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  1. Oooh, nice view. The Olympic Park in the background doesn't look bad either. I've only been to Seoul. Wasn't able to visit the Jamsil Sports Complex (tho I saw the stadium while riding an elevated commuter train), but you can somehow see traces of the 1988 games. One subway station I passed through was Hodori-themed and had directional signs for Olympic venues. The inn I stayed at had a die-cast stadium ashtray in the lobby so I guess that also counts. Would like to visit London, Barcelona, and Munich.
  2. It's not just the architecture. I'm surprised that architecture is even a major factor in picking host city favorites! You can find buildings and supertalls and old stuff and the occasional Starchitect piece in any city anyway. I can't quite put my finger on it, but you know how certain cities have this sparkle or appeal even just by the mention of their name? Arguably you'd want the Olympics to be held in a city with that ~magic~. To be honest I never thought of Chicago as host city material (and not in an I-don't-know-where-but-certainly-not-there-way -- it just didn't cross my mind), but when I found out that they were bidding for 2016, I thought, Heeeey they're right. Why didn't I think of that!
  3. Oops, I apologize for the rather hostile tone of my response. I got carried away with the flag/anthem bit and started imagining what-if scenarios. Sydney's anthem is one of my all-time favorite segments in any OC ever. Even the horses' exit with the hundred fluttering flags gave me chills. I actually have the Julie Anthony mp3 in my iPod and I've managed to memorize the whole thing (better than most Australians -- I even know the entire 2nd verse, haha) because of repeated play. Now back to the cauldron discussion.
  4. Sure, it could've been done better, but the London 2012 cauldron isn't that much of an affront to me. As long as there's a flame burning for the duration of the Games regardless of its location, then I'm good. What I cannot accept is the idea of degrading the host country's flag and anthem during the OC. Come Games-time, it's their show and they can do whatever the hell they please in return for spending billions for the Olympics. Can you imagine the public anger if the IOC required that the host country's flag must be lower or not be raised at all/anthem not be played during the OC in the guise of equality for all participating nations? In relation to all this talk about traditions, I think the Olympics is in need of updating. Obviously the sports line-up needs to be revised (how many of them are there just because of tradition even without a global appeal and participation?), but for me I also want to drop French as a mandatory language and Greek athletes being the first to enter the stadium. Even if I'm an Olympics enthusiast, I find these to be too archaic and lacking in gravitas to merit a spot in the traditions list nowadays. In a broader perspective, I feel that they just end up being a case of veneration without understanding for the general spectator. And of course, most importantly, I hope that the IOC veers away from the mega-billion overblown Games and picks more sensible, sustainable bids. It's wishful thinking right now, but that's one tradition I would gladly welcome and am desperate to see being broken and ended.
  5. They should have tried to clean it up and wipe the soot from the petals (or at least the outer ones) after transferring the cauldron. Poor thing looks toasted. I'm surprised it burned up badly. Perhaps Heatherwick should have chosen another material.
  6. The article says they kept the flame burning in a miner's lamp. So at least the 'original' flame is still intact -- assuming that they lit the lamp from one of the petals that the torchbearers lit (and assuming that it was the flame from the torch that ignited the petal and not just a Barcelona-type ignition). Given these assumptions, I've no problem with the cauldron being extinguished for transfer. Given the cauldron's low height and seemingly fragile structure, I don't think moving it to a spot in the park would be a good idea. If you want a WTF-what-have-they-done-to-the-flame moment, look no further than Torino 2006. Heck, even the Barcelona cauldron lighting was technically sacrilegious.
  7. Not exactly the official look but Olympics-related nonetheless -- I think many were hoping that the look would be more dynamic and shards-y, like this: From here: Opening Ceremony Olympic pop-up store opens in London
  8. This was a frustrating loss. NED had possession of the ball throughout the match and had many, many goal attempts.
  9. "So hideous hate this hate that rubbish horrible shoulda woulda coulda ugh blah blah" Come on, people! Remember when the brand was unveiled and everyone exhausted the thesaurus entries for 'ugly' and wanted to gouge their eyes? Admittedly I myself was taken aback my the pink-and-blue colorway at first, but I thought the core concept was very clever. I wondered how the rest of the look would turn out, holding on to the notion that if there's any city in the world that can pull this off, it would be London. And now, almost five years after the launch, it's all coming together nicely -- the pictograms, the look, the uniforms, even the architecture of the venues. It has definitely aged well. It looks so current and unified compared with those of previous games. It doesn't have that generic "swishy swashy doodly curvy blotches set in the 8-color crayola palette with some tropicana variation sometimes" look that is so typical not only in the Olympics but in other similar events as well. The influence of the look is palpable, too -- how many infills and geometric motifs have we seen in the fantasy logo and bid competitions here? The Team GB uniforms are awesome as well. The general opinion is that it's not British enough. Why, if that's the case then we might as well make the athletes wear something like this: Which will match the logo that everyone feels is the right one for London: That will inspire the look of the games, too! Groundbreaking.
  10. I'd pick the flaming arrow of Barcelona 1992 as the most memorable, and I daresay most iconic moment, of any OC. Other picks: Australian national anthem, Sydney 2000 WTC flag, Salt Lake 2002 Rings of fire, Athens 2004 Countdown/Welcome drums, Beijing 2008
  11. I just checked the Durban logo comp thread and I can see the images already. Thanks for fixing it!
  12. I keep seeing this all over the forums instead of the actual images: And when I went to the the registry site (http://stream.imageshack.us/content.php?page=register_domain), it says there that "Only Owners, Administrators, Operators, or Moderators may register the domain." Not sure if I'm supposed to be the one registering it or GBMod, so any help or clarification would be appreciated.
  13. 1. I liked the henna hands and the train segments. The Ghandi segment was nice, but rather undeveloped. 2. That floating blimp thing was underused. They could've done without it. 3. It was dragging and felt self-indulgent at some points. Needed editing and a tighter narrative. 4. In relation to the comments about the empty-looking field, I think the stadium space in general wasn't used to its full OC potential. Could've done a lot more with the floor and even the tent-like roofs. Wanted to see more stuff rising from the floor, floating elements, and more surface projections.
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