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  1. I hope the feeling is one of what might've been after these Games, not OMG Thank God that disaster is over. Another Tokyo Summer Games soon (say, 2040) might be a genuine possibility if Japan comes out of it pining for what might've been, and I wouldn't begrudge them that.
  2. "Screwed up hosting" is one way of putting it. I suppose it did, in the same way the Titanic screwed up docking in New York.
  3. Are we sure there's not more to come? I'm thinking we're seeing an early parade of nations, that's all. Means there's a bit of a 'crowd' this way too.
  4. Showing my age but the sonic music from the megadrive is the first I've recognised! Love it!
  5. Maybe quietly push Coates into a background role now Brisbane have the Games. He's done his bit, the guy's clearly got an ego the size of Uluru and attitudes that better suit the decade of Australia's first Games.
  6. Only time will tell how effective the reforms are. Some seem positive, some I'm less sure of, and transparency has been sacrificed on their altar. The big black mark against Bach will be how he dealt with Russia and Sochi earlier in his presidency and that won't wash off easily.
  7. Hey @GBModerator None of the forms submit on the site from my laptop in any browser. I can't post or even sign in; all that happens is it returns to the form with no fields filled in. Feels like a database issue to me but could be wrong. Could you check if there's something going on with the site or with my account? Thanks Rob
  8. Ok, so the forum won't let me submit any forms from my laptop in any browser (I can't even sign in to gamesbids anymore) but from my phone seems to work.
  9. "The awarding of the 2008 Olympics to Beijing was accompanied by the International Olympics Committee promising that the Games would act as a catalyst for human rights reform in China. "Well, a widely acknowledged genocide in Xinjiang later, thousands of Tibetans arrested, imprisoned, displaced, tortured and killed later, the snuffing out of free speech and political freedoms in Hong Kong, and the trashing of the Sino-British Joint Declaration and imposition of their national security law later, that went well didn't it?" Beijing 2022: MPs in House of Commons support diplomatic boycott of next year's Winter Olympics in China https://www.skysports.com/olympics/news/15234/12356751/beijing-2022-mps-in-house-of-commons-support-diplomatic-boycott-of-next-years-winter-olympics-in-china
  10. Good idea. And wise words from the Chief Rabbi.
  11. They're allowing hosts from Tokyo onwards to add a few sports which don't add much in terms of new venues. Baseball being in for Japan and the USA but out for France makes sense. I find it hard to believe it'll back for Australia's Games. It might be that baseball isn't picked for a while after 2028. I'm not sure what criteria these sports must meet to be eligible for inclusion as a one-off (or two-off, as in the case of baseball). But I'm sure cricket is monitoring things. I'm not sure that applies to the other sports listed (climbing, surfing etc), which I think are new, permanent additions to the core programme.
  12. I miss the days when bidding cities had a website that you could onto to see all the proposed venues alongside a map and images.
  13. Best I can find is it went on sale in 2013. Since we haven't seen hide nor hair of it since 2012 I'm guessing it was sold off in parts, not as a whole.
  14. It can explained in the same way FIFA's clandestine backing of the ESL can be explained, and in the same way the ESL itself can be explained. Powerplays between FIFA, confederations and the clubs. This is FIFA trying to grab a bigger slice of the pie.
  15. The IOC has never been shy of shoving its foot in its mouth, and these are a couple of doozies... https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/may/24/tokyo-olympics-anger-japan-ioc-coronavirus-sacrifices Bach and Coates contriving to turn a delicate situation into an international incident.
  16. Not anymore, no - or at least it's much more relaxed than it was. I think I'm right in saying Tokyo 20 will be the last Games following the IOC's previous strict minimum capacity requirements for each sport. I'm sure you can find those requirements by Googling. Paris 24 is the first Games where minimum venue requirements are relaxed (possibly entirely removed, I'm not sure). Certainly I think Paris and LA are in a strange grey area where they developed bids under the old assumptions but are hosting - and have been able to make changes - based on the new ones. Brisbane 32 will be the first Games where it's totally new, and perhaps the biggest example of that will be the smallest athletics stadium for over a century. Getting rid of arbitrary, strict capacity requirements is probably the best single measure in the IOC's new norm. That said, I don't want to see hosts taking the michael. It should still feel like an Olympics, not a Commonwealth Games. So to answer your question; yes, smaller cities should be much better placed than they were previously.
  17. I was going to say, I missed that if they made that announcement. And I'm still confused about how Russia are able to bid.
  18. Laughably biased article. UKA doesn't want to give up its London home, and has a contract for years to host events there. And it would make the Dildo brothers and Brady out to be liars. They made great play of continuing the athletics legacy at the stadium versus the bid by Spurs that didn't. If that's now a problem, tough.
  19. It seems, despite their condemnation, FIFA was secretly backing the ESL project but had to do a uey when it all went pete tong...
  20. Whatever grumblings West Ham's fans have about the layout, the track is not going anywhere. It's not their stadium, it's publicly owned and British Athletics has a 50 year contract to host events there each summer. If the track does go, any prospect of a London bid would disappear with it.
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