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  1. With Paris all but certain to be in the race for 2024 and to a lesser extent the other European cities - the best case scenario for the USOC was going to be to have a city become a partner with the USOC for at least a two games cycle and let that city go through the process for 2024 with little expectations for winning but setting themselves up to go up against South Africa in 2028 with the experience and contacts etc.. that they gained through the earlier bid. That's gone now. Even if Boston makes it to the finish line, there is absolutely zero chance that they would continue on a second time
  2. This is one of the better articles I've read on the subject. http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/252955/how-boston-2024-was-done-in-by-old-time-marketing.html
  3. I think flames are ok. Torches are not. I adored Chicago's first bid logo though. Too bad it had to go. Agreed. Although I was fine with their second choice I thought there was a certain majesty to the first one. Madrid had a Flame as their 2012 logo and NYC had a torch and Flame (admittedly from the Statue of Liberty but still the imagery is intended to be Olympic) I can understand why Istanbul would want to get away at this point from the stylized "I" that was their logo for every one of their previous bids but I always loved that logo. It was simple, elegant and worked on so many levels.
  4. The top portion gives the impression of the Olympic Flame. I thought (after Chicago had to change their logo) that flame imagery was a no go.
  5. Overall - I believe these Games will be looked back at as a great success. The venues were spectacular, no horror stories about transportation/organization and the athletic achievements were incredible. The Beijing Games are worth being remembered as one of the greatest ever - but in the end nowhere near the success of some other of the recent Games. Some problems - the empty seat issue was not something I expected at THESE Games. The vagariess of the weather and the smog of the early days of the Games. The reports of lack of a games atmosphere outside the venues and throughout the city. The
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