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  1. So all of Dan's lies are starting to be exposed

    LIE - "The CGF came to us begging us to bid"



    the state went to extraordinary lengths to secure the event, with a Visit Victoria team proposing a regional Games in person to the Commonwealth Games Federation president Dame Louise Livingstone Martin in December 2021. 

    This was before it had even held talks with Commonwealth Games Australia, and three months ahead of Mr Andrews publicly announcing Victoria wanted to host the 2026 Games.

    EXPOSED - Andrews has form cancelling world class events



    Volleyball Australia president Craig Carracher has revealed the Victorian Government cancelled a commitment to host the 2025 beach volleyball world titles last October – claiming they pulled the pin just two weeks after agreeing to a deal worth $15 million.

    Events was supposed to be a Test Event for the 2026 Comm Games, so raises more questions that the 2026 Comm Games were already on the chopping block

    An Andrews Govt own commissioned report in 2019 said that a Regional Victoria games would 'not be viable' until at least 2034


    Even yesterday he was still pushing the lie that Victoria was the only bidder

    Ummmmm .... 


    CGF/CGA got conned by the Vic Gov lies, took their word on face value otherwise we should be looking forward to Tasmania 2026



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  2. Yes yes everything is all right wing cooker LNP conspiracy :rolleyes:



    Andrews put his foot in it in his press conference just now contradicting himself from yesterday stating that events could not be moved to Melbourne because the CGF signed a host city contract with Regional Victoria, despite the fact the CGF/CGA told them to cut costs and use Melbourne venues. Dude can't get his lies straight

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  3. All the articles today get to the point that Andrews and his Government were incompetent fools

    Repeatedly told time after time after time, that this regional model was broken and would not work (which people on here and other places have been saying since day dot), but they ignored all expert advice and ploughed on like they knew better

    The arrogance is astonishing

    As The Age puts it "In a normal government, someone would resign over such a colossal embarrassment" but people are trying to defend the indefensible and paint Andrews as a saviour

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  4. 10 hours ago, Australian Kiwi said:

    Denver - and Colorado more broadly - called out the IOC for the bullshit way back when they were getting away with it. Colorado has gone on to be a mecca for international winter sports and has hosted numerous high calibre alpine events. 

    The USOC rejected Denver for the 2030 WOG bid, and just recently FIFA rejected Denver for their 2026 city hosting bid. Articles both mentioning still what happened 50 years ago as one of the reasons for rejection

    Don't kid yourself, what happened yesterday was an international embarrassment that will take decades to forget

  5. 1 hour ago, Victorian said:

    The reality is a major multi sports event may never come to Victoria again! Our reputation has now been severely damaged.

    You can kiss goodbye any chance of Melbourne hosting any future FIFA World Cup/World Club Clup Finals/Semi Finals or Rugby World Cup Final in 2027. No major sports organisation will send their World Champs Melbourne's way either anytime soon. F1 will be feeling pretty shaky too now, MotoGP is already on its last legs and rumoured to move to SA

    Just look at Denver in 1976, they still haven't recovered from that internationally same with Montreal

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  6. You know things are bad when you've got the king of corruption John Coates taking potshots at you


    Olympic supremo John Coates has said the cancellation of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games is a “terrible embarrassment for Australian sport”.

    The news has devastated the sports world, while a high-ranking event official said the Victorian government was “repeatedly” warned about hosting the Games in regional areas but “they wouldn’t be told”.

    Mr Coates, one of the world’s leading sporting administrators who has been involved in every Olympic summer games since 1976, says the Victorian government should not have bid for the games without their business case “stacking up”.

    “This is a terrible embarrassment to Australian sport,” Mr Coates, who is vice-president of the International Olympic Committee, told The Australian.

    “We shouldn’t be bidding for events unless we know that we have the necessary commitments and support of the various governments – and unless the business case stacks up, clearly though from what Daniel Andrews is telling us now, it didn’t – and it didn’t support [the business case].

    “I think the other thing is and we’re seeing now the individual sport model goes pretty well because it’s over a longer period. The Matildas are playing for an extended period with 32 teams involved in the World Cup. The rugby World Cup in 2027 – I believe they will be a great successes. And you have to wonder then, what is the future for the Commonwealth Games?”

    Coates, who last year stepped down as the Australian Olympic Committee president after 32 years, said he was always concerned about the regional games model floated by the Victorian government.

    “I haven’t studied the financials for it, but I was always sceptical about the viability of a regional games,” Coates said.

    “The way you’ve got to build venues or create temporary venues, when there are very big venues already existing in Melbourne. Then there is the ticketing revenue which is going to be less…how the government could have got it so wrong – I don’t know”.

  7. 14 minutes ago, Australian Kiwi said:

    Didn't you just share a bunch of news stories that claimed that the $7.5budget for 2026 was a lie?

    My mistake, I fell into the trap of actually believing what Dan Andrews said was true

    Sorry should've known better

  8. Going back 10 years


    The Minister then tabled legal advice to GOLDOC in 2012, under the former Newman government, detailing the potential fallout of cancelling the Games.

    “The advice ... provided at that time was that such an order would do immeasurable damage to the standing of the state of Queensland and the Gold Coast as a host city and that the damages that would be forced to be paid by the state if the Commonwealth Games were axed would be in excess of $1 billion,” she said.

    So, Victorian taxpayers will be on the hook for another $1 billion plus eh, just like paying out $1.1 billion for not building a road

  9. The CGF rightfully rips the corrupt Vic govt a new one! 


    The reasons given are financial. The numbers quoted to us today of $6 billion are 50% more than those advised to the Organising Committee board at its meeting in June. 

    These figures are attributed to price escalation primarily due to the unique regional delivery model that Victoria chose for these Games, and in particular relate to village and venue builds and transport infrastructure. 

    Since awarding Victoria the Games, the Government has made decisions to include more sports and an additional regional hub, and changed plans for venues, all of which have added considerable expense, often against the advice of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) and Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA).


  10. Quote

    A high-ranking event industry official said the Victorian government had been repeatedly warned of a cost blow out by hosting the Commonwealth Games in regional areas.

    “But the Victorian Government wouldn’t be told,” they said. “With the Games being hosted in so many different regional places, the cost was going to be five times the amount [of it being hosted solely in Melbourne].”

    A case in point was the proposal of building a temporary velodrome in Bendigo when there is already an international velodrome at John Cain Arena in Melbourne.

    “Event industry professionals always had eyebrows raised about why you would leave so many world class venues empty,” a source said. “They had all the infrastructure in and around Melbourne…”

    “It was done to get votes for the election in regional Victoria, and so now, the actual cancelling is a smart political move, no one is fussed…but the sports will care…”

    Andrews arrogance killed the Games

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