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  1. I should note what I just said is for medal ceremonies. Sorry
  2. Looking at the ticketing map on the official site once tickets are bought, it looks like only one end will have seats and it will not extend to being a horseshoe
  3. Yes, sadly I mistakenly worded the request like that. However, when I sent the same to other sponsors , they did not reply in the same manner, and hopefully will be getting some, as it was more positive from them. I was hoping to get 2 for the second request. (Only got 1 the first time) Plan was to possibly get whoever wins to start pin trading themselves
  4. I have to say I am quite disappointed with Sportsnet. our university International Studies Club is holding a fundraiser and I am contacting corporations for pins. This is their response. Please note, I am not asking for the pins for my personal collection Hello Shawn, Thanks for your recent email. As you have already requested for and received one from us in June, we are not able to provide you with another one due to a limited supply. Our apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause. We ask that you do not email us again with this request. Jim LaChapelle Audience Relations Here is what I wrote in my request: Hello! My name is Shawn . I was wondering if Sportsnet has any pins promoting the Vancouver/Whistler 2010 Olympics. I am a member of the University of Regina's International Studies Club, and we are looking for Olympic pins as part of a fundraiser we will be running. I am aware of the official VANOC pins that are available at HBC stores. If there are any available, how can I obtain them? I'm interested in obtaining two: one for myself and the other for trading. Thanks. and my response to his e-mail: Dear Mr. LaChapelle, First of all I want to acknowledge that corporations such as Sportsnet have limited amounts of pins. However, I would like to point out I am not asking for pins for myself, but rather the International Studies Club at our university as part of a fundraising raffle. please be assured I will not be requesting anymore 2010 Olympic sponsor pins from Sportsnet
  5. Well, looks like the decision will be finalized pretty soon. This could unleash a Pandora's Box of HUGE proportions. If I may ask Goethe, why would the FIS be concerned with the Pechstein case? They are the skiing IF, not the the skating IF (Is Cinquantta still the President there?) http://www.ctvolympics.ca/speed-skating/ne...e+nov?cid=wgtsn
  6. Have been stuck in the waiting room since 10 am SK time. Accidentally closed one of my windows about 15 min ago -doh. Looks like figure skating, and short track/speed skating are all gone
  7. I think some of the critique is that Canadians has not won gold in both the summer and winter Olympics. Of course, 1976 had the Eastern European countries doping up. Funny, if the countries like East Germany were stripped, there would be a few golds for Canada I imagine. Plus, Canada did win gold in Calgary, but as curling was a demonstration sport, it doesn't count
  8. NOC pin update: Received a letter in mail today from Frankfurt (I know the German NOC is located there) so I will find out if/what I received something from them and will post on here. Very cool, and if I did receive something from them, I will send a reply to them with Tausend Dank! or Mit tiefer Dankbarkeit!
  9. I remember a link being posted of the different corporate pins, their quantities,features, etc. If someone could post a link it would be greatly appreciated
  10. got a couple pins from tickets.com. They are monsters in size
  11. I would like to reiterate that just because people may not get an e-mail response doesn't mean they disregard the e-mail. For companies like Omega, I waited up to 3 weeks and received a couple of pins. Keep plugging away everyone
  12. I think curling (both men's and women's), and men's hockey are definite darkhorses
  13. Have to say I am surprised that US gave you no response. Both Switzerland and Finland were very generous to me. Austria I never heard from them. Can you PM me their response and/or online store web address?
  14. nobase I typed a little too fast, meant 8 am PT, but was thinking 9 am my time (sk)
  15. Looks like ctvolympics.ca will be covering it live 9 am PT, 11 am ET.
  16. HUGE bump and update It looks like the company is extending accomodations to me, so I am taking the job & accomodations and running with it. I want to thank everybody for their kind words and assistance. When I got the e-mail and letter confirming everything, I was over the moon. This will be the oppurtunity of a lifetime. Granted I will not be able to continue with university in the winter but this is huge.
  17. Well, its a article focusing on the vancouver 2010 olympics, so thats why I put it under this one
  18. HI all. I am looking at writing an article for my university's newspaper all about the Olympic pin trading phenomenon. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in how they got involved with pin trading, their experiences trading before, during and after the Olympics, etc. Any help would be appreciated. I do not have a lot of space in my PM box so if you post, and I can PM those interested
  19. Looks like the power of a thank you letter goes a long way. Immediately after I received a Swiss NOC shield pin, I sent a thank you e-mail to the Swiss NOC using the same address for the first pin. I got a reply asking for my address again I sent it back again and I just received another Swiss NOC pin with vancouver 2010 shield pin and a generic Swiss NOC pin along with it. So I again want to thank the Swiss NOC for their generousity and assistance
  20. You also need to clear your inbox cause its full
  21. you have to clear your inbox, I couldn't send the PM
  22. I will send you a PM with the Swedish NOC e-mail address, but myself I had Yes: Switzerland (Vancouver 2010 on it) and Finland (NOC) No, but link to buy from website: US, Australia, New Zealand, England No Response: Sweden, China, Korea, Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, France, Norway
  23. $2000 for 16 days accommodations, air and tickets to opening ceremonies and men's gold medal hockey game? I would snap that up in a heart beat
  24. IIRC, the universities are have a reading week/spring break during that time so chances are that will lower the number of passengers
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