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    Photography, virtual tours, China travel, language, culture.  Interactive games.  Sailing.  Kids (have a few).

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  1. Getting in the Stadium I think is pretty much a job for an accomplished spy. The place is under wraps. I heard they were putting in hydraulic platforms for the opening ceremony. But I doubt I will be getting in there...
  2. Thanks for the welcomes and its nice to think of myself as your secret agent in Beijing, Baron. Maybe I can get a part in the movie... Something else we've been working on which you should check out is the view from above of the ongoing construction of the Olympic green, you can click to see 2 different times. The view pans through 270 degrees. Its still being fine tuned and we have another to add. http://thechinaguide.com/olympic_construct...nstruction.html Thanks for your interest! Peter The Birds Nest viewed from the Swim Centre roof
  3. Thanks for the welcomes to the forum! Also have shot some Quicktime VR panos inside which we'll post soon. Will let you know when they are online. Cheers, Peter
  4. I have recently been inside the Swim Center both day and night and taken over 100 photographs which can be seen in the following galleries. These can be sent as E-cards too. Day time inside and outside the Beijing Olympic Swim Center Night time constuction work inside the Beijing Olympic Swim Center Night time view of the Beijing National Stadium (Birds Nest) from the roof of the Swim Center A few samples: Peter Danford www.TheChinaGuide.com
  5. Thanks roltel. Have now posted inside photographs and shots of the Stadium (birds nest). Swim Centre Inside Construction Photographs Stadium External Photographs
  6. Swim Centre Construction Photographs October 19,2006 Still producing the results, but the outside images are on: www.TheBeijingGames.com Will link in the internal images and virtual tours as they are ready. -------- Peter www.peterdanford.com www.TheBeijingGuide.com www.TheBeijingGames.com
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