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  1. You guys hit the nail on the head, these things go in cycles. In the current economic environment the world finds itself in, most places would be in challenging position to put on the games. The global economy is not healthy and in developing markets that is further compounded. You cannot predict that 7-10 years out. What they can change though is what they do in evaluation stages - ensure more is already built, ensure certain commitments are written in stone with specific ramifications written down if these are broken. Harping on afterwards like they are doing now with Rio, points more to the shoddy work of the IOC than just Rio and Brazil. Sensibly, South Africa stepped away from 2020/2024. You are right, in the current climate a bid would not be looked on favourably nor would the people look on it favourably either. The IOC needs to get its house in order. Cities need to have more ready made infrasturcture and less big promises that never materialise. Durban has 2022, that is the moment to ensure legacies are left behind and infrastructure developed on a realistic scale. This readies the city to understand the step up they would need to really tackle the Olympics. How they feel post 2022 will ultimately determine how they pursue the Olympics. I would not write off Africa yet. As we all said, things go in cycles.
  2. Typical media crap. The SA press love a bad news story. Yes treasury took a long time, but to have the news pop up a few days before they signed it off seems bit odd on their behaviour It will be Durban 2022. To clarify, the city is called Durban, the metropolitan region is called eThekwini. Hence we have one mayoral structure for the metro region, that is known as the eThekwini Municipality. The metro is invested in growing brand Durban, so expect that to be centre stage
  3. Hello! If you are Olympic Games fan, fan of any multi-sport games such are Pan American, Pacific, Asian, All-African, Commonwealth... or you are simply fan of sports, Olympic or non-Olympic ones I invite you to join to totallympics, forum dedicated to Olympic Games. There is already pleasant and very valuable community of people gathered from all around the globe. There are people with exceptional knowledge in sports like taekwondo, wrestling, equestrian, fencing, archery... Just to name...

  4. The money from provincial is newspaper hype, this was always to be a national government spend. The little worry is how the national government is dragging their feet, then again this is how they always are unfortunately and it was the same for 2010 world cup
  5. The city will fight on it until they get what they want out of the federation's. Frankly they hold the power for once
  6. Most inane comment ever award? Anyway. On UCI and Gymnastics. They both going to have a challenge on their hands. The committee have already repeatedly stated they will not pay for a velodrome. It's not a core required sport and we never propose it. If they wanna keep pushing, then bring some money to the table or shut it and walk away. On gymnastics that's a more complex one. It was never in the bid because again we don't have an existing venue able to cope with capacity and ceiling heights required. It was added as a mandatory event post the bidding stage. Seems the city is also pushing against this because technically it throws all their bid planning and finances out the window. A new venue would need to be built and a location found and a post games use found, not to mention finding money. They are not happy to be thrust this upon after the fact. What will happen here will something they might be forced to include and fund. But then it will make then even more hostile against any chance of cycling joining the picture
  7. I can't see this not going to South Africa. After being slapped in the face for both 2015 and 2019, to keep ignoring SA when the UK seems to constantly get it would not be a good move for stability in the management of world rugby Let a USA or Argentina try follow in 2027
  8. It did take us a long time to get interested, now the fun starts in scramble to the different events left out in... UCI bring your cheque book
  9. I still expect 2028 bid for Durban. Never trust a politician. Many of them have said you do not win on your first bid. I think the logic behind this article is they think they can win 2032 with a good Commonwealth games behind them, but I still see a bid coming through in 2028 even if its just a trial run. But yes, if it goes this way then I won't be surprised if it is Paris/LA/Durban for the next 3 games. Though I do want Hamburg for 2024
  10. From the bid teams Facebook. Great to see it official. One more step on the journey for Durban
  11. Tony I secretly got excited not seeing you for months. Let out to play again? Moving on... The government today gave full backing and signed the required financial support docs, so that hurdle out the way
  12. This is missing out the indoor venues at universities, the exhibition centre, the new multipurpose arena about to start construction at the beach front casino. We have a swimming centre, it needs expansion which they decided against doing for the Commonwealth games, instead going with the great Oceanside setting. This will be Olympic ready once redeveloped for the Commonwealth. Yes, we will need more venues, as any bid would. But we would not get a commonwealth games (which we will likely be awarded this coming wednesday) if we weren't up to par. In addition a big multisport high performance institute is under construction. And we have a 16 court tennis centre with main stadium at Westridgr, but it will require development. Any Olympic bid needs a few wow additions, those would come. But the city has more existing infrastructure than alot of recent bidders.
  13. See I see it very differently. Just because you and others buy into show pony tactics, doesn't mean others don't just get on with the task at hand. That's what the Durban bid team were doing all along. I rave is won at a vote, whether you convince 5mins before is irrelevant, its the substance that matters.
  14. Just to be clear, no one has announced that they bid. They are just giving the IOC and contractors a warm fuzzy that they might and that their could be more illicit funds lobbing about. Because the entire Olympics is football?? Blame your hate on TV sound quality, they are great in the stadium Yup. Gotta love them opinionated keyboard warriors
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