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  1. Does anyone happen to have a NYC bid book? I've been trying to track down a digital copy but all links seem to have expired. My emails is ggroggel (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks! Greg
  2. I just uploaded several photos from the construction site here in Beijing on my website here. Things are getting crazy. Greg www.chasingtheflame.com
  3. Hello all Beijing 2008 enthusiasts, I just arrived in Beijing last week in what is my final city of the year. So far, I've spent two months in Mexico City, Munich, Sarajevo, Sydney, and Seoul investigating the legacy of hosting the Olympics Games. Now, I get to take all that I've learned and apply it to the current Beijing preparations. I'll be here for the next two months and wanted to see if anyone had any Olympic-related contacts here in Beijing. I really want to try to touch on everything: construction, social campaigns, infrastructure, sport development, grassroots opposition, environment - basically anything related to the Games. If you could help me in some way I would greatly appreciate it! Perhaps the best way would be to send information via my e-mail address: ggroggel@gmail.com. Feel free to check out my Chasing the Flame website, www.chasingtheflame.com, to get a better idea of my project. Thanks in advance! Greg
  4. That is correct that one of the terrorists worked in the athlete's village. He had even been spotted around the Isreali building by other athletes but it didn't really register since he was a worker. And since this discussion of Munich 72 has turned to the terrorists attack, I thought I would mention a piece I wrote back in December. Most of the literature on the subject focuses on the who and the what. These reports tend to overlook the equally important questions of how and why. If you're interested in such things, I invite you to check out my article and let me know what you think. www.chasingtheflame.com
  5. Thanks! Thanks for for such an amazing city. I had a blast (and my work probably suffered because of it ) I think that aspect of exporting organization expertise is a fascinating one that many people over look. Because when you consider Sydney and their involvement with everything from Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, to Olympic Games, the Olympic-related investment opportunities are endless. And sadly, I am no longer in Australia. Been in Seoul for about 3 weeks now. Interesting place but not quite as fun as Sydney
  6. Hello Sydney Olympic enthusiasts, I just finished two months of research down under where I looked at the lasting legacy of those 2000 Games. With help from U. Technology Sydney's Olympic Center and the Thomas J Watson foundation, I just finished putting together my notes in a semi-formal report. The article examines the dynamic nature of Sydney's legacy and the changing public opinion. Please, if you have a chance, take a look at it and let me know if there are any glaring errors or just comments in general. As always, I appreciate they help. Click here for the report. Or visit my website, www.chasingtheflame.com Greg
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