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  1. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-04-05/graham-quirk-john-coates-brisbane-2032-olympics/103669908

    New stadium still in the wings

    Mr Quirk is adamant Brisbane will need a new stadium in the near future.

    "The reality is Stadiums Queensland have a report showing the Gabba will reach the end of its useful life around 2030.

    "You can extend that a bit but at some point in the next decade a government will have to build a new stadium.

    "We don't have a tier one stadium and that means we're not competitive. There are a lot of events that aren't coming here."

    Mr Coates declined to comment.

  2. NRL is a better TV sport while AFL gets higher crowds at actual games

    Sydney NRL teams would kill for the Swans crowds. GWS meh not so much but they still average what the NRL do

    Put the Lions in a bigger stadium with better facilities and they would easily outdraw the Broncos 

    Isn't that the whole point about the stadium debate? Filling a stadium makes money

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