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  1. She'll be nearly 70 by the time 2032 comes around, unlikely she'll make it till then and will be replaced in a few years.

    However still doesn't cover up the fact it should be an Australian in the role

    And what does she as an accountant/consultant bring to the role?

    Probably will find out in a few weeks she has close links to John Coates

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  2. One thing I know is that people (the Silent Majority) are starting to get very sick and tired by the continual whining from the professional Aboriginal Industry led by the Aboriginal Elite (the Thorpes, the Stewarts, the Clarks, the Bambletts, the Briggs, the Murrays) who have sucked billions upon billions of taxpayers money over the decades, while Aboriginals of need in Central/Outback Australia continue to be mistreated and ignored

    And the "progressive" left push the virtue signalling down people throats

    The Aboriginal elites needs to be careful or there will be a massive pushback and you'll see a large NO vote in any Voice forthcoming referendum if the push to have ordinary Australians seem to be foreigners in their own country continues

  3. 37 minutes ago, AustralianFan said:

    Early reports are that an events train platform will be installed near Mars Stadium in Ballarat.

    For Velocity trains that only have a maximum capacity of 222 people. There's not enough Velocity trains in the whole network that at capacity would be able to fill the Ballarat Stadium. V-Line signalling means only a maximum of 4 trains per hour can run on a regional line so at best they can deliver 888 people per hour to the stadium from Melbourne via train per hour for a trip than takes more than 90 minutes. Keep digging that whole son, Dan's paying you the big money for it

  4. https://www.smh.com.au/national/unwelcome-asides-disrespect-the-welcome-to-country-20191018-p531xq.html

    The welcome to country first occurred in 1976, when entertainers Ernie Dingo and Richard Walley developed a ceremony to welcome a group of Māori artists who were participating in the Perth International Arts Festival. The welcome, extended on behalf of the Noongar people, was intended to mirror the visitors' own traditions, while incorporating elements of Aboriginal culture.

  5. Quote

    Why a regional 2026 Commonwealth Games will be an el cheapo, country sports festival

    The crazy plan to hold the ‘26 Commonwealth Games in Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo and Morwell - rather than our sporting capital of Melbourne - is doomed to failure.


    12 August 2022

    If Victorians want to be held responsible for killing off the Commonwealth Games, then we should continue with this crazy plan to run them in the regions.

    Over 12 days from March 17 in 2026 the regional cities of Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong and Morwell will stage the major Commonwealth Games events.

    It’s a sporting festival no other Commonwealth country was willing to bid for, so games organisers opted for a scaled down, cheapo country sports festival.

    Melbourne will be ignored while Victoria will become a laughing-stock both nationally and internationally. Whatever happened to the proud claim that Melbourne was the sporting capital of the world?

    If that claim was ever true – and it’s clearly not that now – why in the hell would you hold a major sporting contest attracting an estimated 6500 athletes from 72 countries and territories and scatter them over four regions?

    At a cost to taxpayers of $2.6 billion, including infrastructure builds in all these places, why the hell are we leaving the best stadiums in Australia — the MCG and Marvel with its roof — sit idle?

    Surely the greatest asset Melbourne has, to stage a major sporting event like the games, is that we don’t have to build anything other perhaps than some athlete accommodation?

    The taxpayers of Victoria have built the tennis centre, a world class hockey complex in Parkville, the MSAC swimming complex in Albert Park and the rectangular AAMI park and it’s all linked by public transport.

    Let’s compare that existing list of venues capable of hosting massive crowds with this mad idea of using Eureka Stadium – must say I’ve never heard the Ballarat venue called that – that optimistically will hold 25,000 if they add temporary grandstands.

    Why would anyone in their right mind design a sporting event with an open and closing ceremony and run it around a dinky joint like Eureka while the MCG is empty?

    It makes absolutely no sense at all.

    We have just witnessed the staging of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, at Alexander stadium, a nine minute drive from the city centre or just over five kilometres from town.

    Geelong’s Eastern Beach may be pretty but a Commonwealth Games held in the regional city will be a scaled down, el cheapo country sports festival.

