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  1. Awwwww now don't be a sore sport james...the only competition that matter at this time was this one.......Halifax should spend the rest of its unnatural sitting to study where they went wrong and where Glasgow went right......of course most wont be sitting for very long anyway. When is the next municipal election? But alas even I must be truthful, there is no real victory if there was no real competition!
  2. Well put Scottish! And I so agree with your assessment of the action of others. They will never learn rule number 1: NEVER GET A SCOT ANGRY: WE GET BUSY! Surely an unfair fight indeed! ....
  3. Ohhhhhhh... there is sooooo much I could say... but I already said it.....it is where I said it would be and where it ought to be... GLASGOW Check out their website for their celebrations on this most joyous victory.......OH HAPPY DAY! For the record...You cannot give 'something' to someone who already had it...WHOOSH THERE IT IS!!! and here it AINT: How the heck 'Halifax' thought to be of the same calibre as GLASGOW is best saved for the petri dish.... ps. for the most recent news of HRM and its corruption ... www.responsevoices.blogspot.com And to Halifax..well... see you all in court where you belong..... spiral out @ Gayle McIntyre: Glaswegian to the bone babay!
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