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  1. Lol ! Cuz yur history's boring that why ^^ !! Jokes jokes.
  2. Yehs !! the "people" that organised the sydney olympics . Already organised the doha asian games. Did you know that australia is thought to have the best fireworks organization ! GO SYDNEY !!
  3. lOl !! Okay? Im just hopeing its not gonna make people over look the sydney games. Coz i think it was the best ! i bet the the beijing games will be mostly about their history.. Although i also bet there will be a little "modern" bits in the opening ceremony. But still.. SYDNEY 2000 GAMES RULE !! Um.. did yo0h beijing was sooooooooooo close by hosting the 2000 games? Lol most the "majority" for the 1st,2nd,3rd bid .. but 4th beijing only lost to sydney of i think 4 points? ahahahs.. We won the"millennium games" ahahs..too bad !!
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