    The Victorian Games organisers are going to ask spectators to travel almost 120km to Ballarat which is a 2hr 30min drive on a good day or a long trip on a slow train.

    Surely someone realises if you want people to buy multiple tickets to attend a sport of their passion – say middle distance running – they are not going to make that trip for heats, semis and a final two or three times? Throw in Gippsland, as organisers have done, and explain who wants to go to Morwell to watch anything?

    This regionalised version of the games smacks clearly of politics. It has the dark hand of someone in the Andrews Government who has decided there are regional votes to be had at the November state election.

    Channelling the superb ABC series pre the Sydney Olympics called The Games, some smarty reckons if Geelong gets a new swim centre with an open-air pool and diving complex, the votes will flow like swimming gold.

    Throw in the old promise of cheap, affordable housing once athletes exit villages - built across Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo and in Gippsland - and even more votes flow your way.

    The political spin already being attached to this deranged idea is breathtaking. The Government estimates the games will contribute $3bn to the economy and create more than 600 jobs before the event, 3900 during and 3000 jobs when it’s over.

    On money alone, if we save the $2.6bn it will cost, and spend that money giving these communities upgraded health assets like hospitals and medical clinics, even schools rather than stadiums, we would be much better off.

    To top off the waste of taxpayers’ money being flushed into the regions to shore up votes, the whole project is being overseen by the third arm of the trio that this time last year had us locked up in lockdown number six.

    Remember Jerome Weimar, who along with Dan Andrews and Brett Sutton was the public face of playground lockdowns, curfews, protest busting police and arrests of old ladies in parks? Well he’s back.

    Weimar is the newly-installed Commonwealth Games Chief - not a bad job for a bloke who contributed to so much Melbourne misery in 2020 and 2021. On Tuesday he bobbed up on the Today show with presenter Ali Langdon.

    He was asked about comments from Lord Sebastian Coe, the chairman of World Athletics, who is already throwing shade on this whole regional idea.

    He waffled on about upgrades and legacy use facilities and tried to dodge a question about crowd sizes and atmosphere.

    Ali should have asked Weimar: ‘Would you rather watch Peter Bol, the 800m silver medallist, or Ollie Hoare winning gold in the 1500 metres in front of 100,000 people under lights at the MCG or 25,000 at Eureka Stadium in Ballarat?’

    Quite simply, Melbourne and Victoria have an easy answer here. Ditch the well-meaning, vote harvesting regional thought bubble idea and bring the event to Melbourne.

    Use our world class taxpayer funded sports assets for what they are designed for, big crowd events and use the games as an advertisement of Melbourne.

    Save most of our $2.6bn and use if for what the regions really need, health and housing and give people from the bush free tickets.


  6. 3 hours ago, yoshi said:

    I hope you have good trains

    LOL. Regional rail is a joke in Victoria even after spending billions of dollars to create services even slower than previous services. Oh and who was the head of the failed & corrupt (V/Line) Regional Rail Victoria? The same clown that is now the CEO of Victoria 2026. Herr Commander

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  7. It will be a folly/disaster because of it's setup. All nice and fine in theory putting it in "regional" cities, but when we are talking regional cities with not more than 100,000. The population bases on these cities are just not big enough to fill stadiums day in day out. How many local residents of Morwell (population 15,000) and going to buy tickets to a Basketball Preliminary of Ghana vs. Falkland Islands

    The distances are too far for Melbourne people to travel, by road or by the woeful regional train network

    We've just had a great games in Birmingham with capacity crowds, Victoria 2026 will be a huge step back for the CGs. It's not too late to centralise the main sports in Melbourne as it should've been since Day 1

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  8. Coates is the epitome of IOC corruption

    Bribed corrupt IOC members to win Sydney 2000, rigged the system to win Brisbane 2032

    Only NOC President in Western Democracies to be paid a salary by their NOC and what a salary it was to ($500,000 a year plus) and been reported today that he will become AOC Honorary Life President and will be paid $150,000 a year for the rest of his life

    What a sick joke

  9. Quote

    Boring Commonwealth Games will cost Victoria too much

    Daniel Andrews is prepared to spend billions to stage the low-rent Olympics as a distraction from the woes of lockdown-ravaged Melbourne.


