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  1. Coates is the epitome of IOC corruption

    Bribed corrupt IOC members to win Sydney 2000, rigged the system to win Brisbane 2032

    Only NOC President in Western Democracies to be paid a salary by their NOC and what a salary it was to ($500,000 a year plus) and been reported today that he will become AOC Honorary Life President and will be paid $150,000 a year for the rest of his life

    What a sick joke

  2. Quote

    Boring Commonwealth Games will cost Victoria too much

    Daniel Andrews is prepared to spend billions to stage the low-rent Olympics as a distraction from the woes of lockdown-ravaged Melbourne.


    February 18, 2022

    What’s the point of bringing a second rate athletics carnival to Victoria?

    We have no idea what it will cost and, quite frankly, no one cares about the Commonwealth Games anymore.

    The former British Empire Games have lost their shine.

    We’ll tune into the swimming but, deep down, we all know it’s just a low rent version of the Olympics.

    When Melbourne last held the Commonwealth Games, in 2006, the opening ceremony attracted 3.56 million television viewers.

    The opening of the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast drew just over two million viewers – still good numbers for TV these days but indicative of a decline in interest in the games.

    The Tokyo Olympics opening, by contrast, had 3.85 million viewers. Almost twice as many as the Comm Games.

    People get interested but they don’t get excited.

    And for this, the state government will have to stump up billions of dollars.

    South Australia considered a Commonwealth Games bid in 2019.

    A Deloitte report found it could cost as much as $3.5 billion to put on the 10-day event in 2026.

    That comes out to $350 million a day, $14.6 million each hour and $243,055 per minute.

    Victoria has not done this modelling. There is no indication of what staging the games would cost or what the potential economic benefit is.

    Premier Daniel Andrews is leading Victoria into this blind under the guise of wanting to attract tourists – in four years time, mind you.

    There is no plan to get tourist back to Melbourne this year but don’t worry, we’ll have them back by 2026.

    Of course, the government knows that its over-the-top restrictions discourage tourists.

    Andrews may have walked back his ham-fisted plan to enforce a triple dose for international visitors but they can also fly into parts of the country where they won’t be made to prove their vaccination status to buy a beer.

    And for as long as the mask mandate persists, people will avoid Melbourne.

    The Commonwealth Games is simply a distraction from all this and, unfortunately, a money pit.

    Even more perplexing is the proposal to have events dotted all over the countryside.

    I understand it from the perspective of building new infrastructure in the regions. Great. But will anyone actually go the distance?

    If you are one of these tourists who is going to be attracted to Victoria for the Commonwealth Games, you surely want all the events to be within reach?

    Say the swimming is in Ballarat and the athletics are in Shepparton.

    You land in Melbourne where you might want to stay for a night or two. Then you have to make your way to Ballarat and find accommodation.

    If the next event you want to see is in Shepparton, you have to repeat the process all over again.

    It takes five hours to catch the train back to Melbourne and then take one north.

    It might be okay if you have a car but it would be a nightmare for international tourists.

    Tasmania wanted it and we should have left it to them.


  3. 2 hours ago, AustralianFan said:

    Being a regional-led bid, my money’s on Kardinia Aquatics Centre being the 2026 swimming venue with installation of bigger capacity temporary grandstands. 

    It's more than just a few temporary grandstands, the Kardinia Aquatic Centre is just a local community pool you find in every country town, it has no facilities apart from a sparse changing room & small kiosk

    You need to build media facilities, proper athlete facilities, the diving facility is not of FINA standard

    It will cost millions to make it CG games minimum standard, millions which could be better spent elsewhere

  4. Anyway call me cynical, but I don't believe a word of what this government says about a Regional Games. This is the most deceitful, corrupt, lying, PR obsessed, manipulating government led by a egotistical tyrant (although that title is being challenged at the moment by the clown out West) in Australian History and anything they announce should be taken with a massive grain of salt

    There's an election coming in November and it would not surprise me one bit that this "regional focus" and promises of nice things to regional cities is all a sham just to gain votes at the November election and then after the election *BOOM*, "we've had independent analysis done of our 2026 plans and the best solution is to centralise the games in Melbourne"

  5. I'm sure for a a couple of million dollars, they could upgrade the Kardinia Pool into a temporary aquatic facility and for a another few million dollars more upgrade a velodrome into a temporary cycling facility and for a bit more than just a few million, upgrade Mars Stadium into Ballarat into a temporary Athletics facility

    But isn't the whole point of the "sustainable" & "cost effective" nature of major events now is in trying to avoid wasteful temporary solutions, when an hours drive down the road you have a aquatic facility, veoldrome & athletics track that could host an international event next weekend

  6. Kardinia Park/GHMBA is just too small of a field dimension to host an Athletics track without seriously ripping into the stands (which alone cost $20 million to remove/repair/return to Oval mode the MCG in 2006)

    It is even smaller (170x115m) than the MCG (173x148m) which needed a major ripup of seating and a full size IAAF standard track is 190x120m

  7. Despite what Andrews said today, most of the major events will be held in Melbourne. Could you see the Final of the Netball/Basketball being held in Bendigo with it's 4000 seat Stadium or you play it in Melbourne with 10,000+. Money will talk, they will want to squeeze every cent of revenue out of it to try and cover the cost

    There is no Aquatic Venue capable of hosting an international event in Geelong, so you either spend tens of millions building one or you just use the existing facility MSAC in Melbourne. Money talks

    There is no track cycling velodrome in Regional Victoria capable of hosting the event ... either once again you spend millions building one or use the existing facility in Melbourne

    Ditto with Track & Field. Are they really going to spend millions installing a one-off-track in Ballarat Mars Stadium as Andrews suggested (Geelong GHMBA Stadium too narrow for an Athletics track) or just slap up some temporary seating around Lakeside Stadium for a fraction of the cost

    Is just a bit of PR spin from a PR spin obsessed government pushing this "Regional" model, the major events will be held in Melbourne and the leftover slops in regional Victoria

    Could see the Opening Ceremony being held in Geelong GMHBA, the poor taxpayer has spend millions upon millions on that little stadium the past decade by both parties chasing votes, might as well get some use from our money for a change

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