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  1. Indeed the Parade of Nations is a hightlight compared to past ceremonies despite the quietness of the spectators.
  2. 30 rings for Seoul 1988 was confirmed by a commentator in the live coverage during the opening ceremony in Brazil. He said it is in the official program.
  3. Good ceremony. High winds may have affect some segments. Good work South Korea.
  4. The key here is time! Trump is trying to put in place all his crazy propositions in the first weeks and months of his term. This will pretty sure harm the LA2024 bid at the time of the election. It's not important to think right now how will be his politics after the election thru 2024 unless Los Angeles eventually win. The next months will be key depending on Trump's actions. Paris bid team has only to play safe and wait the storm across the ocean unless France bring us with some really big surprise.
  5. For now LA bid is doomed! Goodbye Latin American, part of Middle East and Europe votes. Paris has the best chances for 2024.
  6. Rio 2016 was far from any catastrophic predictions. Some things sure could be better but I am proud. We had beautiful games and the foreign visitors seems positive overall. Even the americans took a very positive spin in the last days. Looking forward to Tokyo 2020.
  7. Unofficially we've hearing Nuzman has Parkinson's disease.
  8. Looks like. And the prices are one third the original value. But it's raining and cold. At least the athletes are happy.
  9. OMG. They are trying to sell the few unsold high priced tickets. But the main problem is that people who bought them weeks ago on interney are trying to pass to other people for lower prices hours before the closing ceremony. Thats why the empty seats! http://esportes.estadao.com.br/noticias/jogos-olimpicos,venda-de-ingressos-encalhados-movimenta-porta-do-maracana-antes-de-encerramento,10000071152
  10. No, I don't believe that. And the United States Olympic Committee apologised on Thursday to the people of Brazil for the behaviour of the American swimmers. I know some kind of arrogance may cause turbulence during the final bidding year. In the past there are some instances where South American countries did vote united against another bid. African representatives the same. And even Madrid 2012 and 2016 commitee had a bad feeling of fellow europeans voting against Spain. Chicago 2016 bid had lots of arrogance but in the end the bid lost for other reasons. LA2024 is a much stronger projec
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