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  2. Yeah, how do I create a thread with multi-polls? Or how can you amalgamate 2 or more polls into one?
  3. The IOC desparately needs an audience. There's always going to be tradition within Olympic Movement. That won't change. But formality and dignity might not be the right way to go. Although it may be part of the tradition. The question that runs in my mind is how are they going to "pass the torch" to the next generation? Right now as we speak, the World Cup has the largest audience of any sporting event. The Olympics are number 2. I mean ballerinas dressed in tutus are fine. But, how is the olympic message going to connect to people. Everyday people! You gotta give big ups to marketing. The power to make people believe, this movement is REAL!
  4. With the exception of Celine Dion (never showed up at Live 8 Barrie) absolutely! Dobacarcol, La Chicane, Les Trois Accord, and others.
  5. Well let's define culture shall we... Culture is defined in so many ways. Sociologically, culture is a complex whole consisting of knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, customs, and other capabilities and habits. It is reflected by how we dress, the language we speak, or the food we eat and drink. It is a learned behaviour of a society or group. Culture is what makes the structure of institutions, family, social relationships, and the organization of production. In other words, culture seems to be almost everything. Culture is simply a way of life. Now I can talk about Canadian music all day and never get bored. I was only trying to suggest musical artists to play at the Olympics. Music is just a part of our culture. It always has. But I can also talk about Canada's film and television industry. So many movies being shot in Canada, and the NFB has a long catalog of documentaries! Or the Group of Seven. There's something very magical when looking at Emily Carr's work at art. Or the aboriginal ways of life. I know for sure that aboriginal culture will be represented at the ceremonies... Or the sports will play. Hockey, Lacrosse, Canadian Football, etc. Or the hundred of the different cultures from around the world that blend in creating this multicultural mosaic of colours and textures. There all different facets of culture! And they all should somehow should be implemented within the ceremony!
  6. White Stripes? :oo: Nice try but they're from Detroit my friend. You might as well invite Kid Rock, Gladis Knight, the Temptations, and Eminem over to play! No I'm kind of skeptical if Neil Young is ever going to live a another few years just to play Vancouver! He just did brain surgery to remove a tumour last year in time for Live 8 (which I happily attended in Barrie) :ghostface: If he stays healthy in the next few years, he probably will show up! As for reuniting "The Band"... :oo: :suspect:...no. The thing about old classic rock bands is that they might not have the right stuff to belt it. They might need an ivy for that one. Joni Mitchell...hmmm...let me sleep on that one for a bit. Just a technical thing. If Vancouver is ever gonna hire big names for an Olympic gig, they might need the assistance of Micheal Cohl, or another better promoter from House of Blues or Clear Channel Entertainment.
  7. More artists to consider...(takes a deep breath) Swollen Members, Kardinal Offishall, Maestro, Snow, Kazzer, Classified, Rascalz, Choclair, Simple Plan, Three Days Grace, The Philosopher Kings, Jacksoul, Diana Krall, Micheal Buble, the Salads, Sam Roberts, Rush, the Guess Who (no scratch that),Bedouin Soundclash, Metric, Theory of a Deadman, Nickelback, Hedley, Melissa O' Neal, Suzie McNeil, INXS with J.D. Fortune, Katlan Porter, Ashley McIssac, Leahy, Billy Talent, Rex Goudy, Debroah Cox, Death from Above 1979, The Arcade Fire, Alexisonfire, The Tea Party, Prozac, Love Inc., Ryan Malcolm, Tom Cochrane, Alanis Morrisette, Divine Brown, the Constantines, Jully Black, Broken Social Scene, Wolf Parade, the New Pornographers, Final Fantasy, Sarah Harmer, George Canyon, Terri Clark, Kathleen Edwards, Cuff the Duke, Paul Brandt, Daniel Powter...phew...and Neil Young! That's it! There's too much talent to make the Grammys look bad! Don't miss the Junos on April 2!
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