far worse. It's good we've got a local who is posting updates us on the likely 2032 host. But he seems to have a blindspot when it comes to how discussion forums are meant to work. Unfortunately, the Brisbane thread is impossible to browse and scroll through because full length articles are being posted one after the other. It's just walls and walls of text.
  5. Can I suggest you just post the headline, first sentence and a link to any articles? This thread is impossible to just browse at the moment. Thanks!
  6. Sepp Blatter gets new six-year ban from football after Fifa investigation https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/mar/24/sepp-blatter-gets-new-six-year-ban-from-football-after-fifa-investigation?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  7. Hmmm....I'd be a bit careful about citing that. It turned out to be the correct decision, no doubt, but the truth is they awkwardly changed the process halfway through. It wasn't some careful, planned process that lead to 2024 and 2028 being handed out the way they were, it was the IOC finding itself in a sticky situation with the good fortune of two major cities willing to give them a hand, neither of which they wanted to lose. It was a bodge job, albeit one with a nice outcome. Correct and Paris has benefited from some Agenda 2020 reforms in this regard. I believe some of the
  8. The above posts, for people who don't follow UK politics, are in relation to this.... https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/china-xinjiang-genocide-trade-bill-b1820812.html
  9. 2032 wouldn't normally be decided until 2025 so I'm not entirely sure I buy that. I suppose you could argue there might be a severe shortage of bids with economies having been squeezed and the IOC is tying down a host while it can. But that doesn't answer the questions coming from those countries who think they've been a bit shafted. The IOC are never going to keep everyone happy all of the time whatever they do, in a sense they're in a no win situation. But I still feel after 2032 is awarded there should be a reevaluation as to whether the 'new norm' is as transparent as it needs to be a
  10. It does feel like things have swung too far in the other direction doesn't it? If the previous process was too brutal, left too much bad feeling amongst losers and populations who watched live on big screens in city squares as their bids failed, this process seems to be too secretive, and we're still getting cities complaining which is what Bach wanted to avoid! So even on its own terms it's not quite worked. And yes, it's open to accusations of cronyism even if none has taken place. I know that annoys some people, but that's why transparency of process is important. I can see what the in
  11. I'm much more interested in his campaign to move the 2024 Games to Pittsburgh.
  12. The US should boycott the Beijing Winter Olympic Games next year, Mitt Romney said on Monday – but not by keeping its skiers, curlers and bobsledders at home. In a New York Times column, the Utah senator said Washington should implement “an economic and diplomatic boycott” of the quadrennial winter sports jamboree. Such a move, he said, would “demonstrate our repudiation of China’s abuses in a way that will hurt the Chinese Communist party rather than our American athletes: reduce China’s revenues, shut down their propaganda and expose their abuses”. https://www.theguardian.com/
  13. It's nice people are suggesting London again, but I can't see it so soon after 2012. Madrid feels like a city that could be tempted back but I think they got severe bidding fatigue. They feel like a city who'd be ideal for conferring preferred bidding status on so they won't have to be put through another brutal vote. If I were the IOC I'd be pushing for this to happen. Budapest, I can see it. They were the forgotten child of the 2024/28 bid process but they did hang on until the end unlike every other bid besides Paris and LA. They're quietly building some impressive facilities and
  14. TeamFutura one is massively better. Looks designed rather than cliparty and designed for a Winter event. I'd be happy enough with that one. The other one is awful.
  15. Yeah, can't help but feel Thomas Bach doesn't like these forums so devised a scheme to kill them off. Thus Agenda 2020 was born.
  16. Agree 100%. I don't agree with TorchBearerSydney that this is the most corrupt decision yet. Let's not confuse corruption and lack of transparency. We don't know how clean or murky this decision was because it wasn't transparent. The Germans are right on this point.
  17. Behind a paywall but huge news if true...
  18. This failed to pass today, but it's likely an amended version could pass next week. I've said a few times in this thread I think a full blown boycott is unlikely, but more likely than it was for previous editions. I still think that...
  19. Goodbye and good riddance you fascist orange shitbag
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