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  1. On 1/4/2019 at 2:52 AM, Olympianfan said:

    So the bidding deadline happened for the 2026 Commonwealth Games and there are no news about the race from the Commonwealth Games federation about the 2026 Commonwealth Games, What is going on right now? 

    Nobody bid most likely

    Perth dropped out a day before the deadline


  2. Having had a re-watch, still bewildered that Sweden won

    Take away the hot looking guy+"oooh look such cool graphics" factor you are left with a bland rubbish song

    Eurovision lived up to the VISION part of it's name this time around and not as a SONG contest

    Italy had the best "song" performance and should've won just as they did via the general public televoting. Russia, Latvia & Belgium just behind them imho

  3. Good to see 7 have the rights - they seem to be the preferred multi-event broadcaster amongst Australians.

    Preferred by who?

    7's past olympic coverage has been utterly disgraceful

    While 9 was no better in 2012 at least they had FOXTEL as a partner and had multiple channels .... that won't happen while Kerry Stokes is in charge of 7

    Remember Yum Cha?

  4. Big ups to Australia if Qatar is stripped of it's hosting rights which could be as early as next week.

    Australia's own bid was corrupt and dirty

    If not worse than Qatar as it was using Australian taxpayers money to grease the plans of corrupt 'consultants' and Jack Warner's pockets rather than oil money

    Frank Lowy should've paid for it out his own pocket rather than Kevin Rudd stupidly wasting the peoples money on a pie in the sky folly

  5. In truth I know very few famous Australians. It was interesting read about those people.

    Depends on what you mean as "famous" .....

    Doubt that 99.95% of the Australian population would've ever heard of these people on the banknotes

    Monash maybe if you are Victorian ... as he has a university, a road, hospital & local council named after him, but even then doubt most would know of what the man did himself

  6. A friend of mine in Melbourne knows of an official bid which Baillieu will make public in coming months.

    Where are they going to hold it?

    MCG is the only viable option, but the cost to put in a track is extreme for a 1 week event

    Could hold it in the 2nd week of October after the AFL Grand Final if they do what they did with the Commonwealth Games is put the track in before and bury it for 6 months, but even then for the Comm Games the MCG needed to be reconfigured with some seating removed to fit it in

    Don't think they could fit a track inside Etihad?

    Unless they are planning to do something with the Smurf Turf Stadium at Albert Park? IAAF says the stadium must be a minimum of 30000 covered seats to host

  7. Adelaide planning for Games bid


    September 24, 2012 3:13PM

    THE South Australian government is considering a bid for Adelaide to host the Commonwealth Games, possibly in 2030.

    Premier Jay Weatherill says planning is underway and a final decision on whether or not to bid is still some time off.

    "But we think this would be a fantastic initiative to showcase South Australia," Mr Weatherill told reporters on Monday.

    "This would allow us to celebrate everything we love about our state. We're a great sporting state."

    South Australia last bid to host the Commonwealth Games in Adelaide in 1998 but was beaten out by Kuala Lumpur.

    As part of that bid the state government invested in key sporting infrastructure, including Adelaide's first indoor cycling velodrome.

    The government has helped to fund the construction of a new international-standard swimming centre and is redeveloping Adelaide Oval, the likely main stadium for a future Games.

    But even those facilities will need upgrading to host a Commonwealth Games that is still almost two decades away.

    Mr Weatherill said the infrastructure cost of hosting the Games would be "enormous" and the state government would likely require federal help.

    "That's something that we'd have to look at over time and budget for," he said.

    "It's a long way off, but those things need to be planned for now so that we can be in a position to make an effective bid when that opportunity rises."

    The next Commonwealth Games in 2014 are to be held in Glasgow while the Gold Coast will host the event in 2018.

    Games from then on are yet to be determined and a Facebook page has been set up to promote Perth as a possible 2030 venue and the Canadian Commonwealth Games Association has set a goal of hosting the event by 2030.

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