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  1. Wait a week until we find out that Hook was the Doubles Partner of John Coates wife at the local tennis club This appointment smells fishy
  2. She'll be nearly 70 by the time 2032 comes around, unlikely she'll make it till then and will be replaced in a few years. However still doesn't cover up the fact it should be an Australian in the role And what does she as an accountant/consultant bring to the role? Probably will find out in a few weeks she has close links to John Coates
  3. Is this some kind of joke? No Australian qualified enough to be CEO, have to import a Yank who in her own words was retiring and heading back to the US from Singapore This appointment needs to be investigated
  4. Said it at the time and will say it again Brisbane 2032 will be a disaster The Corruption King John Coates Ultimate Folly
  5. One thing I know is that people (the Silent Majority) are starting to get very sick and tired by the continual whining from the professional Aboriginal Industry led by the Aboriginal Elite (the Thorpes, the Stewarts, the Clarks, the Bambletts, the Briggs, the Murrays) who have sucked billions upon billions of taxpayers money over the decades, while Aboriginals of need in Central/Outback Australia continue to be mistreated and ignored And the "progressive" left push the virtue signalling down people throats The Aboriginal elites needs to be careful or there will be a massive pushback and you'll see a large NO vote in any Voice forthcoming referendum if the push to have ordinary Australians seem to be foreigners in their own country continues
  6. I'll leave it to Wurundjeri elder Ian Hunter then who told 3AW that the current trend in Welcome to Country & Acknowledgement of Country by government agencies & businesses was "unnecessary and condescending"
  7. As your own link says, the version now used pointlessly in meetings, Qantas planes and Coles dockets was created in the 1970's
  8. For Velocity trains that only have a maximum capacity of 222 people. There's not enough Velocity trains in the whole network that at capacity would be able to fill the Ballarat Stadium. V-Line signalling means only a maximum of 4 trains per hour can run on a regional line so at best they can deliver 888 people per hour to the stadium from Melbourne via train per hour for a trip than takes more than 90 minutes. Keep digging that whole son, Dan's paying you the big money for it
  9. I have yet to see a valid response to Seb Coe/Herald-Suns' concern on how Ballarat with a population of 100,000 will fill a stadium of 30,000 day in, day out of 7 days for each and every morning/night session ... I await your answer as the Herr Commander won't answer it himself
  10. https://www.smh.com.au/national/unwelcome-asides-disrespect-the-welcome-to-country-20191018-p531xq.html The welcome to country first occurred in 1976, when entertainers Ernie Dingo and Richard Walley developed a ceremony to welcome a group of Māori artists who were participating in the Perth International Arts Festival. The welcome, extended on behalf of the Noongar people, was intended to mirror the visitors' own traditions, while incorporating elements of Aboriginal culture.
  11. LOL. Regional rail is a joke in Victoria even after spending billions of dollars to create services even slower than previous services. Oh and who was the head of the failed & corrupt (V/Line) Regional Rail Victoria? The same clown that is now the CEO of Victoria 2026. Herr Commander
  12. It will be a folly/disaster because of it's setup. All nice and fine in theory putting it in "regional" cities, but when we are talking regional cities with not more than 100,000. The population bases on these cities are just not big enough to fill stadiums day in day out. How many local residents of Morwell (population 15,000) and going to buy tickets to a Basketball Preliminary of Ghana vs. Falkland Islands The distances are too far for Melbourne people to travel, by road or by the woeful regional train network We've just had a great games in Birmingham with capacity crowds, Victoria 2026 will be a huge step back for the CGs. It's not too late to centralise the main sports in Melbourne as it should've been since Day 1
  13. Good on Lord Coe for speaking up on the folly that will be Victoria 2026 He's spot on, people from Melbourne won't travel due to distance/lack of accommodation and the population base of Ballarat is not big enough to fill the stadium day after day (especially for morning heat sessions) Move it to Lakeside Stadium
  14. They'll be plenty of his IOC colleagues to welcome him into the special IOC sub-section in hell. The Little Spanish Fascist in his blue shirt & white jacket will save him a seat at the table
  15. Coates is the epitome of IOC corruption Bribed corrupt IOC members to win Sydney 2000, rigged the system to win Brisbane 2032 Only NOC President in Western Democracies to be paid a salary by their NOC and what a salary it was to ($500,000 a year plus) and been reported today that he will become AOC Honorary Life President and will be paid $150,000 a year for the rest of his life What a sick joke
  16. It's more than just a few temporary grandstands, the Kardinia Aquatic Centre is just a local community pool you find in every country town, it has no facilities apart from a sparse changing room & small kiosk You need to build media facilities, proper athlete facilities, the diving facility is not of FINA standard It will cost millions to make it CG games minimum standard, millions which could be better spent elsewhere
  17. Anyway call me cynical, but I don't believe a word of what this government says about a Regional Games. This is the most deceitful, corrupt, lying, PR obsessed, manipulating government led by a egotistical tyrant (although that title is being challenged at the moment by the clown out West) in Australian History and anything they announce should be taken with a massive grain of salt There's an election coming in November and it would not surprise me one bit that this "regional focus" and promises of nice things to regional cities is all a sham just to gain votes at the November election and then after the election *BOOM*, "we've had independent analysis done of our 2026 plans and the best solution is to centralise the games in Melbourne"
  18. I'm sure for a a couple of million dollars, they could upgrade the Kardinia Pool into a temporary aquatic facility and for a another few million dollars more upgrade a velodrome into a temporary cycling facility and for a bit more than just a few million, upgrade Mars Stadium into Ballarat into a temporary Athletics facility But isn't the whole point of the "sustainable" & "cost effective" nature of major events now is in trying to avoid wasteful temporary solutions, when an hours drive down the road you have a aquatic facility, veoldrome & athletics track that could host an international event next weekend
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