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  1. I got Pins by email from following sponsors: BCLC Haworth Omega Bell Ricoh RBC HBC I got Pins from whistler via snail mail. You can find the adresses on the sponsors website
  2. Got two manulife pins today. They are Beijing-Vancouver Bridge pins with the chinese and candien Flag on the top. Under the flags on the top you can see on one pin a bamboo that stands for Beijing and an indian summer scene that stands for Vancouver. On the other pin you can see under the flags typical chinese and canadian fish. I contacted manulife via snail mail. I wrote to their headquarter in HongKong. On ebay I saw a further Manulife pin with typical Chinese and canadian landmarks
  3. I got two pins from Haworth last friday. They are silver with the Vancouver logo.
  4. Do we have an insider who can tell us anything about the opening ceremony?
  5. i got two Pins from Panasonic last week!
  6. Still had no luck with government pins for example pins from British Columbia. I wrote to them but got no reply.
  7. I tried to email the Beijing sponsors. I got no pins exept from Omega. I even got no reply. Now I tried to write snail mails to get pins. Let´s wait and see.
  8. Got two Whistler pins yesterday. One Host City pin with the Vancouver logo and the Whistler logo and one pin with the Whistler logo. One month ago I wrote them a letter and they sent it me.
  9. How did you get in contact with those sponsors? By mail or snail mail? I sent out several mails but I got no reply from the Beijing sponsors. Do you have any mail adresses and email adresses where I can write?
  10. Is there an Omega 2 years to go pin already existing? So far I got: 5 Ricoh pins: 3 with the olympic logo, 2 with the olympic and paralympic logo 6 Bell pins: 3 Mascot pins, 1 pin with the logo, 2 pins with the maple leaf 5 Omega pins: 3 3years to go pins, 2 Beijing pins 2 HBC pins: 1 golden pin with the logo, one white pin with the maple leaf 1 RBC pin: 1 golden 3 year to go pin 4 BCLC pins: 2 silver ones with the olympic logo, 2 silver ones with the maple leaf 2 Petro Canada pins: 1 with the olympic logo, 1 with the paralympic logo I had no luck with Beijing Sponsor pins. So far I got only from Omega Beijing pins. Did you get any beijing pins or do you have any tips?
  11. I also got a golden Rbc 3 years to go pin. I have a lot of difficulties to get Government pins . Have you been lucky or do you know an adress were to write?
  12. Got pins from Petro Canada on Friday! One with the olympic logo, one with the paralympic logo. Did you get any media pins already?
  13. Got pins from Ricoh in the mail yesterday. They are very quick. Within a week I got two Pins with the Vancouver olympic and paralympic logo. It was the second time they sent me some pins. Thanks to Ricoh! I got no Pins from Workopolis, TeckCominco, GM, Bc hydro..... Are there any new sponsor pins released? I also tried to buy official pins via the Vancouver 2010 website but they are not sending any to Europe. Do you have some other Information. I think it is not possible to buy Pins in Europe exept in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.
  14. Is nobody interested in Sponsor Pins from Beijing? Which Pins have you got and which sponser has sent you pins??
  15. GM wrote that they are not sending any pins to people they do not live in Canada. I´m living in Austria. Do you have any tips to get one pin from GM? By the way are you all specialized in collecting Vancouver Pins or do you also collect other pins?
  16. Which Pins did you get from the Sponsors? Do you have any tips how to get pins. I got Pins from HBC, BCLC, Ricoh, Bell and as mentioned before Vancouver and Beijing Pins from Omega. Did you get other ones?
  17. I wrote to Omega and within a week i got the pins!
  18. I got three 3 years to go pins. Do they have different ones?
  19. I got pins from Omega! I wrote them a mail and a few days later i got them for free. Three Vancouver Pins and two Beijing Pins
  20. Sorry I posted this topic in the wrong place but now I think I am right. so once again. I got pins from Omega two weeks ago. I sent them a mail and a few days later I got them for free. I also got special ones from the austrian olympic commity (5€ each). If you write them a mail you get answer from Mrs. Reisenzahn and she will give you further information.
  21. I remember the time befor Athens 2004 Opening ceremony. I don´t remember the name but there was someone on this forum who I guess was an insider cause he always knew a lot of details and he also had a lot of pics from the inside of the stadium in Athens. This was very interesting. Perhaps this time we are lucky again and we have an insider for Beijing Opening ceremony. By the way: What do you think will be the main parts of the opening ceremony? Will it be like Bertoluccis Last Emperor or this new film from China showing the forbidden city in marvellous pictures(Sorry I can´t remember the name)
  22. I know it is a little bit to early but does anybody know some details. I only read about an chines arts director and Steven Spielberg who is involved in planning the Opening ceremony.
  23. Does anyone of you have news or pics about the sailing city?
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