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  1. Rob.

    England 2030

    I mean, I would've been perfectly happy to start a brand new thread with a post about our new stadium, but this thread'll do for world cup bid posts till we get an official announcement that the UK/Ireland bid is happening.
  2. Rob.

    Paris 2024

    I know people like the idea of rebuilding it exactly as it was, but given just how close a shave it was surely there's a case for rebuilding the hidden structural elements with less flammable, modern materials whilst still retaining the external aesthetics. Is putting a huge stack of wood on top of it once again really the best idea?
  3. Rob.

    Paris 2024

    I doubt it'll have a knock on effect, France (and the world) will find the money for this regardless. My feeling seeing the pictures this morning - which don't look as bad as we thought last night - is the donations already pledged might well cover it. What seems certain is we've got a segment of the opening ceremony sorted.
  4. Haha, incredible thread: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1116703454058119170.html
  5. The other point, I guess, is how many spectators will smaller and further away clusters draw?
  6. Weirdly then, the (successful) experiment of having the championships spread over two countries but pretending on TV it's a single Games seems to be disappearing. Unless Munich 2022 and/or London 2026 ends up partnering with another place.
  7. I added in the London legacy thread a story from the Times that we're in talks about hosting the 2026 edition in the Olympic Park. Slightly strange given the fact 2018 was a UK/Germany shared hosting that the next two editions could also be Germany then the UK, but no doubts both cities would put on a good show.
  8. Rob.

    Paris 2024

    I didn't actually name you, but that's quite a reaction. Guilty conscious? And since you bring up "immaturity" - most here think you're a horrible little cunt who who brings little to this forum aside from from casual homophobia. Just to be clear where we all stand.
  9. Rob.

    Paris 2024

    They're not panicking. Some LA supporters, even though they've got their Games, haven't dropped the mindset that they're still in competition with Paris (you used to be like that with London Frenchy ). I suspected what you said about this councillor was the case when I read the story, but thanks for clarifying. Guess what? This is what you get in democracies! People who complain about autocracies taking over the Olympics can't then overreact when a democratic host has a bit of political dissent.
  10. Rob.

    England 2030

    London's newest stadium, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (62,062) opened on Wednesday...
  11. Ooh! https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/london-olympic-park-in-line-to-host-biggest-event-since-2012-h2kltmdf3?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1553534255
  12. Went for a little stroll yesterday...
  13. I'd be amazed if anything comes of this. It's an interesting 'what if' though. Sorted... Velodrome, BMX Track (I think!), Handball Arena, and White Water venue exist from 2012 and won't need changes other than a bit of temporary seating at a couple. That's quite a few awkward venues accounted for that we had to build from scratch for 2012. 2012 used a lot of existing venues that will still be around in the 2030s as well. Temporary venues from 2012 would be temporary venues again. I'd imagine given the precedent set by Rio and LA we'd have ceremonies at Wembley this time, especially since the London Stadium is now a lower capacity. So 90k for ceremonies and 60k for athletics. Rugby at Twickenham! Let's piss the rest of the country off, show off a bit, and keep football entirely in London! So most venues accounted for.... Awkward things... I don't know what capacity the hockey venue can take now the pitches are over the road from where they were in 2012, but I know they can set up temporary stands there as they did for the European Champs. I'd be amazed if they can get the Aquatics Centre back to Olympic Capacity, so a temporary venue would be needed for swimming and maybe have water polo and diving in the existing venue. A new village would be needed. Could the media centre be reused since it's been reconfigured for other uses? I'm not sure. I doubt it. The Olympic Park had nearly 300,000 visitors some days in 2012. Since then the temporary concourses have been narrowed and given over to parkland and other uses. Would it cope with that footfall again? Lastly, the cost of security is hugely prohibitive. For a once in 50-70 year event, fine. But 20 years later? Is it justifiable?
  14. LA is proving to be an exception in the World when it comes to how it funds a Summer Olympics (not in terms of the model, but in terms of how much private money is available, making the public subsidy needed that much smaller). LA is proving itself to be an exception in America, not the World, when it comes to funding stadiums built for pro-sport teams though. People said, look, the LA Rams are funding their own stadium. America went "wow! ". The rest of the world said "And?" But since this is a thread about the Summer Olympics, not the LA Rams, it will certainly be impressive if LA pulls of the Games in the way they hope, with a combination of huge sponsorships and existing venues allowing for relatively little spend.