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  1. Agree to disagree For the sake of the CWG Federation, I think the future is in indeed what you say, smaller, regionalised, cost-effective but for 2022, the win will be to recover, lift the profile, make it relevant. London, and then after that Sydney, Melbourne would be a big win for 2022. This does not suggest that the future is in "big-city" hosts.
  2. I really do not think it is a host city vs. host country debate. There will always be venues within 50-100km which should be used, rather than justifying spending on new venues within a city-region. In my view this is not a question of scale or spending, but of the quality of host city, the profile, relevance, and the platform for the CWG and athletes. In my view, London 2022, Sydney 2026 etc. is what . CWG Fed would also need to rethink its marketing, broadcasting, governance and other structures. I don't think limiting spending, or the sports/venues answers the actual qu
  3. I don't think right now it is about which cities are "better", but rather which city has the potential to grow or lift the relevant, profile and broadcasting appeal of the CWG. I agree with the sentiment that the CWG are suited to smaller cities, and that the city and its scale lends itself to a festival of sorts, but surely London, Sydney, Melbourne hosting will be a real win for the CWG going forward?
  4. My organisation hosted two events (with 3 visits) in Durban in the last 6 months focussed on broadly, planning, urbanism, and promoting dialogue about the future direction. There was simply no Commonwealth Games on the radar, and little to no information presented or availble, even to those in-the-know about planning, architecture and related fields. Too late this for this though. Interested to see if Melbourne, Glasgow, etc. steps in. While London seems unlikely, I think the future of the CWG needs the CWGF to do something to strike a deal with London, and somehow put the Games
  5. A disappointing games on so many fronts. Will certainly cement Paris' bid as the clear favourite.
  6. Better than London. Some weak parts (cauldron) but London lacked resonance and a sense of occasion apart from the sparkling rings. Rio, in my opinion, was better, but that is not saying much. Sydney, Athens and Beijing remain in a league of their own.
  7. Will be difficult to win on an international stage if the field attracts major cities. Best of luck, and not impossible of course.
  8. South Africa's Paralympic star makes her Olympic debut Paralympic swimmer makes Olympian breakthrough JAMES CHRISTIE Globe and Mail Update May 3, 2008 at 11:52 AM EDT The headlines about a South African amputee athlete trying to crash the party at the able-bodied Beijing Olympic Games had all gone to a man romantically dubbed the "Blade Runner," but the honour of making the breakthrough goes to a bold amputee swimmer named Natalie du Toit. The Cape Town swimmer, who lost a leg in a motor scooter accident at 16 after narrowly missing out on the Sydney Games in 2000, finally fulfilled he
  9. Port Elizabeth, south africa. a bid that will build every venue.
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