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  1. The stocking in the stores is all based on city size, so generally, Calgary as alarge city should have a good selection but as your friend goes to smaller cities (ie Regina), then the selection runs dry. This applies to both pins and merchandise. 1 suggestion I strongly recommend is have your friend check London Drugs and Rona stores as they sometimes carry pins
  2. They are helping some out of town hires but not all of them. I sent a PM to you trying to explain, but I don't want to post it on here as it would create a debate
  3. have considered putting ad in craigslist, but with the huge price diff between renters and landlords on craigslist - $2400 - $5000 doubt would go anywhere. local newspaper may be too expensive to place ad. I appreciate everyones help
  4. Have slowly found that out. crud, why didn't they hold this job fair earlier to allow people to find housing. Like I said, hopefully the company will allow me to join the housing they set up with VANOC
  5. not meant to be a cool smiley, but the letter b
  6. Would love to go out pre Games and find a place & job. sadly a) can't afford it and checked craigslist and pre Games, people are already gouging on craigslist, etc.
  7. sorry thought ubc lodge would be a lodging in vancouver thing. phoned them and they're telling me can't stay longer than a week and there will be a waiting list to sign up for
  8. E-mailed Nike for pins as well. Have not heard a positive or negative reply, but for some of the sponsors, not such a bad thing as have received pins out of the blue
  9. Phoned the hostel in Whistler and they aren't willing to do long term stays & don't have room during that period
  10. Job is in Whistler so UBC is out of the question. Never thought about the hostel. Going to give them a call Job in Whistler is Jan 22 to March 26
  11. Hi all. I received a conditional job offer to work at the Olympics in Whistler with the job fair they're running in Regina. The only catch is that while First Nations are being offered accomodations, everybody else has to find their own accomodations(they may include other people to be allowed to stay, but that won't be known until October or November. So, I am asking for a lot, but does anybody know of anyone who would be willing to rent a bed out. I am looking for reasonable rates and looking at staying from the end of January to the end of March. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated
  12. Now I wish they would release the other 4 so I can complete the set. Thought they would have released a couple more by now
  13. I would also appreciate the visa e-mail for Brad. If you can post it or PM it, it would be appreciated
  14. Canada, US, Australia - no go but can purchase thru respective websites Holland, Sweden Norway, Russia, South Korea - no answer (yet) and Finland just sent me 3 pins (asked for 2) Thank you very much!!
  15. Mr X, that is exactly my point. While it was absolutely stunning watching the fireworks on the water, it was very very expensive to put the event on
  16. I believe when I was in Vancouver, somebody said the cost for the fireworks alone was 5 million per day. It was absolutely amazing
  17. The red and blue bottles are first to be sold and sales are very poor in Sask. I asked them If I could hold a couple for me (sometimes they will/some they won't) and they told me not to worry
  18. Captain canuck - your inbox is full. Sounds great. May I ask how much the pin + shipping would be. I have traders of Ricoh, Omega, General Mills Port Metro Vancouver, NBC - 2008 & 2010, Van - candidate city, and Gov't of Canada. I don't have a lot of room on here so if my mailbox is full, I will PM my e-mail
  19. If you're in Surrey, you should be able to catch the Sky Train and/or buses to the downtown and down to Richmond if you have tickets to events there. The Good news is that your ticket doubles as a ride all day ticket on the transit system. If you have tickets to events in Whistler you would get transportation as part of the additional fee associated with your ticket This site should help you http://www.translink.ca/en/Utilities/Olymp...o-an-Event.aspx
  20. If anyone has any extra HBC pins for June , July and August, please reply or PM me as I would be intersted in buying them or trading ( I have some corporate pins). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I live in Sask and the quantity of pins at the Bay available here is embarssingly bad
  21. 17th - curling in afternoon 18th - USA/NOR at noon victory ceremony at night Trying to get Canada/Switzerland - still can't believe procrastinated over this. If anyone has extra/if VANOC loosens restrictions, would love to go to
  22. I debated buying a ticket to the morning curling draw to see Canada in action but as it overlaps the hockey game I am going to(USA-NOR) it doesn't make any sense.Like I said, if I can somehow get a lucky horseshoe to see Canada/SUI at 4:30, I'll be on cloud 9. otherwise, I registered to get a ticket to Molson's Hockey House, or watch the game in the celebration areas rumoured to go up around the city
  23. I vaguely recall having to write an essay, but I can't remember. I think the way it worked was enter, write an essay, and if you were selected for next round, you had to write another, and then winners were selected. But I could be mistaken and only second round selected had to write essay
  24. With Coke, I believe you also have to write a short essay basically hte same guidelines as RBC, but they may have pulled that. Actually, the devil is in the details with Coke as to the odds. Myself being in Sask, my odds are astronomical compared to other provinces "Aug 24/09 random draw for 1 of 50 chances to carry the Olympic Flame from eligible entries received. 50 total prizes (ARV $100). Travel costs not included. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received for any particular day and the number of torchbearer positions for that day. Correct math skill testing question required. Approx. number of prizes available to be won: 5 BC; 1 MB; 4 AB; 26 ON; 0 PEI; 1 NS; 2 NB; 2 SK; 1 NFLD and Labrador; 8 QC." - from icoke website
  25. Well,seeing as you the WCF gave the info to VANOC and anyone getting/purchasing tickets can view the teams I think there shouldn't be any problem in revealing the draws Looks like tickets will cease being sold on Friday so VANOC can do the seat distribution plan
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