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  1. LA is proving to be an exception in the World when it comes to how it funds a Summer Olympics (not in terms of the model, but in terms of how much private money is available, making the public subsidy needed that much smaller). LA is proving itself to be an exception in America, not the World, when it comes to funding stadiums built for pro-sport teams though. People said, look, the LA Rams are funding their own stadium. America went "wow! ". The rest of the world said "And?" But since this is a thread about the Summer Olympics, not the LA Rams, it will certainly be impressive if LA pulls of the Games in the way they hope, with a combination of huge sponsorships and existing venues allowing for relatively little spend.
  2. Agreed, that would definitely be the best format for a new vote. But given the Leave camps' aversion to democratic norms both during and since the referendum they should think themselves lucky if they get a second referendum with their preferred* 'No Deal' option on it. My real preference would be to revoke article 50, point out the lies and illegality, the lack of a single coherent plan, the various contradictory promises made, and tell them to come up with something workable or shut up. That's what they deserve, but unfortunately, I think the country needs to do this democratically so we don't get any whingers saying their unicorn Brexit was denied them. * everyone in the various Leave camps said in 2016 we'd get a deal, insisted there was no risk of leaving without one, many said it'd be "easy". But lets leave aside that bit of sophistry for now. Again, I'm being generous.
  3. Before tonight the biggest ever government defeat was 166 votes (in 1924). May's Brexit deal was defeated by 230 votes.
  4. It's what happens when lies disintegrate upon hitting the hard wall of reality. And all that's left over is British Trumpism...
  5. Depends how far the internals are done; things like wiring, plumbing, safety systems etc. There's a stadium in north London that looks finished but can't open yet, for example. Really not liking that dirty looking seating pattern. Who decided that looked ok?
  6. Rob.

    LA 2028 Ceremonies

    The National Anthem should be sung by a kneeling choir.
  7. Spotted on another forum...Layout for the rounders matches next Summer...
  8. Interesting but inevitable. It was obvious Leave's promises were undeliverable, and it was obvious from Johnson's face during his "victory" speech the morning after the night before that he knew that too. It'd be funny if the shysters weren't dragging the rest of us down with them.
  9. Rob.

    Paris 2024

    The worry for me is the timing, not the ambition (it all sounds very doable). They've got a hard deadline of 2023 (the Rugby World Cup) and a similar renovation of the Bernabau is scheduled to take four years. As far as I know the SdF proposal hasn't even been revealed yet, let alone been put forward for planning permission. Suddenly we've got a not insignificant risk attached to the previously risk-free main stadium for Paris 2024 and, more urgently, the 2023 Rugby World Cup. I hope they're confident of their timelines!
  10. Rob.

    Paris 2024

    Big news, especially for ceremony nerds: https://www.stadionwelt.de/sw_stadien/index.php?head=Stade-de-France-in-Saint-Denis-wird-umfassend-renoviert&folder=sites&site=news_detail&news_id=18569
  11. Shrouds of the Somme Tens of thousands of shrouded figures are being laid out at London's Olympic Park to mark the centenary of the end of World War One. Each handmade 12-inch model represents one of the 72,396 British Commonwealth serviceman killed at the Somme with no known grave. The figures go on public display at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from Thursday to commemorate the centenary of Armistice Day.
  12. I assume you mean 'complement', but instead you've unwittingly given us a brilliant insight into what the IOC's current leadership probably thinks should be happening.