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  1. And Anglo itself for that matter.
  2. Great post, I agree with every word, except... I can't really argue against North America getting 2026 over Morocco. I think that was the obvious choice.
  3. Lol, along with the rest of Europe I take it? Unfortunately UEFA decided to instruct its members to vote as a bloc. With UEFA saying they'll only support one European bid for 2030, stepping out of line and losing UEFA support for 2030 would end up being a much worse result for us than annoying New Zealand. I don't know how you prevent that sort of thing going on, but bloc voting seems to be the way of things now for all confederations, and FAs seem reluctant to upset their continental apple carts as they're worried about the consequences. I'm happy you guys won anyway! Looking forward to it.
  4. HUGE news (not really) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/commonwealth-games/53005799
  5. What will they be able to have ready in 2030 that they wouldn't have in 2026?
  6. Meet what by next spring? Russia's ban is for four years. I don't see how a one year delay to the Olympics changes things.
  7. <cynicism>Also they'll have warehouses full of Tokyo 2020 merchandise</cynicism>
  8. No, Wimbledon is keeping things under review, but they'll be able to cancel relatively quickly, we're not talking 10k athletes. "While we continue to plan for The Championships at this time, it remains a continuously evolving situation and we will act responsibly, in the best interests of wider society." They're not saying, "we're going ahead, we could be hit by a meteorite", it's only you saying that. Stop being a wally.
  9. Nah, nothing like the same. His selection by the Tories was a sign they'd given up on the Mayoral contest before it even began. https://www.oddschecker.com/politics/british-politics/london-mayoral-election-2020/london-mayoral-election-winner-2020 Funny he's jumped on the Olympic hosting bandwagon for easy headlines though. If nothing else, it demonstrates what I was saying in earlier posts about how positively London 2012 is remembered.
  10. The oddball Tory candidate for London Mayor has suggested we step in for Tokyo. Tokyo isn't happy... https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1090862/tokyo-governor-london-row-olympics#comments
  11. I don't think such a thing would happen. Firstly, it didn't happen last time (and I know social media wasn't a thing, but still, there was much more to protest against last time in terms of disruption, costs etc). Secondly, because there's a real fondness for London 2012 that didn't exist before the Games. Pre-2012 many were lukewarm to cynical*, post-2012 and especially with Brexit, the Games are already being viewed in warmly nostalgic terms. Most people would, in London at least, love to have them back. The NoBostonOlympics stuff wouldn't fly in post-2012 London. At worst, I think we'd have some Extinction Rebellion protests. My main "concern" (if you could call it that, because I'm not advocating for another bid), would actually be from the other end of the spectrum. I don't think this government would want to be seen to be pushing for London to be the focus of a major event. -- * I think you're misremembering the level of public support. It was good (around 65%), but not massive, and the excitement didn't really ramp up until we got quite close to the event. Similarly, I don't think anyone is going to be excited about Brum 22 just yet.
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