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  1. I'm surprised this hasn't been a bigger talking point. They can't explain this away as being a big political issue that's above their paygrade, as they will with Hong Kong or the Uyghers. The Iranians have targetted a man whose profile is such because he's an Olympian, tortured and murdered him. Iran needs to be chucked out for this, the IOC can't ignore this one.
  2. Was there a couple of years back. Gorgeous city but surely way too small to host anything that big.
  3. The bigger question implied here is: How digital will these Games be? Is it likely most venues will have digital ribbons around the field of play by then (i.e. could we have an animated 'Look' as well)? Ditto wayfinding for venues, will that be mostly on screens? Will tickets be in Apple/Google wallets for the most part rather than paper? Will the TV graphics get an update to allow for variations?
  4. Not exactly won over on the execution (i.e. the very heavy black font), but it should be fun watching how this concept evolves, who they get involved, and if it's done well should drive a lot of engagement. Cool idea.
  5. Burn! @GBModerator, you're gonna need to up your Twitter Game if this is the level of the competition!
  6. Even that article says the notion is remote and a long shot. But it does raise another possibility which is far more likely (maybe even probable), and that's a political/dignitary boycott.
  7. Blimey Birmingham scraps single-site athletes' village plan for Commonwealth Games Organisers of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham are no longer planning to use a single-site athletes’ village. The accommodation facility was set to be built in the Perry Barr area of the city, but the coronavirus pandemic has changed the thinking, with three sites now being used. They will be at the NEC hotel, the University of Warwick and the University of Birmingham. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/aug/12/birmingham-scrap-single-site-athletes-village-plan-for-2022-commonweal
  8. I don't understand how they're allowed to bid under the terms of their sanctions. This should be a one horse race.
  9. And Anglo itself for that matter.
  10. Great post, I agree with every word, except... I can't really argue against North America getting 2026 over Morocco. I think that was the obvious choice.
  11. Lol, along with the rest of Europe I take it? Unfortunately UEFA decided to instruct its members to vote as a bloc. With UEFA saying they'll only support one European bid for 2030, stepping out of line and losing UEFA support for 2030 would end up being a much worse result for us than annoying New Zealand. I don't know how you prevent that sort of thing going on, but bloc voting seems to be the way of things now for all confederations, and FAs seem reluctant to upset their continental apple carts as they're worried about the consequences. I'm happy you guys won anyway! Looking forwar
  12. HUGE news (not really) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/commonwealth-games/53005799
  13. What will they be able to have ready in 2030 that they wouldn't have in 2026?
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