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  1. Australia's own bid was corrupt and dirty If not worse than Qatar as it was using Australian taxpayers money to grease the plans of corrupt 'consultants' and Jack Warner's pockets rather than oil money Frank Lowy should've paid for it out his own pocket rather than Kevin Rudd stupidly wasting the peoples money on a pie in the sky folly
  2. Brisbane Olympics? LOL LOL LOL times a million Olympics in the 21st century is now the domain of world cities not unknown backwaters. Atlanta saw to that Can see Melbourne hosting again in 2056 which is probably the next time it will make its way Down Under - just too much competition for the next 20 years for a serious Australian bid to succeed
  3. Hate to be cynical, but to smash a world record that was seen in athletics circles as one of the dirtiest of dirtiest world records by 0.55 seconds seems a 'too good to be true' Even a doped up Marion Jones led team couldn't beat it Guess we'll find out in 8 years time
  4. It may actually happen one day http://www.rt.com/sport/cliff-diving-hunt-silchenko-olympic-recognition-927/
  5. Replace the joke that is Olympic football with futsal
  6. agreed should be an IOC edict that the flame should be seen at all times not locked behind closed doors Another LOCOG cockup
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