    February 18, 2022

    What’s the point of bringing a second rate athletics carnival to Victoria?

    We have no idea what it will cost and, quite frankly, no one cares about the Commonwealth Games anymore.

    The former British Empire Games have lost their shine.

    We’ll tune into the swimming but, deep down, we all know it’s just a low rent version of the Olympics.

    When Melbourne last held the Commonwealth Games, in 2006, the opening ceremony attracted 3.56 million television viewers.

    The opening of the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast drew just over two million viewers – still good numbers for TV these days but indicative of a decline in interest in the games.

    The Tokyo Olympics opening, by contrast, had 3.85 million viewers. Almost twice as many as the Comm Games.

    People get interested but they don’t get excited.

    And for this, the state government will have to stump up billions of dollars.

    South Australia considered a Commonwealth Games bid in 2019.

    A Deloitte report found it could cost as much as $3.5 billion to put on the 10-day event in 2026.

    That comes out to $350 million a day, $14.6 million each hour and $243,055 per minute.

    Victoria has not done this modelling. There is no indication of what staging the games would cost or what the potential economic benefit is.

    Premier Daniel Andrews is leading Victoria into this blind under the guise of wanting to attract tourists – in four years time, mind you.

    There is no plan to get tourist back to Melbourne this year but don’t worry, we’ll have them back by 2026.

    Of course, the government knows that its over-the-top restrictions discourage tourists.

    Andrews may have walked back his ham-fisted plan to enforce a triple dose for international visitors but they can also fly into parts of the country where they won’t be made to prove their vaccination status to buy a beer.

    And for as long as the mask mandate persists, people will avoid Melbourne.

    The Commonwealth Games is simply a distraction from all this and, unfortunately, a money pit.

    Even more perplexing is the proposal to have events dotted all over the countryside.

    I understand it from the perspective of building new infrastructure in the regions. Great. But will anyone actually go the distance?

    If you are one of these tourists who is going to be attracted to Victoria for the Commonwealth Games, you surely want all the events to be within reach?

    Say the swimming is in Ballarat and the athletics are in Shepparton.

    You land in Melbourne where you might want to stay for a night or two. Then you have to make your way to Ballarat and find accommodation.

    If the next event you want to see is in Shepparton, you have to repeat the process all over again.

    It takes five hours to catch the train back to Melbourne and then take one north.

    It might be okay if you have a car but it would be a nightmare for international tourists.

    Tasmania wanted it and we should have left it to them.


  10. 2 hours ago, AustralianFan said:

    Being a regional-led bid, my money’s on Kardinia Aquatics Centre being the 2026 swimming venue with installation of bigger capacity temporary grandstands. 

    It's more than just a few temporary grandstands, the Kardinia Aquatic Centre is just a local community pool you find in every country town, it has no facilities apart from a sparse changing room & small kiosk

    You need to build media facilities, proper athlete facilities, the diving facility is not of FINA standard

    It will cost millions to make it CG games minimum standard, millions which could be better spent elsewhere

  11. Anyway call me cynical, but I don't believe a word of what this government says about a Regional Games. This is the most deceitful, corrupt, lying, PR obsessed, manipulating government led by a egotistical tyrant (although that title is being challenged at the moment by the clown out West) in Australian History and anything they announce should be taken with a massive grain of salt

    There's an election coming in November and it would not surprise me one bit that this "regional focus" and promises of nice things to regional cities is all a sham just to gain votes at the November election and then after the election *BOOM*, "we've had independent analysis done of our 2026 plans and the best solution is to centralise the games in Melbourne"

  12. I'm sure for a a couple of million dollars, they could upgrade the Kardinia Pool into a temporary aquatic facility and for a another few million dollars more upgrade a velodrome into a temporary cycling facility and for a bit more than just a few million, upgrade Mars Stadium into Ballarat into a temporary Athletics facility

    But isn't the whole point of the "sustainable" & "cost effective" nature of major events now is in trying to avoid wasteful temporary solutions, when an hours drive down the road you have a aquatic facility, veoldrome & athletics track that could host an international event next weekend

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