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  1. R.I.P Lee Rigby -- another innocent victim of Islamic jihad.

  2. Peace be upon you....

  3. Please put your toys back in that pram! Holler!

  4. Liars liars bums on fire.

  5. Liars liars bums on fire.

  6. Cameron = typical Tory arrogance.

  7. Calm down dear. It's only a commercial!

  8. Just added you as a friend. All the best.

  9. " For many, immaturity is an ideal, not a defect." -- Mason Cooley. P.S. Add Gossips to the list !

  10. In 2012, The UK is hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games. London, the UK's capital city will be a third time host.The 2012 games ARE NOT England's games as some posters seem to think. They are the UK's.

    1. oakydoky


      Hope this clarifies the issue for those struggling with it.

  11. thinks the reputation system is silly and open to abuse as evidenced by the awarding of negative marks for good posts! Some people are vindictive!

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